: Why not make Nidalee's spear AD?
I'm personally not a fan of this. AP Nidalee always utilised Human Form more than Cougar Form. Conversely, AD Nidalee always utilised Cougar Form more than Human Form. Introducing an AD ratio onto Javelin Toss would remove the unique identities of each build: - AP Nidalee: Long-range siege mage. - AD Nidalee: Close-range bruiser. Additionally, Riot would then need to add an AP ratio to Takedown to maintain the balance of each skill.
: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I found a little surprise that I'm not familiar with on Live Karthus. When a target appeared isolated, whether be a minion/monster/champion, Lay Waste would deal critical magic damage. Is this new or is this similar to Live?
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: The HP scaling on his Q is too high, that, or bring down the Base dmg. Also, 4 stacks for his concussive blow needs to be 5, getting those stacks proc'd is really easy even when soloing, and with a teammate it's almost a guarantee. Just some thoughts. I played him top, and went 8/1 with bots. Will test against players more.
The ease of proc-ing his passive is what allows a Braum + Marksman lane to initiate a fight. Bear in mind Braum actually has to land Winter's Bite or get in for a basic attack to begin Concussive Blows stack in the first place. Right now, it's quite balanced around skilled play by the one playing Braum.
: So far Braum seems like a great champion. Maybe not Thresh good, but really good. I really like the idea of his passive, Concussive Blows, I feel like it is going to be a fun bot lane. He has some pretty good CC and his defensive play style is cool too. I'm not too sure about his E, it mostly feels like a weaker "Windwall" - Yasuo... But I haven't played enough to make a clear judgement on that. Seeing that his defensive stats are pretty strong, it could still work well. Nice job on the champ overall though. He looks really cool, I like his voice overs, and all his animations are nice as well. Thanks Riot.
I feel your comparison to Thresh is a bit odd. They both fulfill different roles as a Support: - Thresh is more of an initiate-type Support. - Braum is more of a protection and counter-engage Support. Braum I believe has more to offer than just CC like Thresh. He has good protection and armour/magic resist steroids that offset his lesser engage potential.
: can u plz like make braum's q pass through enemy unit or at least collide off of original particle like {{champion:127}}'s q?
Considering Braum's passive is very strong, I think the gameplay is more skill-based if Winter's Bite remains a "on first enemy hit" instead of fragmenting.
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
I've just run my first test match as Braum. I am afraid to say that he may be a bit too powerful. He has quite a lot of early game burst on Winter's Bite when proc-ing Concussive Blows. Also, the slow on his Q is massively over-bearing, a whopping 70% slow. Chaining that after his ultimate at L6 and you an uncontrollably huge amount of slow potential, something that other Supports simply do not have. Fine, Leona can chain immobilise into a stun but they last 1s e/a. Braum's Q slow alone lasts double the time - the only trade-off being the decaying SoT. I really like him. He's such a fun champion to play mechanically but I feel that he can be a bit overbearing with his current numbers. I'd suggest a reduction in Concussive Blows proc. damage and a tweaking of his slowing potential.
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: Let's talk about Lee Sin retune
I quite like the Lee Sin changes. The Flurry AS buff at late game could turn him into an insane split pusher, especially when used with a Ravenous Hydra Lee Sin build. We'll wait and see what the pro players think of him when his retune eventually goes live.
: Particle effects not showing
I just experienced something similar whilst testing the new Popstar Ahri. No skill animations, auto attack animations and the like. Was very peculiar.

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