: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition!
pretty terrible skin. wrong skin got prestige edition. bad prestige edition overall. 1/10,i do not recommend this skin.
: They are supposed to be frontline guardians for the Program skins. Praetorian is not some made-up alteration of the word "predator."
i know it's not made up,just hate the word itself. sounds fucking awful.
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: Honestly in my opinion the entire Program skin line is complete garbage and, I do agree with you and hope Riot listens to some of this feedback.
yeah,i don't know anyone who has ever said "program x champ" is my fav skin. but i've heard a shitload of "uugghh who pays for program soraka/Liss". program camile is so bad ppl would rather play the default skin.
: I feel robbed of 3 years because of Program LeBlanc
it's not good but it's not GGMF lvl of horrid shit.
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