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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Rider Sejuani!
YOU can hear the SFX from the kit on the emeny and then it lags the game. that the Blood Moon Thresh doesn't appear on the loading screen
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: My only concern is the increase for the base difficulty of the jungle. Unless I'm mistaken, tanky champs like Sejuani have pretty rough first clears. If one of the possible plans is to increase how much damage the jungle monsters do, any chance of possibly slightly increasing Sej's HP/5 or base health a little to compensate? Otherwise I feel she may fall further out of play. I know this may not be the best thread to ask about this in, but since it involves jungling, and you rarely see Sej or other tank junglers elsewhere.
I with you on that DARKSTAR. {{champion:113}} was my main jungle in season 3. After their nerfed {{item:3207}} sejuani would be all but out of the meta. Plus with people playing damage style jungles it put sejuani out of a job. Keep in mind that Sejuani is Ap based and that she needed to build armor AoE and magic pen items to do well.
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: Option to reset PBE rank
here is the problem with that. with pbe being a testing server. no one wants to really have to work in server that doesn't count for anything. now what riot had at one point only rank play in pbe. Unless you make PBE a real server and translate achievements or champs to their live server then people wont play rank here.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
THis mode is fun to play but i see this move will have doule tops and bots with a solo jungle and mid. the problem is this mode is a better in team builder and draft.
: Would be nice to have a bundle for skins too :P
sorry it doesn't work that way. all skins are 390 unless there new then they are at 975
: Too much trolling in PBE
dude one, this is why they kicking most of us for because they are linking live to pbe. Second this a testing server that is meant for players to play didn't champs even if they have know idea how to play them. this sucks i know... YOu have to be calm and with someone can trust
: 2014 Season Start PBE Test
Riot May i ASK you about the timers for PBE. I was once Gold tier but i had some problems this summers with school so i couldn't test like i wanted. AS a Result i had to play league off a Flash drive and was several patches behind. The problem is for that i can't get into a queue because inactive decay. So i'm playing with players in the Bronze level players. ( I know this server is for testing but the Actual problem is now here, My Queue are more just long their EXTREMELY LONG... I"m talking 4 min approximate to being actually waiting for 15 mins or more. I think really if you want to for people to test then just get rid rank queue because not a lot people are playing.
: You can create a custom and add a few bots. I know it's not ideal but it's critical that we ensure the new ranked Season changes are working correctly.
will this data collection help players that stats are higher than their opponents but are the division their is the same. I know when i stopped playing on PBE due to my laptop being taking away for school purposes that i was a gold 5 player in PBE RANK... but I due to that inactivity i fell to Silver one. So when i won games i got nothing for them but when i lost i lost nearly everything.
: New meta jungle list?
sorry i was about this. I run 9/21 masteries on both.{{champion:113}} I run hybird marks instead of magic pen. and flat armor and mr/per level. quints are movement speed and eitehr damage or magic pen. nasus is all atk speed, flat armor, per levels, i run atk damage on him with movement because lifesteal wont help early game.
: Armor pen boots? Why do these not exist?
This probably because you can stack armor but not MR anymore.
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: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Feral Pony i'm not the brightest player in the world could you really explain how this changes the mastery build for supports along with trying to get the team involved in vision?
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
Can you explain why there is increase in the price of kindlegen. I notice some of the build route hve changed and i like limit on pink wards. I hope this encourage others at bronze level to ward otherwise it does'nt do much good for us supports
: pink wards only take 3 hits still
i have also have seen the pink ward timer not start when i placed it down
: I don't entirely see why someone would be trying to rank the Public Beta Environment. It's specifically for testing. The purpose of our accounts is for testing. That should be what comes first. I mean, sure, go play some ranked. But it's annoying to see this flurry of threads that are really just people complaining and saying "no riot dont do this to my account". Testing first.
That is just it. This server is fun to play and prepare for changes to get "us not so good players" a chance to make an impact on our main accounts. this even gives some of us the freedom to try different setups. For example i really learned to use {{champion:113}} kit and fine tune my builds for different levels of play.
: Make Heimerdinger load 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 turrets
Turrets are the major staple in Heimy kit. that can get op if you can get more turrent up. NOte his turrent can heal tower.
: I think that the problem with new champions will partially be solved by the new team builder, but only partially. The dodging should lead to temporary ban (not the first few times, but progressively adding more time for you to be able to play), and the same goes for disconnecting (again, progressively increasing time). A tribunal would be nice, as well as a temporary ban if you get reported by the other nine players. My take on the PBE server punishment is that it should be harsher than the live one, mostly because people do tend to take it for granted. Maybe a way to report bugs on the post game screen? That would be quite useful, but probably a bit troublesome to actually make it... Prioritizing tester that frequently log in and play during long queues is also a valid change, especially during releases... Idk, I'll try thinking of changes and how to improve it, I'm sure I'm being to harsh right now
The Tribunal does perform cases on PBE... Everyone saying goodbyes because we love this server and for many people this is the close it is going to feel to be a pro player.I know that when i tried to get a quene that is taking a long time for those whom mmr has really fallen. and that the toxic players will party taken out along with good players(no commentors)
: Yop... You know guys, PBE is for finding bugs, some error and other things... Not for playing for fun and buying some skins and all that other things...
that is just the fun about it. It a lot of stuff that most will never see in our lifetime. I know there is job with PBe and i haven't done a good job about it however i really concern is with the rank system along with many of nerfs to champs i actually know....
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: [HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE
my question what are things i should notice in game that would alert me to something is being off. like i can't use my abilities. or timing or what. i been apart of pbe but i can't play on my laptop due to school and i lost the flash drive that had pbe on there.
: Goodbye following Summoners of PBE:
thanks man i loved pbe. i learned so much how to play this game better. and I got to play with Genja and darien from gambit so it was so worth the time
: [HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE
I got crashed out of a game 4 times i didn't event get to play. and i getting reported for it....i have
: [Feedback] Traditional Sejuani
I hate the new sejuani they remade her after seeing how dominate she was ap wise. i now they were some early game issues but if you got to mid game and got assist or kills you could take over the game. i'd even got 1v3 triple and a quadra kill before the relauch

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