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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Please make adaptive force actually adapt to your wishes, meaning at game start, you can choose what it should be while at 0 bonus stats.
: Corki gets AP if he doesn't Rush Sheen or doesn't auto often. And yes Leo has long cooldowns, but she won't auto 10 times, which is what her E-Q-W deals (aprox) It is besides the point, I was just explaining the (what you considered) unexpected behavior
You know her E-Q-W is mostly base damages? that combo contains at least 3-6 auto attacks that profit 1:1 from bonus ad, while the ap ratio total might be around 1.2?
: Because Blitz (without items and levels) does more Physical than Magical damage. Meanwhile Leona is the opposite. People seem to forget that Bltiz has a built in Trinity force that scales off TOTAL AD. With that said, adaptive stats check what kind of damage you do most of, and give you that.
to 3: That would mean corki gets ap, because surely, he does more magic damage. to 1: the levels where it matters, ~6 and lower, leona still has long cooldowns and her ap ratios are plain bad compared to how many auto attacks the q reset and her cc in general allow you to hit with. That's besides the point here though, I just would like to have the option to opt out of the suggested stat.
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