: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Twitch!
http://imgur.com/a/AWc6L Agree with most points by other users. I really love the high pitched whine of the Night Vision goggles activating. Can you set that when he cloaks? - WEAR the goggles. His blood shot eyes look really bad. - Use the knife properly! - Instead of Cheese, maybe he should eat Teemo shrooms. 200% daily intake of Toxin!
: Having trouble patching the PBE client
Same issue, keeps telling me I have an error mid patch and restarts. Fresh install does not work. Logs keep pointing to some C:/Jenkins folder I don't have...
: http://imgur.com/a/n3Pb6 I love it! As always, I'm sure your art team has finalized the textures but I do hope they consider these tweaks to better match the AMAZING splashart.
I saw today's (1/26) update... {{item:3301}} pulls out wallet {{item:3301}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
http://imgur.com/a/n3Pb6 I love it! As always, I'm sure your art team has finalized the textures but I do hope they consider these tweaks to better match the AMAZING splashart.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Wraith Morgana!
http://i.imgur.com/94m0RXX.jpg The update is much improved but the Splash Art - WOW! They are gorgeous, which makes the in-game texture so disappointing. How about matching the in-game texture to the splash art, where her hands are not "Shadow Isle Green" but devilish purple. Also, I don't understand why the artist keeps trying to blend red silk into purple. Why not just have it red all the way down?
: Hey Nurse Flan! First of all, I think the splash art is absolutely amazing, one of the best but I do have a few suggestions for the in game model. My first suggestion would be to brighten up the colors like you did on Atlantean Syndra a while back. I think the gold on the in game model should be more of a brighter yellow shade of gold like the splash rather than the dull green/grey shade it currently is in game. I also think the white part of his clothing should be brighter white like in the splash instead of the grey/silver it is now. And the chest area is quite blue right now which I think should be changed to more dark purple like it is in the splash. Another thing I think should be added is instead of having blank black spaces for the eyes it should be bright blue like the splash. Also a nice effect you could add to the skin may be twinkles/sparkles around him much like how some other skins have auras (leaves around Blackthorn Morgana). Anyways great job so far and I hope you can improve on these points. I'll see if I can add more feedback once the PBE is back up and the particle effects for the spells are out. Edit: The spell particles and sound effects are amazing! Great job. ~Kaceytron
http://i.imgur.com/bLIFVb2.jpg Agree with most points, but needs movement trail VFX!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
I have been playing a lot of Kassadin in preparation for this skin, loving it. One key element missing is the movement trail VFX particles. I found that to be a key characteristic of Kassadin's look. Please add little sparkles around him that fade away as he walks! [See sample picture](http://i.imgur.com/bLIFVb2.jpg). That's it, take my money!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Lucian!
After play-testing all the PROJECT skins, I find Lucian's particles and SFX to be appealing, but the model isn't quite there. 1) His hair looks like a rip from Hired Gun Lucian. His PROJECT skin should be an upgrade of his original identity, not his alternate art. Also, there are some concept arts which have Lucian's hair become a thick braided cyber cord which plugs into his back. This could be a way to pay homage to his dreadlocks while keeping in theme with the heavy cyborg upgrades. 2) His BARE arm looks very out of place. I don't know if the designer was watching the new Robocop movie and wanted Lucian to have a human arm, or if they needed to show his dark skin color, but it feels very weak. EVERY other PROJECT skin is heavily robotized, with Fiora being the least upgraded for her "high mobility" form. I would recommend they cover his arm in carbon fiber weave, keep it dark if you want to maintain the two-color look. Or perhaps metal banding as you see in X-men's Colossus or Cable. 3) His back and legs are not heavily modified at all and feel like they're left out. I would recommend minor thrust nozzles on his back and his ankles which would fire a blast of energy when he uses his (E) dash. As it currently stands, I would not purchase it, as it reminds me too much of Hired Gun Lucian with a mask and SFX/Particle upgrades.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
Riot is missing a great cinematic cliche: Setting a chain of 5 explosive powder kegs around an enemy turret should do MASSIVE damage. Piratey Pyrotechnics! Right now it really doesn't feel satisfying to chain barrels since they don't do any additional effect and preparing a long chain is also not worth the risk of the enemy defusing them. They really need to increase damage by 20% for every chained barrel or something to reward the difficulty of preparing long chains. Also, exploding turrets!
: Gangplank's new passive works on turrets.
It's a shame that his passive works on turrets but not his E. Isn't it a missed opportunity that you can't put 5 barrels of high explosive powder around a turret and set them off for truly Pirate worthy pyrotechnics?
: GP's upgrade for barrage
I would agree that collecting SS is quite hard right now. Until you get enough AD for the barrels to wave clear, I'm only able to get 500+ SS at the 26min mark, which is awfully late. I wish the barrels DID gain damage when you chain them to help early game stack collection. Late game, using the E-Q trick is no problem. But early game... Too difficult to profit, especially vs a ranged lane opponent.
: Gangplank Special Forces needs something more.
His recall on Special Forces was also terribly boring, he just stood there, arms behind his back. His Q should have that Hollywood style suppressed (silenced) pistol sound effect.
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: Can we get some context on the Blitzcrank changes?
The net result of the speed boost into slow results in me getting caught by anything. It seems useful for that 1 second engage, but if you didn't catch them, they're gone as you slow down and become useless. Perhaps the speed boost should ramp down slower so you gain distance rather than lose it.
: RIP Draft music 2009-2015
I'm surprised there are not many threads on this. I strongly prefer the old music to the new draft music. The new song is far too depressing and doesn't evoke the epic battle that is about to commence. It's very ominous and doesn't feature that classic LOL theme that players recognize. Needs work!


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