: Can we have passive CD reduced as well in URF?
I would love to see the passive get the 80% reduc. She is very weak in comparison to other people cause her gamepplay revolves around having tentacles up.
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: Client crash while selecting lane, champ or banning
I crashed in champ select right before the countdown timer reached 0 to lock the champ selections in place. I selected Bard, if this is relevant.
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: [Summoner's Rift, Health Bars] Health Bars on various creatures not showing damage
If you play a pbe game long enough, the bug will occur! I've had it happen every game since the patch. Though I also did have Azir and Soraka too... (I honestly don't believe that is a related cause, though)
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Also, there is no ramp-up SFX for the initial channelling to capture a relic. IIRC it existed in Dominion.
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Health bar on Xerath is microsoft blue-screen blue. Missing assets, perhaps?
: Sona PBE Update
**1. How many games have you played on the Sona Update? ** I've played 2. **2. What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) ** Normal BP **3. Did you feel in danger when granting allies aura tags? ** I didn't play Sona, but I feel like the opportunity to make plays onto teams who chose the Old Sona have decreased since this new retune. Because this new Sona mechanic, players *must* to stick around teammates to have effective presence, it's kind of hard to pick off players when they're constantly within AA/Powerchord range, on top of the the range of another enemy champ's full spell rotation. I understand that the aura change pretty much requires a change in gameplay from Sona players, but this new Sona is kind of acting like a protective turret. With auras (and auto-target Q) acting as pretty strong ammo. Overall, the new mechanic really capitalizes on tilt. If you're doing shitty, your Sona presence is not going to be considered at all. If you're going equal or better, your Sona is going to ensure you have a permanent Snugglezone of safety that you can siege and slowly push to win with. There needs to be some opening for both situations where a Weak Sona (aka weaker snugglezone) can still feel useful, and where a Strong Sona (aka impenetrable shield-speed-magicblasting turret) will have an opening for the enemy to sneak between casts and fight back. **4. What was your laning experience like? ** I feel like the damage output on Powerchord and Q really ramped up quickly compared to the old Sona. Sona often laid down equivalent (or more) hurt from trying to poke the enemy team since Q auto-targets champs (and it HURTS). **5. What was your team fight experience like?** You really had to hope the Sona walked away to ward or something before you could enter the contest area between allies and enemies. So very strategic, more often than not, Sona provided exceptional support utility for siege. I'd like the Crescendo VFX to be louder. I caught on to what it looked like, but it was a very underwhelming particle for the effect it caused-- especially when Crescendo itself is a great skill to shoot off in the midst of team fight chaos to score a gamechanger. **6. What items felt powerful? ** As usual, any amount of AP. A ~110 AP Sona was hurting really hard. **7. What items felt weak?** None that I could see. She stands up quite well. Armor buffs that are going through aren't going to make her crazy, but will be quite nice to help her throughout games.
: I just tested Nami as well, it doesn't work on her heal either.
Yup yup. I posted onto the main new itemization thread too :( edit: I played a game with {{champion:43}} . Her Inspire shield **does** proc the Censer passive. I'm just going to conclude that the bug is on all healing effects. Shields have been pretty consistent in applying that "Stardust Shield" buff, or whatever they tooltipped the atkspd buff as when applied to allied champions.
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
Is **Ardent Censor** supposed to work with {{champion:267}} heal? I just played a game and it didn't proc. (We have an Ardent Censer discussion as [another forum post](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/rr1bIwWN-ardent-censer-passive-not-activating) . Please check there for updates)
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: You'll probably see a lot of different metas pop up. CC was really popular in season 1 until it was beaten by AoE, which was popular until it got beaten by bruisers, which was popular until it got beaten by double jungle, etc. etc. There's probably going to be a little microcosm of a bunch of these metas replaying for a bit.
I agree. We had a good mix of cc and damage types on my team and getting our tactics sorted when VS the enemy team of Fiora, Fizz, Katarina, and Master Yi was beyond annoying (talk about slippery champions...)! I love the comps people that are coming up with!
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
This mode is very fun! I feel that the atmosphere of 'war' is much more prevalent in this mode, when compared to 5v5. Is it the added chaos? The added tactical possibilities? I don't know. When there is a missing coin it's much more scary, for some reason. This mode just thrills me to no end. Thanks so much!
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: Stronger Bots?
Advanced Bots: Opposing team will consist of real, live 'players' masked with summoner names of "(Champion Name) Bot". Haha!
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: [Miss Fortune] douple up could use some work
Fun fact: If you flash in the direction a Double-up is heading, you'll get hit twice! :) A long while ago, there was a reddit post that was wildly popular for a bit, dedicated to MF's double-up! http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1fpzjg/how_miss_fortunes_double_up_works/ Give it a shot :)
: [bug] Graphical issue in game
I figured out the AMD settings which remove these trails. The issue here stems from the shadows, and will be 'fixed' if you disable the shadows in-game, though it will make your game look really weird. The settings I have applied in my AMD Vision Control Centre are as follows: http://imgur.com/3s6z4jd
: Instead of nerfing Lee's shield by making it shield only champions
This is a pretty neat idea, though wouldn't this account to be a net nerf to Lee Sin's shield value? Though I don't really think the actual shielding minions/allied non-champion units really stands out as a game-changing mechanic, so overall I don't see a huge movement to change safeguard (with more NET shield), regardless.
: Yasuo Turret-Blocking: Good or Bad?
Good. I think that players are finally coming up to the curve on how to react in the scenarios where Wind Wall is up. Even if it does block the tower from helping with back-up damage, I feel there is enough counterplay in the game where it wouldn't be an issue. And I'm talking from the POV of a champ which might be pushed to tower by a Yasuo. At the most allow it to reduce tower damage by 50% or something.
: *Skill Feedback* Q: Still max it first as always, clear speed is incredible and the constant buff just shreds them to pieces W: At rank 1, Its max movement speed buff is that same as rank 5 live. Almost makes we want to not level it any higher because I keep thinking it's at max XD. E: BEST. CHANGE. EVER. Before, it was always so annoying that when ganking, I had nail my Q twice to begin the slow, which would sometimes result in them getting away before it could be applied. I alsow don't have to worry about being "just" out of range when chasing them. Keeping the perma-slow can be more difficult than you think sometimes. Now I can be more of a threat immediately. Plus, thanks to his constant attack speed buff, It actually comes off cool-down reasonably quick. *Issues* Most of this is simply cosmetic. Now that his E does not heal anymore, the particle it leaves can be misleading to us experienced Skarner players. I would just remove it, the normal "slow trail" should suffice. In his recommended items, It has {{item:3207}} and {{item:3069}}. While in the past, I did run both a jungle item and the talismans previous incarnation, we are only allowed one gold generation item now, so I see no reason to have them both in his recommended items.
His E is amazing now. I feel the slow is very satisfying, almost fulfilling a slow like Lulu's Q, except with a very scary Skarner behind it which could R and/or Q-AA combo you to death. I personally feel it's too strong atm, though.
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: yeah, I was just dc'd suddenly and was told pvp.net was unavailable, when I signed in it said the pbe was unavailable. standard stuff. Probably maintainance stuff.
Figured as much :P can't wait to see what's coming up next!
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: [Incorrect Description] Lulu's upgrade text on W not correct
Yeah I thought they said the bonus AP was removed. I was also confused when I saw it still in the tooltip.
: It's because of that little protrusion in the wall, it blocks the sight AFAIK. Try placing wards away from walls for the best effect. Edit: Actually, this is even more of a problem than I though: if people stand in that spot, they tend to disappear from wards no matter where they're placed.
Thanks for your observations. It's a really weird bush.
: [Client] No character or announcer sounds
I know this would have been perfect for freaking out people during the Harrowing but.. please. :P
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: Scout Mastery - Do you think it's more useful now?
I agree. The current iteration of this mastery would be beneficial in the Live servers where wards are rampant. The S4 changes to vision; along with the more tactical nature of placing wards calls for a mastery which will enhance the strategy of it all. 10% is simply not providing a good return.
: same here, but I hear that some people are able to log on? o_O
I'm able to log in, but the queues are almost non-existent.
: I agree she required a nerf but not **that** much of a nerf. The nerf was really too big and exaggerated. Lulu didn't need a nerf her "e" she was properly powerful. It wouldn't handle a whole lot of damage but it could handle 70% of a karthus ult or most of an underfed zed's ult. I really question about lulu's "e" nerf... If lulu goes full AP (not a lulu support) she was shielding with nice big shields that were making good protection but to shield, part of her burst would just be gone with it. She was not OP as she was... I question this nerf **a lot**. But riot is not explaining those adjustments. I'm neutral about lulu's "q" nerf, though. Sona was properly buffed she was really too thamn weak than how she was before.
I agree that Janna did not deserve this big of an adjustment to her AP ratios. There is literally no incentive (read: reward) to use Q except for disengaging. The knock-up is already dependant on the channel duration, which the logic behind it is that you are only rewarded with the extra (non-scaling) damage in the case where you properly land your Q, fully changed -- and it's not even that much damage after reducing it to a 0.1 multiple. Janna cannot properly defend a tower any more, as she cannot clear waves (albeit not even that decent before). She now has nerfed damage on a fully charged Q, must use her shield on the tower, and is rewarded with less damage to minions for using half her spells? **She is the only champion able to shield a tower, and her tower defence ability is now reduced to be almost insignificant**. Like the original poster said; even a non-traditional support can clear waves with that kind of AP with less effort. Not even considering their spells are on a lower CD and **mana cost** (took 0.2 off Q scaling? where is the appropriate mana-cost reduction?) than Janna Q. Either that, or add back the .6 AP ratio as a +0.2/second of channeling tornado, (or just up the flat channel damage).
: Just to follow up on this bug report: I've tested this bug with all of Leona's other skins, including her classic skin, and only been able to recreate it with Pool Party Leona. The bug appears to be exclusively limited to that skin.
Yes I've posted a while ago on the main forums, and it is just Pool Party Leona that drops her umbrella. I don't think they are fixing it any time soon though.
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: About those new game queues on the PBE
So to summarize: **Classic: Summoner's Rift** 1v1, 2v2 **Dominion: The Crystal Scar** 1v1 **ARAM: The Howling Abyss** 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 6v6 *will* crash your client.
: Comparision of Gold Generation Items in Lane
Keep in mind that the champions who utilize resource regeneration stats from Philosopher's pebble et al. don't always use it to harass. Soraka W, (half of) E, Janna E, Sona W, etc. are some of a variety of reasons you'd like mana regen over harass.
: Morellonomicon in after game stats
: [Soraka] Skill description missing
Confirming this too. http://imgur.com/tBKZx84 Using Windows client
: I believe there might be something wrong with your graphics card or something internally wrong with your computer. You should probably clean it with Advanced System Care Pro.
Thanks for your reply. I've already fiddled around with (I would say) all of my graphics card settings and this still persists. Do you have an opinion on why it would be occurring on PBE only and not the Live server?
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: Everyone who knowingly abuses an already reported bug just to win games in an environment supposed to offer a proper place for people to test out issues and balance definitely dont belong there. The thing here is that apart from people not knowing about the bug **we shouldn't Have to disable him**. From most games Ive seen people who said they would pick pantheon would have changed their mind once we asked them not to. Its the same issue we had with Scorched Earth Xerath when you couldnt see his abilities, sure you will win the game easy but why are you really on the PBE? **If someone is about to pick Panth, please ask him not to.**
In the best case scenario where there are legitimate PBE testers playing. Haven't you experienced the spike of misguided players who somehow got a hold of a PBE account? They don't test. They abuse and wreck the games where the other 9 players are using as the PBE.
: [STATUS] PBE Sign-ups
Do you guys take into consideration f we're signing up with our main accounts but submit bugs under both PBE and our main account to the official forums? I usually submit my findings via my main.

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