: Bug with Kayle and the new 120 AP Item
Since it is an Auto as well it won't stack. The new wierd item doesn't stack on auto's so, but since it's also a spell it will trigger it, I think that it's technically fine. Use q and w and moving to stack it and then e for long range applying it.
: DJ Sona and Zhonya
Is that actually a bad thing? Because if the hair continues flowing like that and the rest of her is gold I'd find it more funny then like a bad glitch xD
: Item 3285 - No Visual-able static
Burst Staff sounds ok. Statikk staff is unoriginal tho cuz if it isn't an electrical effect like SShiv it'll just be wierd lol.
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: Thoughts about the Veigar update (Patch 01/13)
My immideate concerns with playing him is the .75 delay is a little bit too long, around .5 should be good. No veigars can land the stun well enough now lol. .5 delay on e, and q range should be a little bit longer, and the projectile speed should be a tad bit faster. They do that then the changes are just fine with me. I still wrecked without using the stun 24/7 anyways haha! {{champion:45}}


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