: When is the mod testing???
Looking at previous mode testing thingies, its probably before this weekend, because they wanna test it ASAP and the first 2-3 days are the heaviest on updates and stuff
: *Updated* 6.14 Bugfixes
A while back this post was made http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/TAE3H9Ls-gameplay-yasuo-skins-missing-particles one riot member said it was working as intended but then a month later you guys said you're investigating. Does this mean we will get the missing particles back with the yasuo bug fix?
: Can't log in
i got in(4 hours later) , then what? i played some custom games it was very fun but then boom computer has to restart to update windows *dies* *computerstarts* i go and login OVER FUCKING 9000!?!? *dies* *kills dog with him*
: Ekko is way too strong at the moment! (OP)
Please state your opinion and leave the balancing to riot. I'm pretty sure they know for them self's what is over powered and what is not
: [Zed] - Q graphic is still present after shadows dissapear
no but you can see the graphics for the skill shot when u normal cast or u have show cast thingi on
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: [Zed] - Q graphic is still present after shadows dissapear
I have had that happen on the live servers as well, EUW


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