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: Visibilty of Cosmic Dusk Xayah's feathers
Am I the only one who doesn't like that they are moons? But I agree that adding a blue outline or just making the moon itself blue would be a huge improvement.
: Having issues with the shop
I was able to buy them by going to old client, trying to buy them on there a few times, then going to new client. They were both unlocked after I did this.
: Getting error
This worked for Rakan and Im guessing this is what I did for Xayah. I launched legacy client and tried buying them with both RP and IP a few times. Then launch the updated client and you should have whatever you were trying to buy.
: Getting error
So it randomly gave me Xayah? I guess keep trying and relog every now and then.
: Getting error
If I launch legacy I get the same, but on the updated I can't even access store.
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: Summoner's Rift Camps
All camps stuck without a respawn


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