: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/hKN4dErd-pbe-client-stuck-at-33 Look at this post that I posted and scroll down. I think one of those ways should fix the problem. If not, search on youtube?
It fixed itself eventually just a few minutes ago. Thank you though :)
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: Xerath Auto Attack not working
Can confirm I was using runeborn skin
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: I played Vi at the time to check out the new map. Baron and Dragon both were attacking me then.
I can back up Ace, same thing happened to me, after my first game they just stopped attacking.
: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Gotta say though its pretty funny getting a pentakill just standing outside their fountian shooting a Velkoz ult xD
: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
Yeah, same for me. I was about to post but figured I'd probably check to see if someone else already caught this
: [ARAM]Connection Issues
YAY more aram bugs :D guess thats what betas for. Same here. Bump.
: Hi guys, i recognize most of your names from aram. Much love THA MEGA TANK!
Killimanjaro!!! Yeah we played a lot together
: Just happened to me. I was loading an aram and then at the screen only summoner name and percentage loaded in showed. After it loaded it sent me back to the home screen.
Yeah you were on my team :D
: ARAM Crash/Bugged loading screen
Just tried again, this time black screen for about 5 seconds (didnt stop running this time) still no splash art, and crash.
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