: Can't input from keyboard every once in a while
Same thing is happening to me {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sacred Sword Janna!
Love this skin <3! Any chance she'll be getting new SFX for her Q? Wind-up seems to have unique SFX, but not the release. Auto-attacks seem to be using some portion of the base AA sounds too.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Soraka!
Loving this skin for Soraka. The wings are a really nice touch in her Homeguard and ult animations. Everything looks great, except two things: - Her W (heal) VFX should be a bit larger and flashier like in her other skins. Right now, it doesn't feel all that satisfying to use due to how small and subtle the visual effect is, in spite of it being one of her more powerful spells. - Her Homeguard animation seems to be missing the shiny/sparkly VFX that all other Star Guardian skins have. When she flies from base, the unique animation will play, but she doesn't sparkle much. Not sure if intended but I do believe she should have some glitter like the other Star Guardian Homeguards :) P.S. Was SG Soraka/her staff inspired by [Sailor Pluto](https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/sailormoon/images/9/9f/Pluto_anime.png/revision/latest?cb=20130914070939)? :o
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
Hey Katey! I really love this skin and the team did a really good job on her! Here's my feedback: - SG Ahri's charm seems really large compared to her other skins, which could affect her gameplay quite a bit. - [The blue ribbon on Ahri's chest](http://i.imgur.com/dh2CSXN.png) reads more like a bra than a ribbon from game height. I think if the ribbon were smaller this would be less of an issue as it would expose more of the white chestpiece on her torso. - Her walking animation looks a bit silly compared to her base, though I think that might just be a personal preference thing Thanks for the amazing legendary skin and I hope to see more legendaries for other champs in the future :D _Edit -_ Added some more feedback
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
Hey Riot LoveStrut! I just wanted to say I really, really love this skin (the "knight in shining armor" theme is one of my favorites), but I have some feedback that could potentially help make the skin even better: * First off, I think the **skin line** that Lancer Zero Hecarim belongs to isn't very clear. It looks like you were going for a knight-themed Mecha skin, but the end result looks more like a pure Victorious skin than anything. To make it more technological and futuristic I'd suggest adding more glowing neon lights to Hecarim's model like the one found on his weapon. Particles and SFX could be more mech-like too, though they I think they mostly hit the mark. * I also think Lancer Zero Hecarim's model is **too bare**, particularly along his spine. The blue and gold accents are a nice touch, but it still feels like a mostly-white Hecarim skin. Because significant model changes are likely out of the question at this point, I think adding a few details to the texture along his back would break up some of the white and add a bit more nuance to his design. A possible idea is engraving some lines on his back armor or adding gold accents similar to the ones found on his upper torso chestpiece.
: Quinn Speak [With Ideas]
>Quinn to be fully turned into and embraced as a traditional marksman with practically no assassin qualities Why though? Quinn has been an assassin since her inception, I don't see any good justification for wanting to turn her into another average bot lane AD carry.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dreamitz,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=TiA6rmqM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-08T02:22:15.888+0000) > > Yea [most people on reddit don&#x27;t like it](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5y3tc3/pugmaw_pugdoggo_kogmaw_skin_spotlight_prerelease/den2ers/) actually. > > > A lot of comments are negative, and i can understand that. Idea is okay, design is not. This needs more cartoon aspect to it and less realistic dog material. It&#x27;s way too creepy and looks like a custom skin suddenly imported. At least give it some dog sounds or something. > > > Seriously PETA could file a complaint about the skin if they wanted to ahah (ok joking). This skin makes everyone confused as f*** me included. It could be way better but i just can&#x27;t really point my finger on it. I just don&#x27;t expect to play a dog in League, even if Kog is kind of a puppy this is nothing like Kog. I agree. I think it's too "realistic" looking I guess. It looks like someone took a picture of their pug at home and brought it into the office and the texture artists replicated it exactly. lol
That's exactly what it looks like, actually.
: > [{quoted}](name=Falkus,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=TiA6rmqM,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-03-08T05:04:26.069+0000) > > My only concern with Pug&#x27;Maw is that it doesn&#x27;t seem to match League&#x27;s aesthetic at all. It&#x27;s very realistic-looking rather than stylistic / painterly like most other skins. Kog&#x27;Maw in a pug costume would have been much cuter and appropriate for League&#x27;s style, I think. I agree. Although I'm very over the champ in a suit thing. It's stale. This skin just needs to be more stylized and it will be fine. It's just too realistic looking. =/
Making it more stylized could work (the texture would definitely benefit from this), however there's also the issue that it's visually such a far cry from Kog'Maw himself that it may as well not be the same champion. When I look at this skin and its splash art, I don't get Kog'Maw from it, whereas when I look at other champion skins I can usually tell who it is right away. Making it more Kog'Maw-like would go a long way. Not sure how this could be done though (maybe giving him toy antennae? That's just one idea).
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: Galio Feedback Thread
Hey Solcrushed! Don't know if this is just a gameplay feedback thread or if we're allowed to voice our concerns about the visual / art side of things as well, but I'll post my thoughts here anyway: So, I noticed Galio&#039;s new model and texture, while seemingly stark white, actually has a lot of yellow/green undertones to it. Is there any chance you guys could clean up the texture a bit by removing the hidden yellows/greens and make it a purer white so it&#039;s more like marble, or perhaps even replace the yellows/greens with a more blue-ish undertone like in the [splash](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8E2gpSvvuxk/WL78nKG8OQI/AAAAAAAAfVU/s1jUqpCCseARTPU9b-GDx6sLAIh-mDyIwCLcB/s1920/wp-galio-base-logo.jpg)? Here&#039;s an example of what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/0VB1ajd.jpg Left one is the original with the yellow/green colors in his texture, right one is a more neutral white/grey. I know the yellows and greens are probably there to indicate that Galio's an old and weathered statue, but he already has quite a few kinks and dents in his texture, and a blue undertone replacement would help him feel more marble and Demacia-like, as well as land him closer to his splash art representation :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pug'Maw!
My only concern with Pug'Maw is that it doesn't seem to match League's aesthetic at all. It's very realistic-looking rather than stylistic / painterly like most other skins. Kog'Maw in a pug costume would have been much cuter and more appropriate for League's style, I think.
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: **Changes! ** **Currently on PBE!** * **Kayle **Joke > Idle1 * **Mordekaiser **Idle3 > Laugh > Idle1 * **Rumble **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Shen **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Viktor **Idle3 > Idle4 > Idle1 **On PBE tomorrow!** * **Akali **Taunt > Idle2 > Idle1 * **Alistar **Idle4 > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Ashe **Idle5 > Idle2 * **Janna **Idle2 > Joke > Idle1 * **Leona **Taunt > Idle3 > Idle1 * **Lux **Idle3 > Taunt * **Morgana **Laugh > Dance > Idle1 * **Renekton **Idle3 > Idle2 > Idle1 **On PBE Monday!** * **LeBlanc **Joke > Idle1
Thank you for listening to our feedback man, appreciate it <3
: I considered it, but felt it looked a little weird for her without the iconic condescending laugh.
Have you guys considered making it her /joke animation, where she's hovering on her staff like a broomstick?
: Limiting the champion pool on HotBM reduces the lifespan of the mode.
I'm not so sure that the gamemode should have _all_ Champions available to it, however I do agree that a mere 20 of them causes it to feel very stale, very fast. I think looking into what other Champions would be strong and good fits for the mode would do wonders to its replayability -- perhaps other aggressive duelists/assassin-types such as Riven, Quinn, Nidalee, and Jayce.
: PBE Launcher [MAC]
Same thing is happening to me. However, I don't think this belongs in the "Bugs" section. Try posting this in the Client & New Features Feedback section.
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: Quinn specifically is definitely one of the ones we want to experiment with more if the mode comes back. That said, we were fairly reluctant to include her at launch: Marksmen in general (Even one as aggressive/ non-traditional as Quinn) had a lot of baggage around the edges in the mode. Beyond that, we had some fairly consistently poor "Playing as" experiences: Her survivability tools are not really tuned for picking on most of the champions in this mode, and a lot of the laning phase/ team fight structure that she takes advantage of just flat out doesn't exist. There were also some "side-power" concerns: We're doing a lot of stuff to increase your ability to traverse the map, so Quinn being as good as she is at that meant she was less "She could be anywhere" and more "She is capable of reaching any location, so never be willing to risk roaming". In general, when selecting the entire pool, our main goal was hitting a group that serviced as many playstyles as possible, while still hitting the spread out, constant skirmish play of the mode. The champions we left out generally resulted in play that we were trying to avoid for this mode in particular, whether it be constant clumping, fights degenerating into "everyone is standing in this tiny circle", or their kit serving a role that just doesn't exist in this particular type of play.
> "Playing as" experiences: Her survivability tools are not really tuned for picking on most of the champions in this mode Quinn actually has a lot of ways to avoid incoming damage from most of the champions in this roster. Her E is a targeted knockback and slow that also grants her distance and serves as a pseudo-gapcloser, which means she can either use it to chase (if she's feeling strong), or as a disengage/dueling tool that allows her to cancel abilities such as Kha'Zix's leap, Camille's walldash, Akali's R, Diana's R, LeBlanc's dash, Katarina's R, and so on. Not to mention that, if properly executed, the nearsight on her Q can completely negate point-and-click dashes and abilities. It may be that your playtesters weren't entirely aware of the tools in Quinn's arsenal and/or how to correctly use them against these aggressive diver/assassin types. I do agree that her sheer roaming power has the potential to be oppressive, although I'm not sure that's a strength that'd be too out of line with other champions in the Blood Moon roster, after all there are very powerful characters like Kennen and Kassadin in there who can just lock down entire teams and/or be hypermobile both in and out of combat, respectively (most of Quinn's mobility is purely out of combat-based).

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