: I fixed that for Gangplank specifically. Cone will shoot out of his Parrrley target starting the next time the PBE updates.
Just tried out gangplank again, it looks like its fixed whenever i shoot anything that's NOT my barrel. Whenever i parrley my barrel the cone still shoots out from gangplank and im able to turn and spray it in different directions like before.
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
When i was testing titanic hydra on gangplank i discovered that the AOE splash came not from the attack itself but it comes from the champion. When i would Parrrley the AOE damage would often not even reach the target, i could even fire my pistol and turn around in order to splash minions not even near my Parrrley shot. I'm not sure if riot intends to keep it this way but it is really wonky to try to land its splash damage with Parrrley.
: I feel like punishments for this kind of behavior should be more severe on PBE than on the normal server, for a couple of reasons: A) To a much greater extent, being on PBE is a privilege, not a right. B) It disrupts other people from testing bugs, which is what PBE is really for C) PBE is for testing bugs. Why are these people so invested in the games that they start raging? They clearly don't get the point, and probably aren't doing a very good job.
I have to agree with Phimhanqor, last game our top told us "im going to afk. this is the PBE and i can do anything without getting in trouble" this attitude is why ive had to deal with much more rage quitters and AFKers than the normal server. And i feel like the pbe should be run more strictly than the normal servers. Id rather have people get in more trouble for rage quitting than feeling like its acceptable


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