: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Papercraft Anivia!
hello. i am an anivia onetrick with over 200k mastery pts. just first want to say its awesome seeing her finally get another skin. so here are the things i am not satisfied with: -the animation and sound effect for when she revives from her egg is very underwhelming. currently she just appears out of thin air with no animation and the sound effect that plays is very small and quiet. i would like to see something more dramatic for a special moment like this. reviving from egg is one of anivias high points in her gameplay. -i dont like how the crane in her E is static. sometimes you E someone while they are using a mobility spell and the E travels very far to hit them and it will look awkward. i think maybe the crane she throws out could be flapping its wings at least, that would be very awesome. -even on max quality, the pages of the books in her wall look compressed jpeg-ish some minor idea: -i think she should explode into scraps of paper when she dies -her Q flies very slowly, so i think there is room to add something to it while it flies, like maybe it starts off as a sheet of paper and folds itself, when it finally reaches the end of its range it will be a finished origami waterbomb -seeing bits of paper fly out from behind her as she moves around would be nice, like how kassadin leaves a trail of those purple void lines
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: Patch notes for today: 8/6 We're doing a number of champion specific balance changes to bring up the weaker ends of the champ pool. Overall feeling is that single target DPS chars are pretty weak so we're buffing up a number of them. Also seems like tanks are pretty strong, so nerfing down some of their late game health and resists. May need to take a stronger system wide approach in the future, but we'll see how things shakeout on live. > Champions: > Ezreal > AD:: 60 + 2.5/lvl >>> 63 + 3/lvl > AS/lvl:: 1.5% >>> 2.5% > Base MP/5:: 8.1 >>> 12 > > Lee Sin > AD/lvl:: 3.2 >>> 4.5 > HP/lvl:: 85 >>> 95 > > Azir > AS/lvl:: 1.5% >>> 3% > Base Mana:: 438 >>> 500 > > Rek'sai > AD/lvl:: 3.35 >>> 4.5 > HP/lvl:: 85 >>> 100 > > Cassiopeia > Base HP:: 537 >>> 580 > Base Mana:: 418 >>> 500 > Base MP/5:: 8 >>> 11 > > Ivern > Can now attacc jungle monsters. Will be re-enabled soon. > > Nasus > Q Stack multiplier:: 2.5 >>> 2 (same as ARAM) > > Items: > Cinderhulk > Bonus HP mult:: 15% >>> 10% > > Runic Echoes > Fixed a bug where it was 400 gold cheaper than intended > > Force of Nature > Magic Resist:: 100 >>> 90 >
> [{quoted}](name=Rito jinxylord,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=2GZaFmfx,comment-id=00bc,timestamp=2018-08-06T19:15:21.422+0000) > > Patch notes for today: 8/6 > > We're doing a number of champion specific balance changes to bring up the weaker ends of the champ pool. Overall feeling is that single target DPS chars are pretty weak so we're buffing up a number of them. > > Also seems like tanks are pretty strong, so nerfing down some of their late game health and resists. May need to take a stronger system wide approach in the future, but we'll see how things shakeout on live. can you please review my past comments in this thread and give me some feedback?
: Your right gold still feels like the game clock on summoners rift, but the problem is that you lose the feeling of it being a resource, and the feeling of it being a resource is what makes the mechanic fun. You could point out that it can be fun to BE the game clock but most of the time that's only cause you've put enough time into that game to be invested. Part of why league blitz is fun is because games are short and you don't have to be invested. Now I think the worst thing gold is doing in league blitz right now though is that it's still swaying games into the winners favor. I don't like this for a few reasons. First off falling behind in an already fast paced game feels like dog shit since there are less opportunities to catch up. Second getting ahead in an already fast paced game feels retarded since there are less opportunities to lose your lead meaning you get to play for the first five minutes but now the next five is just you going through the chore of ending it. Third the amount of gold you get by the end of a SR game is close to the amount of gold you get at end of a NB game, meaning gold leads are much more volatile on NB than SR (that part of the reason why most of the gold you get is team distributed.) And fourth of all because of events and the team wide buffs they give, teams already massive gold leads are multiplied. You bring up a good point about dominion and ARAM, but dominion was such an unpopular game mode that they had to can it, so I don't think that one holds any water, as for ARAM, you still feel all these things but they don't feel as bad due to the longer game times and because it actually compliments the design of ARAM due to the nature of buying and the random hectic feeling it's supposed to give you. I still think that champions should have a power curve in league blitz I just don't think gold is the way to do it. or at least not the way gold has traditionally been done.
in a comment farther up i suggested that all tier 3 items be removed for this game mode and that gold acquisition be slowed down. so for example, something like sheen would be a final item. reduce the amount of gold you get from farming, kills, and objectives such that everyone (or at least the players with a clear advantage) will reach "full build" at around 17-18 minutes. the thing is, with tier 3 items removed, "full build" isnt so extremely powerful when compared to only a couple of final items, but still noticeably advantageous. i believe doing this would eliminate the kind of snowball were currently experiencing, and even eliminate the need for random "events", which i think should NOT be in the game whatsoever. it would make item powerspikes extremely obvious, making balancing very easy, but also observing the gamestate as a player very easy, allowing for more intuitive build paths, rather than the cookie cutter type builds you see on summoners rift. (ex. enemy marksman is fed? I can spec into a 1000g bramble vest.) making a champions max level less than 18 might be an option for balancing, but i really dont know. the main concept i am pushing, is pretty much just summoners rift's early/mid game, but everyone is confined to an area around the size of botside jungle, so there are more chances for player interactions. fights dont **need** to be forced in order to make the game go faster. let players just do what they want. just design everything so that the game will be over by the "mid game". i think the changes i proposed would accomplish this, along with some possible tentative changes to champions numbers, items prices, and minion, kill, and gold from objectives. by the way, i am extremely excited for a draft pick version of this mode. since the map is so small, character counterpicks are FAR more relevant. in this mode, you have the option of counterpicking any champ on the enemy team, rather than just the one you are facing in lane. for example, i can pick rammus in response to master yi, and my decision will stay relevant for pretty much the entire game, because every player is always vaguely in the vicinity of every other player. i also think riot should take the opportunity to experiment with new ideas for summoner spells and trinkets. as for the map. i think the general layout of an extremely confined area with a rather open area is a good starting point, but this can NOT be the final map you guys go through with. currently, there is very little reason to ever leave the "open" area (lane). why? because the teams dont own any objectives in the jungle that can be taken. every objective in the jungle is **neutral**. im not really sure if neutral objectives would work very well. maybe *one* could work. but i think more emphasis should be placed on material that is *owned* by a team that can be *taken* by the other team. maybe design a tower that only does damage when it has an ally near it? try to imagine the implications of this, a spot on the map that needs to be kept under supervision. its healthbar could be split into "tiers" so that slowly damaging it yields actual, visible progress. that towers positioning could be made to cover an important access point to the base, so that when it is gone, a big advantage is clearly visible. this could allow for the option of not necessarily having to reward players with gold when they take a tower, and just let the absence of the tower be the advantage that they get. PLEASE work more on the vision control aspect more than just "removing control wards and sweeping trinket". PLEASE make it more interactive.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Im posting here again. I think you are artificially speeding the game up by throwing gold at players and with these "events". I think you should: - just get rid of the events. -get rid of all tier 3 items. -return the rate of gold acquisition back to that of summoners rift. -redesign the map. this gamemode is extremely exciting because it seems like a lot of strategies have the potential to be viable. with the removal of tier 3 items, builds will be more intuitive and less set-in-stone, each character will have multiple viable build options. pretty much, imagine summoners rift with only the early game and mid game, but the increased interaction between players makes it feel less boring. i think the current map is in desperate need of redesign. there arent really any obvious "hotspots" to place a ward. the position of red and blue buff are awful. rift heralds position is mediocre. i think you should experiment with scuttlers, or even just design a new objective for this mode. (twisted treeline has its own unique objectives, theres no reason this shouldnt have any)
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Hi. I think this idea has quite a lot of potential. Let me explain: **Lets break down league of legends into two distinct states.** There are many accurate ways to break it down but this one is simple and valid. **Two states:** The time you are fighting. and the time you are not fighting *(or, the time leading up to a fight). * The current state of summoners rift is a back and forth between these two states. Strategic decisions > Mechanical Gameplay > Strategic decisions > ... It seems like what you are doing, or attempting to do with this mode, is focus only on the mechanical gameplay aspect. *I think it would also be a great idea to make a game mode that focuses only on the strategic decision aspect.* Please consider this for me.

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