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: Additional Rune Pages
I had the same problem, I can't find the individual pages or the 7 page bundle.
: /Remake live on PBE! (5/18)
Sounds like an interesting idea! Now you have me wanting my teammate to AFK just to test this feature, you're messing with my moral compass! Follow rules, or test new stuff?
: Is no one going to talk about how afk's never get banned?
Most likely the majority of players just have connectivity issues. I've had the issue pop up multiple times.
: Can you relog and check your RP balance? Using you as a test hamster :3 EDIT: This should be fixed. There was a bug with the script where some people ended up getting excluded randomly. Please post if it comes back!
Yeah I got another 3500 RP 12 hours after the first time. Looks like it's working!
: My only question is why are you picking Ez into a team comp when you don't need to kite? Other ADCs tend to do a better job than him at doing DPS and turret destruction. Ez gets a lot of his power from his safety and poke, but if you're safe as is, then... why? o.o
I play Ezreal when I want to have some fun, but then again I'm not the most serious ranked player. Doesn't matter to me if he's not the best option available for my team comp ;).
I only build tear when I need the mana so I don't go OOM when spamming spells to kite the enemy. If you have reliable peel on your team you don't need Tear since you're not tons of kiting. You can go skip {{item:3070}} /{{item:3004}} and get more damage. For example you could buy {{item:3153}} /{{item:3078}} , then go into something like {{item:3072}} /{{item:3031}} /{{item:3139}} . Most likely you wouldn't have enough gold to finish all 3 of your core items({{item:3070}} /{{item:3153}} /{{item:3078}}) in time for your normal mid game power spike anyway. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Why shouldn't Mundo be allowed to build squishier but more offensively. That's what actually doesn't make sense. He's the only tank with this restriction. Rammus, Nautilus and Malphite for example, all have reasonable AP ratios.
Those champions you mentioned if built AP don't have a reliable way to soak damage if they want to engage and deal damage with their AP builds. Mundo has tenacity resist and his ult gives him a MAJOR heal which can makeup for his loss of tank stats. If he had good AP ratios on top of that, building AP Mundo could become too good not to build. Mundo W already scales 10% AP, and it procs every half second. With a reason AP build he could get.. let's say 500ap. That would make him deal 200dps with the AP scaling, not even counting the base dmg on W.(This is before all penetration runes and enemy resistances) You suggested a 20% AP ratio on his Q, that is just ridiculously OP. It already deals 25% of their current health, and that's a 4 second cooldown. Going with the same 500 AP build, each cleaver would deal an extra 100 dmg. ============================= (All these damages are from max leveled skills) Now let's put this all together. With your suggestion of an AP ratio on his Q it would be dealing(25%CurrentHP+(0.20AP)with a 2second 40% slow.(4 second CD) (W deals (47.5+(0.10AP)) with 30% CC reduction.) Mundo would become a lawnmower, he would chew through your health extremely fast with his Q.
: Triforce didn't lose any Movement Speed, just lost the 20% crit for a gain of 10% CDR and 25% AS, plus the cost was reduced. The only champs that are going to be sad here are Gangplank and Corki. Rengard might miss it, but considering Rengar LOVES the movement speed and CDR, it'll still be a great item for him if not better now DPS-wise due to the AS.
Speaking from personal experience as a sometimes rengar player, the 20% crit was cool on triforce because I could finish my build with 100% crit chance and also have the sheen proc added in. I'm probably still going to build triforce, I might not get 100% crit anymore, but 10% more CDR is perfectly fine for a lower cooldown ultimate. I've seen quite a few people keep arguing that this is a nerf to Rengar's build, but I agree with you that it really only changes Gangplank and Corki. Gangplank is already strong enough to where this won't probably majorly change his winrate, not sure about Corki.
: Trinity was originally used by many, many champs who had hybrid scaling, had an AA reset, or could weave abilities in between AA's. These champs were ones like Jax, Irelia, Kog, Ez, Corki, GP, etc.. Every last one of them relied on the raw stats it gave and the Sheen effect, especially the raw hybrid stats. Those stats were BUTCHERED so that it could have 10% more crit and 10% CDR. The crit was virtually wasted on every champ other than GP and Corki and GP was already a nightmare in balancing prior to the patch. All the other champs had to move onto other items that gave more reliable damage, which rebirthed Blue Ez and made Iceborn get nerfed again when the real problem was how crappy Trinity was. This new Trinity removes the RNGesus from the item and adds in flat AS and CDR, both of which are RELIABLE stats that benefit the ITEM and the ones who use it rather than it being some off the wall possible ADC item that people didn't care for anymore. It wasn't cost effective due to being RNGesus and the raw stats just sucked so outside of giving a tiny bit of extra dueling power, it wasn't all too great of a core item and was left being just a 3rd or so item that complimented other items, no better than the old Phantom Dancer was to an ADC. Never a rush item and needed others to make it worth while. Now it's glorious. It makes Irelia and Jax have that power spike and Ez with it and Muramana compliments it all quite nicely, though I will admit Ez's mana issues have been a bit more prominent with the removal of the mana regen on Tear/Manamune/Mura.
Personally I prefer Ezreal with Bork/Triforce compared to Tear/Triforce.
: How often do champions usually get released?
Kindred Oct 10 2015 Illaoi Nov 11 2015 Jhin Feb 1 2016 Aurelion Sol March 24 2016 Taliyah May 18 2016 Those are the last five champions released.(Taliyah being released tonight on May 18th on 5.10.)
: Every 2/3 months.
Pretty good considering they use to release every 3-5 months.
: Is it just me or are the new skins not 1 ip?
Yeah they cost RP for me too. But they just gave everybody 3500 RP to test the new RP/IP scripts, not like it matters.
: Context on Trinity Force changes?
A lot of the champions I built Tri-Force on are pretty wonky when dealing with crit chance. It just made no sense to have crit on the item, since most of the champions that buy it don't do anything with that crit chance. Sure this might be a nerf to champions like Gangplank, but I think it's a buff to the item pool for top laners. After they removed Zephyr there wasn't really any more good AS items to buy, this Tri-Force change also with the Witt's End change will give tops more item choices instead of just buying full tank. (For an example of champions that could or would buy Tri-Force that just do nothing worthwhile with the crit chance) Here is a few examples of champions who just didn't benefit at all with the crit chance, and will do A LOT better with the new stats.(More AS and CDR) Gnar Hecarim Irelia Jax Shyvana Trundle Xin Zhao Etc. Etc. The list goes on and on. There are more champs, but these are some of the basic examples. There are obviously more champions that benefit from this change compared to champions that will be hurt by it. Top Lane is pretty stale right now with the IBG/SFC/SV meta, and hopefully these changes to Tri-Force/Witt's End will make top lane more fresh with more champions being viable to pick.
: The Azir nerfs are too much
"His ult isn't even what makes him good, it's the fact he get a ton of attack speed from the W. " If this is true, then the change shouldn't effect his winrates that much. Personally I think if they are nerfing his ult, it should be a width change not a duration change. 2 Seconds duration is plenty of time to use it to peel an enemy off of you or your team.
: Can you relog and check your RP balance? Using you as a test hamster :3 EDIT: This should be fixed. There was a bug with the script where some people ended up getting excluded randomly. Please post if it comes back!
Yeah I got 3500 RP when I logged in. I'll make sure to make an edit when the next time RP is added. Okay, I got more RP 12 hours later, I guess script is working.
: If Nocturne and Shyvana are getting random AP ratios...
I'm pretty sure riot are fixing those certain champions AP ratios so they get a bit more power out of rageblade since the devourer change. Mundo doesn't fit into that category whatsoever, Mundo doesn't need high AP ratios to be more offensive because he's a frontline tank, there is no reason for him to have higher AP ratios on his abilities since it wouldn't make any sense. Mundo wasn't a devourer jungler, and he isn't a rageblade champion.
: Try spending some :3 There's a minimum threshold that you have to fall under before you get more RP.
I spent my RP on hextech and have 122 left, I've played two dozen games over the week and haven't got any new RP. I have got more RP periodically like you said should happen, but I received that over a week ago.
: Ohh thank youu for replying !!!
My average queue time is ~3-6m during daytime hours and ~10-15m during midnight hours.(I'm on NA)
: No IP or RP on PBE
I had the same problem when I first created my account, I just waited overnight and the next day I had 30krp/100kip. I would just wait since you just made your account.
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: No. Whatever needs testing will be up.
That's true, usually the gamemodes are available for testing a week before they hit live. The only exception to this that I've seen is when a brand new gamemode is released, for example DnotD replaced the timeslot for when URF is available for testing since DnotD is brand new.
: Loss of skins when updating client
All the content was removed to test the new hextech crafting to my knowledge.
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Is it safe to delete my normal PBE client then since I'll be using the Alpha PBE client now? Or should I keep my default PBE client for backup? I don't have the most computer space available on my harddrive, so I'm just wondering If I need to move some other files for space.
: Hello and Welcome to PBE. Riot's script is [currently broken,]( and it may remain that way for quite some time. Now there have been a lot of posts about this, please check for similar threads before posting. Most of the time they have your answer and it helps to avoid clutter on the boards.
Thank you for telling me this, I didn't know and was really confused! Okay, so I just have to wait till it's fixed to get enough RP/IP to buy my runes/rune pages?
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: What about other maps? Currently there is only one gamemode for TT(Hexakill), and two gamemodes for ARAM(1v2/2v2&PoroKing). It would be cool if we could see more of the gamemodes available on maps other than SR.
For example, maybe one week you could put URF into ARAM/TT instead of SR, just to switch things up a bit so things don't go stale.
: I forgot about Ascension {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
What about other maps? Currently there is only one gamemode for TT(Hexakill), and two gamemodes for ARAM(1v2/2v2&PoroKing). It would be cool if we could see more of the gamemodes available on maps other than SR.
: Haunted Maokai? It's not supposed to be in shop, but you should be able to see it in your profile and in champion select.
If he also just got the skin, you can see it in your purchase history, even if you got it from hextech and didn't purchase it.

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