: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
So thinking off of what I have read in this discussion and playing vlad change his E so that players are rewarded for good positioning with his E. for example make it so that if 6 or more targets are hit they take an additional amount of damage. this would make his positioning more important players would then have to make decisions on when to go in because enemies will count on vlad to be in riskier position do do this allowing them to capitalize if they so please.
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: Hydra exchange exploit (Intentional?)
From what i have found building titanic your going to be going a more tanky build but this could be used so that early game you you take that damage and convert into tank
: Jungle Item changes
Just to update as I have now learned. The xp increase on the item is so that other laners can't take a camp at lvl 1 and hit lvl 2.
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