: blacksmith poppy's ult
This would be amazing but sadly I doubt Riot would do something awesome like this...
: Ugh I realized what would cause that, should be fixed by tomorrow, sorry for that!
its cool :) this is what the PBE is for :D
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Voice over line frequency: When her health gets low she starts spamming lines like "Hold ooon" "Not like this" and "not today". They are far to common and be come really annoying :/
: Illaoi Too Strong?
I dont think she is that strong most of her strength comes from having a zone set up and with her zone being easily destroyed she has inconsistent power appearances. Like if she has 3 tentacles set up in the right places she seems SUPER strong if she lands them all on the person. If she doesnt then she feels kind of lack luster.
: no it strait up doesnt work, there is not a SINGLE 5v5 draft game going on pbe right now. your saying every single matchmade game on pbe there is 1 person not locking in? Also when that happens you can see the summoner name of the person who "dodged" or failed to lock in in the chat history. When there is no summoner name then something else has happened. edit: unless you have managed to get into a game from the que, unlike every person in public chat....
I mean i got out of a game just before i commented so people are getting in. most people tend to just select their champ then let the timer tick down they dont lock in. just try reminding them about it and see if it will help! Edit: I also think the skin screen might also need to be locked in just in case as well.
: Draft doesnt go past champ select?
its because people arent confirming their lock ins. make sure you click lock in when its your turn and advise others to do so otherwise they will be forced to dodge. Its intended for now until the system is refined.
: [Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread (November 2nd PBE Build)
I think that Riot WAY over did it with the new ad items. there shouldnt be so much crit on items. Runnans SHOULDNT have crit on it at all. The way it is now there is no need to have a mage on your team when adcs are now assassins and can instagib people
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: Not locking in = queue dodge
Its already been mentioned that its intended on PBE for now but will be like normal once the system is refined. Remember they are TESTING FOR BUGS. This isnt going live anytime soon.
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: Can't Buy Runaan's Hurricane on Kindred.
: I understand that, i'm wondering why theres so much traffic. its PBE
umm it has this much traffic BECAUSE of all the pre-season changes. Everyone wants to try the new adc changes. they want to get a leg up on mastery changes and item changes so they arent so blind sided whjen it hits live.
: Sort of underwhelmed by the new masteries. I don't think overall I'm getting a lot out of them compared to the past versions.
The new masteries arent about giving stats like previous ones. sure they give stats but its mostly about giving you new passives to enhance your playstyle that specific game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valenten,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=FRNZt6Mv,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-10-30T22:45:21.020+0000) > > I mean I know that not having mana pots is kind of a big thing but they did put in some potions to help with that PLUS dorans ring has mana regen on it now I believe? unsure of the other one currently tho as i am waiting forever and a day in queue The mana pot thing is just something I bring up as an issue when dealing with an ad champion as an opponent in the laning phase. Without them things become a good bit more difficult. As an AP you would want to try and get some decent dmg done before the level 6 spike on particular assassins. Especially in the instance where seekers is a first bought item rather than building into morellos. The potions they put in are shit for APs. 500g for corrupting potion that restores 50 mana or 12 seconds is hardly respectable. Dorans ring is the same still.
well In know they did buff base mana for quite a few champions in the last update. Unsure if it will do anything in the means of helping ease the issue but Ive never really had to run mana pots on most mids. MAYBE some on brand but he is SUPER mana hungry unlike most.
: MAJOR: [Caitlyn] Cait loses Trap and Net headshot passives
its not riven reliant cause i ran into the bug in 2-3 games where there was no riven. At first i was like "oh its a keybinding I dont know about" so i went into the keys and couldnt find anything at all. then I played just to be sure that i wasnt even getting the headshot and found that I wasnt unless I had already set up the shots for a headshot.
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: [BUG] [Caitlyn] Her Traps and Net Headshot does not work
i was wondering if it was another button if its not then i dont know what is going on other than a bug where the free headshot doesnt work at all
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
There is a bug with her W tool tip that has numerical values switched something like once trapped it holds them for 90 seconds and that traps last 2 seconds but can have 3/4/5 or w/e number of traps out.
: Concerned for AP based champs.
I mean I know that not having mana pots is kind of a big thing but they did put in some potions to help with that PLUS dorans ring has mana regen on it now I believe? unsure of the other one currently tho as i am waiting forever and a day in queue
: I should note, they did say they were thinking of Quinn possibly going mid and her R would be similar to TF's ult, where it's utility to gank rather than kill potential in lane. I'd guess they just want Quinn to be able to roam a lot. We don't have many good roamers who can compete with TF's R, but with the double TP stuff becoming popular, Quinn can now not only compete with TF, but she can now compete with the double TP comp. This also means her kit can get a bit more power since her R won't be all of her power. I might be the only one who thought Quinn just didn't feel like Quinn after 6 since you really didn't have much kill potential unless you popped R, which is a huuuuuuuuuuuge cool down. Every other ADC has kill potential with just their AA's and their steroids aren't all in one part of their kit, where as Quinn's steroids were only brought out when she pressed R. Sure, it gave her dueling and split pushing potential, but Demacians are for the glory of battle, not for killing one person and run away. Do you think Lux would be Lux still if they made her abilities have double the CD's and only hit the first champion they came in contact with? Of cooouuuuurse not! Garen wouldn't be Garen either if his Spin was ONLY good in duels or J4's R only trapping one enemy. Heeeeeeck no. Demacians want that team fight power. They want to rush into battle face-first and give it their all, not sneak around the back and pew pew a tower while no one is looking.
Quinn has a GREAT steroid on her W idk what you are talking about. whenever you proc harrier passive she gets MS and AS am i not correct? So I mean you cant say that she isnt loaded with a steroid outside of her ult on live... This new kit that she has still has that steroid but allows you to proc harrier MORE reliably giving you more control over your steroid on top of burst outside of using the ult. her ult DOES still have dmg its just 1.0 ratio of her AD which is pretty good plus her new Q does have an execute if im not mistaken? In my opinion Riot has done a great job with the changes. now she can easily hunt down anyone who might have escaped with the massive ms boost she gets from tag team.
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: Can you expand on your assassin comment here? Maybe we're using the words differently, but these changes read to me like we're going away from burst assassin and more toward a duelist... If she can't R-E-Q-R to delete someone anymore, where is the burst coming from? If she's more reliant on whittling down her opponent and setting up her passive combos, isn't that more like what a duelist does? Or are you meaning that duelists auto attack each other to death, and since Quinn used to have a blind that's not her thing anymore? She's now more reliant on an assassin-ish burst pattern from her passive procs?
Her burst comes from the ability to proc her passive 3 times right after each other because e auto q auto passive proc auto. its pretty ridiculous
: We are aiming to make Tag Team so valuable/powerful that it makes up for losing the blind. It's a big task, I agree.
Tag team is VERY powerful and the ability to combo 3 harrier procs in a row makes up for the blind no questions asked. Yall made good changes imo. She feels like Tess from Dawngate now and she was VERY impactful with her version of tag team.
: That's great until you realize she has nothing to back it up with, with her assassin playstyle gutted.
Her assassin playstyle is still in tact dont worry lol. 3 passive procs on one target will burst them faster than quinn would before.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
ALRIGHT just played a game as Quinn. 1st up She can still insta burst someone if you time it right to where you get 3 procs of her passive one right after the other. VERY impactful and feels very good playing as her. Her ults costs are way to high imo but i see that is already being addressed so no problems once its addressed. Her passive feels better but what im wondering is does it account for crit as well or no? Since she is apparently encounraged to build crit. unsure how it could account for it maybe something like adds 25% of the dmg that the crit itself does to the dmg that the passive would normally do. Her autos feel clunky (to easy to cancel autos) still before you get some attack speed. (this has been an issue for a long time) maybe tighten up the animations? unsure how to fix this issue otherwise. You do get some dmg when Valor takes off once you get into combat (other than the bug with E that is apparently going to be fixed in an update soon) its not that much but considering how often you could do it if you do hit and run tactics i dont see this being an issue. Im personally OK with Valor being removed as a "playable" character with her old ult. TBH the changes here REALLY remind me of Tess from Dawngate and that is a GREAT thing. Hyper mobile adc outside of combat but not very mobile once in combat is exactly what yall are shooting for im assuming which is what Tess was. Overall I like the changes and they make her feel WAY better than before.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I have played one game with him against bots cause I didnt have much time sadly but it gave me enough time to get a feel for his new flow. his autos take a little while to get used to but once you do you will realize you can OBLITERATE practically anyone in your face. not to mention you have the tools to peel for yourself if needed to an extent. His new Q provides him a way to last hit while he is reloading his shells if it is a dire thing early game. As you get some attack speed the issue with the whole reloading thing isnt that bad. He is REALLY crit reliant since it gives him 8 shells for a crit. Grab an essence reaver and a phantom dancer and bam you have everything to be something to worry about. cdr crit attackspeed and dmg. oh lets not forget the bonus ms that you get from pd if near an opponent :D. Yes he is going to push but thats not a new issue graves has he has always pushed the lane. Just takes a little adjusting to your play style with him and you will realize how good he is :D Overall love the changes if anything I would have to say he on the strong side a tad with what he is capable of. He can almost 1 shot an adc if you get in their face with ONE auto with a crit. Remember this is just after one game so not the most informed but a good first impression I would say.
: A note about The Harrowing
So here is my question when are yall gunna be like... taking the effort to make skins for Summoners rift? Or is that not gunna happen since it wont make money...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Zombie Nunu!
VO to spoopy5me started up the youtube link that was on Surrender@20.net and was freaked out cause I wasnt expecting it XD
: Kindred: Wolf stops Hunting
I asked a rioter if the passive stacks indefinitely or if there was a max. He said "infinitely, tho I think there is a cap to how many stacks you can get through enemy jungle camps." 6 might be the max stacks.
: Mordekaiser's recall is not interrupted if his shield takes damage.
Tis not a bug. If there is no dmg done to the health bar it wont interrupt the recall.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I dont see why so many people are against this.... I mean Morde has always been a pusher and always will be a pusher with these changes he gets an even bigger advantage in lane if he goes bot lane and last hits properly which isnt hard for the Kaiser of Metal. I did GP bot lane with the new changes and destroyed a lane. So I can see this working just fine. if you really need an adc then you can get Varus mid or something but Morde will def be for lane swaps so the adc can farm a solo lane. Which I think is the intent that Riot is looking for here.
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
Alright I dont know if this has been brought up yet or not but Slows do slow her dash dramatically. What is usually a fast reposition is now a long drawn out animation if she is slowed. Im not a huge fan of the drastic change with her ult but it does work if you change your build and play style with her. Overall im really impressed with how good she feels and how her kit flows.
: About the hate that players give the new Fiora rework
My only issue with the kit changes is her ult. IMO the old ult is what I recognised as Fioras. Seems like they didnt even want to try and preserve her old ult in any way shape or form and thats really disappointing. Like they could have put it on a charge system made it 3 skillshot dashes and if you didnt use all 3 charges within a certain time then her ult goes on cd. sure its a less complicated ult gameplay wise cause you dont have to orb walk but it wouldnt be as drastic of a change as the new one. People will have to almost completely change the way they play her to account for the new ult. She will now inevidently become "generic bruiser #24" if she is competitive worthy. Im not saying its a bad ult im just saying its going to drastically change how she is played...
: Death Recap is actually a system by itself. The HUD is a presentation layer of that info that's collected elsewhere, and was outside the scope of what the team worked on. That being said we think its a pain point to and have it on our radar as things that can be better.
Im kinda really disappointed that the UI is getting yet another overhaul but the death recap is left of the back burner... Had the same terrible recap since ive been playing in 2010.....
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: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
Alright my thoughts on her after playing her for a few games. She has no sticking power and is way to slow to be able to actually contribute much early on. Her ratios really scream build dmg but in order to do any dmg you have to invest in either being super tanky to get full fury for the 500 dmg E she has OR build attack speed and dmg and be blown up. She needs a slow on herr Q while burrowed to be able to actually catch up or stick to someone unless you are going to make her an actual land shark and BE CONSIDERABLY FASTER when burrowed. She has only realistically MAYBE 4 dmg spells if you count the knock up and Q burrowed form. Cause the what is it 180 dmg on her burrowed Q max rank is really low for the lack of CC or sticking power in general. In the teaser yall showed it made her look like she was SUPER hard to escape and in game she is way to easy to escape. She is really slow in either form tbh she has one of the lower base movement speeds of any fighter and the bonus movement speed you get for being burrowed barely bridges the gap and she has no sticking power. That is her main issue in my opinion Other smaller issues are her ult is EXTREMELY situational which is intended I assume. She has one of the more situational ults in the game cause its entirely reliant of having a tunnel in key locations of the map. My suggestion on how to make her feel better is boost either her base movement speed or the bonus she gets while burrowed AS WELL AS giving her a ramping movement speed buff based off the drained fury which she stays at that speed while burrowed and it decays once she is unburrowed. She also NEEDS either her burrowed Q to do more dmg or keep it where it is and give it a slow of like 40%. She needs sticking power since she is auto attack relient but to much and she becomes a bigger issue.
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: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Sounds like an exciting change :O wonder what is all in store
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
So using his ult feels weird cause it will lock in position where ever the camera was last. I think that when you use Sions ult it should snap to him being center of the screen and lock instead of locking where it was at the time. HUGE quality of life thing there. My only other thing with Sions new kit is there is still 2 ap ratios on his kit Im hoping they arent big ratios like before cause if they are there could still be hur dur ap sion running around...
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
Hey I would call myself a Viktor main and I just got out of a game with him and all I can say is can I hug you really really hard? Letting me 2 shot inhibs with my enhanced Auto and lich bane is the best thing ever! srs note 1. His abilities flow really nicely now and his Q feels ALOT better since the shield is as soon as you cast now. 2. In My opinion the Augment should be your first priority but thats just me it gives you a huge spike in power after you finish each tier. 3. Now here is where my only issue is with his new storm. For some reason if you click to move it like you would before it will start moving in a random direction after reaching the location you chose unless it was a champion. otherwise it feels good to me especially once it was upgraded with the ultimate core. Maybe its a little to fast though (I know right weird complaint)? 4. His empowered auto after Q is amazing it gives him great trading power in lane without having to lvl up his E and drain his mana fast. The empowered auto feels good throughout the game unless you fall behind which it should feel bad cause you are behind and well arent itemized. 5. I feel a huge spike in power once i get the ultimate core then again once i get a lich bane. After that its once you get a Deathcap and then you kinda level out unless you keep building more and more dmg. Overall I like the changes but Im not sure if he needs some kind of nerf or not at this time. If I had to guess right now Id probably say a slight nerf to the ratio on his empowered auto after Qing something cause it has the same ratio as lich bane and together it gives him like 1k dmg late game if he builds glass cannon.
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: Azir Passive Vision bug
Can confirm happened in my game as well.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
ALRIGHT. Played a few games with him so I get how he works and from what I can tell over all his kit flows really well. GJ on that and THANK YOU for giving him shared cds between forms. That has been the biggest issue with transformers/stace changers (Nid, Elise, Jayce). So first off Mega Gnar has good weaknesses but I think his strengths outway the weaknesses. I feel he hits far to hard even with his considerably lower attack speed. His major weakness in MEGA Gnar form is his slowness which he really needs considering the chain CC potential. My main issue with regular Gnar is with his Q. After the first target hit it starts to automatically return like Dravens ult. It doesnt mention that at all in the tool tip only that it deals reduced dmg to consecutively hit enemies. Managing his rage or w/e its called isnt to hard once you understand what classifies as out of combat and in combat. I noticed his rage even goes down after a certain time just like other rage in game that adds more gameplay potential for if he roams or gets Zoned. I think his numbers need tweaked but I could be mistaken I generally built Merc treds, triforce, randuins, as my main items and I would do insane dmg with realistically one dmg item. now I threw in a ghostblade and it got even more insane... Now onto potentially good items for him since he gets insane extra health from his passive when in MEGA Gnar. I would say grabbing a warmogs and Atmas wouldn't be to bad of an idea. I tried it once with triforce randuins warmogs for the health and I would get 50-55 extra ad (I think) plus the crit and armor from atmas in regular Gnar and i think it was 60-70 extra ad while in MEGA Gnar. 10 extra ad plus what he would get from the passive is pretty strong IMO. tl;dr Gnar is strong might need some tuning down dmg wise only. He has good strengths and weaknesses between forms. Thinking outside of normal builds for him will pay off extremely well.
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: Store is down
muahahaha I got Braum before the store bugged :D
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