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: Can't press play?
The server is probably offline. I can't play too. We just need to wait. :)
: If I had to make a guess, the minions were probably programmed something along the lines of "charge forward, aggro onto minions/champs, chase after those they've aggro'd onto if need be, continue charging forward if there's nothing to aggro on." But yes, it would make more sense if the minions were able to go back for an inhib if it repawns.
^this Minions target (the point where they are moving) should change to spawned inhibitor or just back.
: I didn't quite understand... What was the real issue? The flashing when you minimize?
Try it and you will see. Tell your friend to send text message to you when you have minimalized Here is screenshot: It become like this everytime someone says something on "ghost chat". When you click "Find another group" then you don't leave chat and when someone from your old team send message, tell us that something changed (like "found game" or "you have new message"). I hope it's clearer now.
: Team Builder Bugs - 2/3, 2/4, 2/10
When you join a team and search for another one and someone say something on chat while your client is minimalized, it flashes on the bottom bar (in the same way when someone send message to you). It seems that chat is still online somewhere on the background but you can't see it.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Okay, so I played 15 games on Hexakill mode and... won all games. I'm not sure if matchmaking settings are broken or turned off (to find games faster) or I'm just too pro.... But it's weird... 15 games... PLZ FIX IT (OR FIX ME) <lol> My last 10 games: []( I was able to win games vs enemy 12/3 144cs @20 min - no problem at all... **Few words about Hexakill mode:** I must say that Hexakill is *awesome* mode. There is no clear meta and you can go 2/1/2, 2/2/2, 2/1/3, 1/2/2 or even double jungle. I love it. Now, *snowballing*. People says it's terrible on this mode. Maybe I haven't experienced that but that's not true. Above you can see great example. Fed enemy but he still lost. And I played maybe 3-4 games vs fed enemy. 6v6 on TT? Yes, please! 6v6 on old TT was great! I wish I could see this again. And well... I met many leavers. Why so many on PBE? That wasn't problem FOR ME, you see, I won all my games... But it's a real problem for others... I can say - it's a plague. OH AND BTW. **Some post-screens after matches:** * My first game on Hexakill mode (lets carry as support!): []( * Second game - wanted to try Ice Drake Shyvana, because I like her. []( * Already won 5 games, here is my huuuge-heal Warwick and also it's 5v6: []( * Pew, pew, ADC time: []( * Testing Xerath, very funny to play, especially sniping: []( * 5v6 as Diana, got Hexakill here, yay! Enemy Katarina was fed so much... 8/0 @10 min :( But who care, I never lose! <lol> []( * **Stats showing my Largest Multi Kill (Hexakill)** - League of Hexakills <lol>: []( * Pew-pew! Already won 14 games. Never underestimate power of the true Astronaut Teemo (31/2/11)! []( * Double mid as Akali with Nami, good combo and 2 on mid is funny! []( And I ended with 15W streak... yay! I was named a GOD once (LOL!) and one guy told me I deserve Astronaut Teemo on a real server. Mindblown. I can join to any professional team. Contact me: Trololo@JustTrolling.trolls. Okay... I know that none of you saw screenshots! lol Thanks for access to the beta. **I had a lot of fun here**. Can't wait for more awesome features.
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