: Taking a look
: We would appreciate if any rioter can say some info about this problem or just how much time we have to wait until is fixed.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
patience is key for this type of situation, a rioter has already replied to this post so its just a waiting game
: i understand the small bans on live servers but i mean if you have a PBE account and you dodge that much you should have your account taken away. honestly PBE is a privilege and the rules on dodging/afking/flaming should be a little tighter.
I dont see a problem in dodging, however i see the problem of afking and flaming, dodging only affects you, everyone else just goes trough champ select again i dont think you can punish someone for dodging in champ select, imagine having to leave the client because something happen in your life and getting your account removed because you dodge a champ select, if you afk that is different (this is my opinion)
: Actually, you cant be toxic on PBE, you literally need honor 3 to get into PBE in the first place and pretty sure if you flame, you wont get chat restricts, you will immediately lose your pbe account.
Sadly they are still toxic ppl on pbe, i have reported a lot of ppl but sometimes i see them again so i dont know how the report system works on pbe, i just ignore them
: Its the same thing. Just one you get to pick your champ. They're both on the rift. They both have the cannons. They both have the same buffs. Its the same thing you just get to ban and pick.
When you see it like that yes but, for those who played it back then its really different from now, back then you could play all day and winning or losing it was fun, now you dont have a lot of fun because you lose really hard or win really hard and 10% of the matches are even, they are the same but the nostalgic moments are worth the wait, i dont know if i made mysellf clear, english is not my main language.
: Wait, Is it fixed for your guys? i still cant play......
: I know you ain't disrespecting, we good bro ;) I'll add you on PBE, let's play together.
And they say League community is bad haha
: Im having the same problem,try to initial full repair but that didnt fix it, i hit play but it i get that im not ready even tho im the only one {{champion:103}}
Thank you, i was about to repair pbe, you saved me a lot of time {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Is Senna Lucians wife? Sister? and will she be in que as if it were xayah and rakan duo?
Senna is Lucian Wife, and i dont think so, we dont know
: It's been out for months now. Like 2 months.
ARURF, not URF they are very different
: If possible, can someone explain to me why the dmg is so high if its not a bug?
Lethality in kalista is soo good and more if you maxed your q, also urf has the damages of certain champions a little bit altered so that they are a little bit better, I imagine that kalista has a little more added damage for being a not so popular champion.
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