: And yet... get into a game, and the ONLY way to “compete” right now is by using it. To me, this “bug” seems somewhat intentional from the devs so they can do a “freelo” climb into a secluded ranked bracket. The “duped” BF swords have a different item description and appearance. I see this... and I think about the “mew glitch” from Pokémon Red/Blue. It cries out “deliberate process”
I personally won't touch pbe while this glitch is here. I don't believe in robbing others their fun and i wanna see tft evolve and Be the best it can. I don't think its intentional. It is a beta platform so things like this are gonna happen. once this glitch is patched, the ranking will take a min to settle into place or a reset on rank will happen. it's not the end of the world and that's what we, pbe test users, signed up for. To find bugs like this, report em and iron it out. :)
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: [MINIONS] Minions totally ignoring enemies, both enemy minions and champions.
: Poke always win....{{champion:143}} is so op. And I think zyona should be disable in this game mode... 5ap just build zyona is madness BTW,5 {{champion:99}} are madness
I agree with the zhonya's. It kinda is overpowered with a team of ap vs a team of skillshot ad's such as ez and quinns.
: I tried One For All yesterday and when I entered in the game and I saw it was on SR I felt dissapointed, really. It is not bad at all on SR, but **I prefer it on Howgling Abyss**. It's more fun it's a quicker game, it's more active... There will be a lot of people who likes One For All on SR (I don't), but if you do a queue of One for All in Howgling Abyss, it would be great. **-Champion select:** It would be great to have a **secret vote in champ select**, each player votes for 2 or 3 champs, and when time finishes, you get the most voted champ. I think it's more interesting to see and you'll pay more attention to watch which was the most voted champ, and that way it would be a kind of ramdom selection cause you don't know which champ it's going to be selected. -**Anything else** (not related to this) From all star to now I've been waiting for **Magma Chamber**. Where is it?
I too am waiting for details on magma chamber. I've been eager to play this mode for a long time
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
after playing the game mode a bit, i found myself quite bored of it. the only set up I had fun with is the skillshots matchups such as nid.
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
one thing i've noticed is at the screen after you win/lose, it doesn't show the items. not sure if that's a bug or if that's meant to be.
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
Here's a suggestion. Why not allow there to be a sub tab for an option of either HA or SR. Like how you have it for normals then ranked, team ranked, etc. This'll solve the problem of the people who prefer HA over SR and the people who prefer SR over HA.
: New Sivir splash art looks horribly awkward
I must agree. Personally it looks like sivir has a freak accident and was fused with a rat. She should be like more like vayne in a sense, but just mroe badass.

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