: RIOT NEED TO SEE THIS!... Ack... i need my better SG Ezreal...
Would like to see those energy-wing-thingies on ult AT LEAST on SG skin, since he actually has wings during recall in that one.
: I bought ezreal skins with BE, but I don't know I haven't tried any other champions xD
You did? When? They are RP only for me.
: PROJECT: Vayne bug with aatrox W
This has happened on live servers, too. And it's not specific to PROJECT skins as far as I have seen.
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: I think I've answered your question on the PBE discord (not sure if it's you), but for clarity I'll post it here too: It’s normal. We have a patch every weekday and that patch is about ~1 GB big. It’s not actually that big (trust me, when your PBE client gets 5GB bigger every week, you’ll know) since a lot of it is changing or replacing files, but I can imagine it takes long if one doesn’t have a super fast internet connection.
I second this. Personally I have fiber connection (near 1Gbps down), so patching even 5 or 10 GB doesn't take long. I can see how this is big problem with players with low internet speeds, but this is a side effect of a testing environment where things get changed around a lot :p
: [FEEDBACK] Star Guardian Ezreal Ult Animation.
Hmm. Since SG: Ezreal gets wings during recall when his familiar "fuses" with him.... Could he get wings that "flow/detach" over him and to front while charging? Since this could mean that his familiar gets out of his body to be fired on enemies. Also would add to the coolness of the ult :P
: Enjoy league of black!
Does this happen only with Ezreal? I'd like to test, but I don't have RP for Ezreal skins D:
: Missing ground textures is still going on after 2 updates. What's going on?
Ground textures? I didn't see anything missing on my end. What exactly is missing?
: ~and it was then that the eerie silence settled in, and all that could be heard was his own heartbeat quickening. As Tenderjuice opened the page again and again, day by day, month by month, just hoping to see 1 RP; a glimmer of hope. But alas, there was not other than the soft pitter-patter of tears on his keyboard and the gentle electrical buzz of the following electrocution as he realized RIOT would never look nor respond. hope was lost and Tenderjuice, was alone.{{champion:32}}
I'd like to see update on this situation, since I'm unable to test Ezreal's skins due to lack of RP.


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