: The W change feels like a damage nerf, but I can't directly compare it to the old one because one is a damage over time and the other is within a 3 second window. I feel like Asol's passive is a gimmick at this point. I would do more damage just auto attacking the enemy champions. His passive needs a higher base damage, especially since they took HP away from Sol a few patches ago and he isn't exactly the tankiest front liner. Realistically, when am I ever going to use the passive? You float up to a mage mid lane and you are just asking to get hit by their skills.
The passive is nice to have when farming creeps
: Feedback on Aurelion sol changes
Personally I've played 3 games yesterday and the new W feels really good, though it would be nice if it kept going after, with the pre rework speed. I would like to try it the MS boost at the start of the spell. Q cd buff is really good, it makes aurelion less vulnerable. E MS removal feels really bad. If i could get one thing to not go through it would be that. I think his E is really fine as it is right now. The passive nerf is barely noticable if not at all. Overall i like the changes, it makes aurelion a better laner without compromising too much on his roaming ability.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
Please, make the red darker in-game, it looks so pink right now...
: Given that she's the only person that has a direct relation to the moon out of all the Bloodmoon champs. I feel like you guys should take this one back into development and make it an 1850rp skin. Add new dialogue and interaction with other bloodmoon skins and just go crazy with it. The skin looks great, so don't get me wrong, but I feel like as fans we've been waiting for this skin for a long time, and for me personally it feels a bit like a let down. If Darius can become a pro-basketball player then Diana can become queen of the Bloodmoon warriors. Riot please please please work this into a 1850rp skin{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Splash art is godtier!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
Awesome job on this skin! I would really love to see her mask have red shiny eyes like in the splash, same for her ult animation, it could be really better if the mask was more similar to her splash. Right now it looks like they are not the same at all. At the end of her back animation, it seems that Diana is playing the little flute music that we can hear, but she has no flute, though her hands are placed like she holds one.
: Camille - Tactical Sweep's indicator
There's an option to quick cast with indicator. When you hold the key, the range is displayed, and when you release it, the spell is fired
The pbe isn't a place where you spend rp anyways
: It's not even about the heal. That's just wasting a perfectlly good smite. They can actually take the whole jungle camp, get extra farm, and return to lane with no health loss. A typical ap mid laner, with smite, can instantly clear the camp everytime it spawn. And most of the time, they will get more health back then they lose, on top of the extra exp/gold they get. Players can even buy the accompanying jungle item to get ever more exp, if they so choose to do so, bringing back the "~~Runic Echo Mid Meta~~." (Meant runeglaive. Never played mid.) Or even the top lane "Cinderhulk Meta." (They kill Gromp/Krugs, not scuttle). When you can take a jungle camp and not lose health over it, anything can happen.
Not worth at all. I mean, youre gonna deny tp/ignite/ghost for smite IN LANE? For a heal? thats a nono
: Plants are actually really fun to play with
I agree they are fun, but im not sure if it is something the game needs...
: It's... extra spooky. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Well, I'll at least say this: [It's so dense. Every single image has **so** many things going on.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOLFZnFa0w)
No way! Now i can't wait for it to be up on the pbe :D
: Doom Bots of Doom going live soon on PBE for the RGM queue
> Battle against the Doom Bots of Doom on an extra spooky Summoner's Rift in this survival style game mode Does that mean you guys changed how the map looks for this game mode?
: Actually in PBE FAQ, it says that feedback and bug reports should be posted in English. :S
"should" is not "have to". Im the guy who responded to catman the other day, because his response to a spanish post was pretty much insulting the spanish guy who did the post and it tilted me. Anyways, it is surely better to post in english so anyone can read and help, as Shane and Amy said.
: It has already been reported. Please check for similar threads before posting, helps to avoid clutter.
Do you realize that Spain is in EUW? As far as i know, you can type in any language you like on the pbe boards. If you can't read spanish, then try to avoid spanish posts.
: Riot _specifically_ said it wouldn't come back.
My point is that the fact that this one wouldnt come back but all the other ones would, doesnt make sense because it is the same skin line. nice downvote
: I hate riot so much for doing this. As with the other LE skins, you guys are pulling some grimey stuff. If you guys are declining financially, then think of something else for your funds and stop tainting what we hold dear. Never forget. "These skins **_will not_** be coming back to the store!" What a bunch of money grubbers. Edit: And, you know, I just thought about something that you may not have considered when plotting this entire money grab: RiotGames has now **ELIMINATED** the possibility to **EVER** have another _Limited Edition_ sale ever again. Now, you may attempt to pressure consumers into buying skins with the phrases like "seasonal" or "legacy" which all mean that the said skin will return at a later date, but never again, in the history of RiotGames, will you truly be able to build hype and pressure around a sale like that of the phrase "Limited Edition" brings. Ironically, making yourselves the ones who are limited.
Every CS skin comes back once a year. Why would cs Riven not be back with the rest of the CS collection?
: Hell yeah, get that Master tier, Anikith! And thanks a bunch for the feedback! :D I'll be bringing this shoulder pad feedback to the rest of the team.
Did you guys do something for this? I havent seen any updates about it
: Hell yeah, get that Master tier, Anikith! And thanks a bunch for the feedback! :D I'll be bringing this shoulder pad feedback to the rest of the team.
Did you guys do something for this? I havent seen any updates about it
: Hey guys, Sorry for the inconvenience. Is this still affecting anyone?
: Unable to queue for ranked
The LCU works if you guys have it
: Unable to queue for ranked
Cant q for normal drafts either
: Patch of 8/31 [Unresolved](http://imgur.com/a/FKt5k)
i upvoted you i few hours ago.. I just retried to patch, and it took like 3mins... i dont understand
: Taliyah twerks ideas
Taliyah tweaks* ahaha xD Sorry had to
: So your saying that CS Riven is coming back ? So when actually is it coming back ?
End of october/start of november
: My opinion
Ahri has a ~52% winrate since forever...
: I think you have right. If you are trying to make a new set of masteries in a champion select and you're in hurry, probably you will make an mistake. Like you said the others masteries which wasn't selected it should like others one's, more grey and maybe the selected one to be more brighter. P.S: You have 1 more points available <3{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: At the beginning of the game, ekko always write on a book, but Project: Ekko doesn't. Also when you press ctrl+2, I think Project: Ekko is missing some moves comparing to the normal. Not sure if these are bugs, but plz check. :)
First thing i noticed, i can't help but think this is bug. Riot pls fix this! Spoopy Midnight also noticed it : "In the Classic Ekko and live server skins, Ekko spawns pulling out a book and writing down on it. In the Project: Ekko skin he does not pull out a book but still performs the animation of him writing on a book. Not much of a bug but something that is quite a bothersome to me"
: No IP/RP points yet :(
Try to buy something even if you have 0 rp and ip. After the buy, your rp/ip should appear. That's what worked for me and a lot of people. I think that is actually how it works.
: Can someone help me 9 days ago I made pbe account and everything is great but I have not got the rp ip Thanks
: already did,but still black screen. needs to be fixed
Maybe that's a little late, but you can also try to click again on the shop icon to reload it
: > [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=cvjJcu3r,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-20T21:26:57.727+0000) > > Legacy skins do not need testing so you don&#x27;t need them. This is a testing environment, not a Pokemon game. only like 10% actually play it for testing
The point is, Riot wont give him any riot points just becasue he wants dj sona and open mystery chests, because the pbe is all about testing new stuff, not to own every skin.
: Shop Interface
: i only got 40,000 RP why and my friends joined yesterday and have about 900,000 RP Riot help
Stop complaining. You don't even need rp on PBE.
: Wow, did you spent the 100,000 RP that they gave us on the last update???
: But .. Blossom kha'zix isn't a wonderful skin?... And they couldn't make it 1350 because it would have been in competition with mecha^^
And that is my point : i dont understand why infernal diana is worth more rp than DB khazix
: Because 975 skin still exist ? :D Riot have said that 1350 skins would be unusual and would not replace 975 when the first one came out. (It was Kha'zix mecha or Lulu ...) It was all a big lie and now everything skin that look good, or ok, is 1350. (That's why btw I stopped buying rp, because they lied, and they increased RP price.)
What about death blossom kha'zix, that is 975rp and has new visual effects for is whole kit and a new back animation? hmhmhmhmhm
: > [{quoted}](name=Bugsplat XD,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=E4EwxQFc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-19T18:01:57.978+0000) > > Also, if Diana is picked in LCS, the player is more likely to pull out the new Infernal Diana :^) so enemies may think that he picked WIldifre Zyra? mind games? tip top kek
ay ur funy lul Edit : Seriously, if you can't do more than saying disrecpectful comments, just shut up
: We walk a really fine line on the Skins team of maintaining gameplay integrity when we update audio and particles for a skin. Ultimately, purchasing a skin should _never_ give you a competitive disadvantage or advantage. In Diana's case, her Q was too dark and hard to read, and in the highest levels of play readability of VFX is everything. We upped the brightness to be closer to her base, which will make it more readable in a team fight. I hope this context helps!
Yes, i understand the readability issue but, i think you put too much white in her Q vfx. I think it could be less white, but still brighter than before this update, and still be readable :^)
: [Update] VFX Clarity Changes on Skins
Dark Valkyrie Diana's Q looks to bright imo. It doesn't really fit the skin's theme... Also, if Diana is picked in LCS, the player is more likely to pull out the new Infernal Diana :^) I'd like it if you guys tone down a little the white in her Q!
: Well, they didn't say that they won't release it next patch, right? So now we can only assume that it's going to be released just like every other skin.
A comment from KateyKhaos about infernal diana, on the NA boards, posted yesterday : "Yes, the team does read and compile feedback for each skin we work on. The feedback is then discussed among the team. We consider things like if x will improve the thematic, if x will strengthen the thematic, will x still make the skin hit the goal we set out to achieve? _**That said, not all changes suggested will be made**_. This wasn't a skin I particularly had a hand in, so I don't have much context into why x change wasn't made." Probably not next patch @DPSpirt, please downvote me buddy i like it
: > [{quoted}](name=Bugsplat XD,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=clpMWqyp,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-04-17T23:12:52.528+0000) > > Do you have any links for &quot;they are talking about how this skin seems unfinished for an epic skin&quot; ? there isn't any need for links or sources lol... I'm just justifying that this is the OP's opinion on Infernal Diana's state.
I really wasn't asking for sources, i am just curious where riot staff is active talking about infernal diana...
: > [{quoted}](name=Reck3rDragon PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=clpMWqyp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-17T13:23:50.566+0000) > > There is a simple reson why Infernal Diana costs 1350 RP and won&#x27;t be reduced: > > Due to it having a new model, textures, particles, recall animation and SFX it gets the status of an epic skin and all epic skins cost 1350 with no reduction on the price unless they&#x27;re on sale. Im pretty sure the OP knows what goes into the pricing of an epic skin... Anyways, they are talking about how this skin seems unfinished for an epic skin, so Riot should decrease the price if they disregard some of the reported problems (aka feedback) with the skin; such as it is very difficult to tell when her passive is up due to the orange glow blends in very well with the model.
Do you have any links for "they are talking about how this skin seems unfinished for an epic skin" ?
: she said "I want to say next patch." at 4/13 but then at 4/14 she said: "Looks like Galetta did have her team discuss your initial feedback. It's Thursday, which means additional changes won't be made and the skin is in the process of getting ready to be shipped." ... don't whiteknight RIOT please... stop defending them
I am not trying to defend them. But one thing i know is, youre really toxic about the state of the skin. I can easily find your comments on twitter. You're so salty it's ridiculous and recognizable. ( @DPSpirt is that you?) And why are you downvoting my response to you? Because you think i'm trying to defend them? That's passive toxicness. https://twitter.com/RiotKateyKhaos/status/718623016867893248 See that tweet from RiotKateyKhaos? Probably for you, man. You are literally everywhere dropping your salt, roughly saying the same things everywhere you can. Man, i wouldnt be surprise that you got some people upset up there, and that because of you they dont really feel like giving the skin some tweeks. You are complaining again and again at anytime, like, give 'em a break! Jesus. Youre not giving them more than 2 days or so, and youre back at it! It seems that you dont give any respects to the people who worked for months on this skin. Yes it would be nice to have some adjustements, but your comments about it probably just make them feel like s***. It is good to give feedback, but almost everytime your feelings take over your good feedback and it just turns into toxic comments. That is not cool. If you want to give feedback, do it the good way and keep you feelings and saltiness at home. I'm out. Have a good day.
: check her replies to the post with Diana splashart. Someone asked there when this skin will be in game and she said "next patch". Even on lolwiki it's mentioned it will be in patch 6.8
She literally said "I want to say next patch." And if i were you, i wouldnt trust lolwiki for this kind of things. You should rely more on websites like surrenderat20.net So, for inf diana, its _maybe_ next patch.
: KateyKhaos on her twitter said it's going to be released in the incoming patch... >.> sigh
Ok now im fucking sad. Looks like we are stuck with ugly looking fire hair and weird skirt movements Edit : im on her twitter rn, i dont see anything like "infernal diana inc in patch 6.8". You got any link?
: Hi everyone, I'm really happy for this new Diana skin, I've been waiting for it since the last one. I appreciate so much Rioters' work and I also understand very well how much they're busy with everything. Remember that it's not just about a skin, they have to deal with thousands of things. Although I pretty well know how much work they have to do, I'd like to focus on one thing which I consider the only bad one about this skin. I'm sure that many asked for it before me, but Riot ignored this little particle despite so many feedbacks. What I'm asking for is just to fix her hair. -The edge between the "solid" hair and the "flaming" hair is too evident. I suggest you to make the "solid" hair longer OR the "flaming" hair less transparent. [ http://i.imgur.com/K6oznil.jpg ] -This becomes even more evident whenever you enter a bush. (In this case I'd darken a bit the "flaming" hair when Diana is in a bush) [ http://i.imgur.com/UKspMBH.jpg ] **EDIT**: -When recalling in a specific position, her hair just ignores physics. As you may notice, the fire just diverts its trajectory and instead of going straight to her back, following the "solid hair", it just turns to Diana's left. [ http://i.imgur.com/AU6eeYI.jpg ] I know, once again, that many already asked for this, and I apologize for that, but I really want Riot to care about this issue that makes this beatiful skin drop from 100 to 0. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading this feedback.
Obviously fire part of the hair needs to be way less transparent, i totally agree. Also, the back of her skirt, if i can say it is a skirt, looks really weird to me. I dont know if it is because it's too large, but there's definitely something that makes it look weird especially when she's walking.
: This week is the last week of the current PBE cycle. Skin goes live the way it is next week.
I haven't seen anywhere that the skin was going live next patch. I know that is what happens most of the time, but not everytime.
: Since Infernal Diana won't get touched/fixed/polished/changed than can the price be reduced to 975?
Did i missed something? Where did someone from riot say they wont change the skin? They didnt say anything since the release of it on the PBE. On NA boards, Riot KateyKhaos said that she's "gone ahead and passed this along to the team who is working on her, and they're in the process of discussing feedback and deciding if/what changes should be made." Since that, nothing has happened YET. So calm ur tits please. I'll let you yell at them if the skin is released on live servers as it is right now. Upon the release, calm the fuck down. I've seen you around alot complaining again and again and its kinda getting on my nerves now, and probably on the skin team's nerves too. I repeat, no one from riot didnt annouced anything YET. Relax. Go wank. Edit : if i missed something, please tell me
: Infernal Diana Loading Slice suggestion.
Maybe a little more zoomed out, but i agree it looks better
: > [{quoted}](name=Lukinerx,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=2Wgf1zxK,comment-id=001f000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-13T21:06:34.505+0000) > > the price of this skin is a joke at this point if nothing will be changed/fixed/improved > > nice middle finger toward us from RIOT... > > first DV headdress, then scraping Diana cool/sexy skin after teasing us for months, later censoring Lunar Goddess (and overall giving her those ugly hairloops and puffy sleeves) and now this bad joke called Infernal Diana aka Wildifre Zyra 2.0 On the NA boards, Riot KateyKhaos said this: Hey DeathByDrago! Sorry for the late reply here. I've had this thread up for a couple days and meant to drop a reply in. I've gone ahead and passed this along to the team who is working on her, and they're in the process of discussing feedback and deciding if/what changes should be made. As always, thanks for taking the time to drop your feedback! . :) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/YgPAOjbJ-infernal-diana-feedback-from-a-diana-main-d Of course, this doesn't mean they are going to make any changes, but I thought I would just drop this here. Still kind of disappointed that they have not replied to any of the feedback on the PBE boards as of yet. :/
Thanks for the dank drop, i actually didn't think about checking if there was any new thread about the skin lol. Thanks!
: with the release of her splashart the last hope of delaying and reworking/changing this skin just died. there are only 2 more days in this week and RIOT will release that skin next week with next patch probably. Nothing will be changed because they don't care (unless few contrast/saturation changes that are few minute work on color sliders). They are focusing on SKT skins and ignore Diana skin and all feedback. nice to know what RIOT thinks about Diana and Diana players overall...
Yeah... I just played a custom, nothing changed... I hope that at least they will make her hair look better. Like, look at the orbs of her shield, or at the orbs of Aurelion Sol's passive..
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