: What does it mean if two (or more) animations are listed? I'm having trouble understanding what that formatting means in this context.
It plays the animations listed in order.
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
The grand majority of them add quite a bit of QoL to the champion and feel pretty natural. I'm excited to have {{champion:50}} feed his bird on the way out, it's kinda cute :) The most notable odd ones are usually the dances, but generally there aren't better options (Such as {{champion:53}} ) {{champion:27}} dancing kinda fits the goofy nature of the playstyle of the champion but not so much his lore. I would suggest idle 2 rather than dance. (Or perhaps idle 2 *into* dance, as it's pretty short?) Poor {{champion:25}} gonna be even derpier with that recall, lol.
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
From the times I tried the skin, Air, Storm, Mystic and Darkness had little to no voice lines. Specifically, Air had a few movement/attack lines with long stretches of silence, Mystic spoke only for her spells, but Storm and Darkness didn't speak at all beyond their transformation quote and ult. It's a huge departure from the constant chatter of her other forms, lol. I do think the purple undershirt on Water is a bit odd, and ingame she seems to be lacking a little something model-wise. The ult for Water and Mystic is noticeably thinner than the others. For the most part, I think the spell effects are pretty nice, especially Storm!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Black Scourge Singed, Iron Inquisitor Kayle and Cursed Revenant Noct!
*vibrates* SO GOOD!!! (Insert obligatory "MAKE THIS FOR SWAIN" here) The only thing I have about singed is his mask pokes through his shield while running. It's not really that noticeable though.
: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
Zyra plants and seeds get scuttle crab speedy buff. SPEEDY PLANTS. Steps to reproduce: Kill scuttle. Stand around until plant stuff spawns in scuttle area. Or plop some down if you're impatient. Make "oooh, aaaaah," sounds as plants do shiny fireworks thing.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
I really like this skin! It looks very very polished. The effects are neat too (I like the sparkly shield lol). Only thing I'm kinda eh about are her autos, those hearts are friggin' huge! Maybe consider downsizing them a little bit? :0
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Uh. You can pop an enemy Jhin's lotuses with wards, other Jhin's lotuses, and teemo shrooms. Not sure if this is intentional.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
My favourite part of Jhin is his swag-walk. Honestly when I first played him my friends and I all laughed really hard because it's just so over-the-top. It provides a very good feel to the champion. For his ultimate, I'd much prefer zooming in after it's done on Jhin and not the area in which he was shooting. Not like you can do a whole lot if you missed, right? Reloading does feel kind of awkward, but I feel that will improve when you fix the bug of being unable to cast abilities during the reload duration, as being literally unable to do anything kinda sucks. Without that unintended feature I don't think it would be nearly as painful. Lotus traps feel rather similar to using teemo shrooms for me. Long trade incoming? Fling a lotus at them. Jungler ganking a lot? Set up a lotus warning system. Really want that dragon? Set up lots of them around it! Make your enemies fear bushes! Biggest difference between them and shrooms is using your long skillshot to lock down and then burst them with grenades and lotus explosion. So far I think his feel is great and his gameplay is really fun. Seems he'd be one of those champs i'd play a lot of even if I stink at him.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
I'm not sure why, but one time I was spamming R right as it came off cooldown, and it didn't zoom out as it should. I got left with really intently staring at a zoomed-in area of stones and not being able to move my camera. I'm not sure if this is because I was spamming R or because of where I was. I was on blue side pushing into enemy (purple/red) base and pretty close to the fountain just to the the right of their nexus.
: Some Notes on "Slayer Jinx"
I actually made my own post about adding engine noises to jinx's pow pow :B so I agree about that one! The chompers are very very small. If you're not looking for them they're pretty hard to see and they don't make idle sounds. /Dunno if that last sound part is intentional./ (I thought she shot homemade tasers, not mousetraps. But heck I didn't make the skin so idk for sure o-o) Def gonna buy it too, I play a lot of jinx :3
: Don't change Morde's title!
I do have to say "Lord of Death" is about as bland as you can get. I think I would've rather they went in the "metal mage who happens to be undead" direction than "yet another undead mage guy... who happens to be metal" direction. Not like I play him or care for him, just a view as someone who doesn't play morde, his defining trait at face value is.... well, the suit. "Undead" doesn't really strike me as the thing he should be defined by.
: it would be engine noises
You know what I meant :P But yes, engine noises. {{champion:36}}
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