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: Hey Hunkules! Turns out Malzahar's balance was unintentionally tweaked due to changes with the normal Malzahar champion. However, Malzahar was by far the weakest Doom Bot last time around according to our data :( So we opted to leave this change in and see how he balances out. If we get a lot of feedback about it, however, we'll look into a solution for next time!
Fair enough. I think biggest issue is that voidlings (specifically zz'rot ones) spawn way too close to towers at times. Feels like there is very little you can do if you don't have enough damage/wave clear to remove them before they get to chip at the tower.
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: [Update] VFX Clarity Changes on Skins
Thank you for this update. ESPECIALLY that Janna one. I don't really see many people use the skin weirdly enough, but when people do that Q is stupidly hard to notice and often can't see it myself if I ever use her either.
: not at all since it will go into a 60 sec cd and u can die before that 1 min
It's easily abuse able for certain champs that can be difficult to kill. Champs like Zed, Wukong, Hecarim and such can easily get away from a situation if it's popped and even if they do die, it's just another minute later where you have to do the same thing. Rewarding people for allowing them to make stupid mistakes every minuet and get away would be really bad and the item would end up getting disabled for URF.
: GA cooldown on urf
It would be overpowered if it had a much lower cooldown. 45 seconds of second life would be hell with champions like Ekko, Shaco, Zed and Zilean. Zilean especially. He literally would be, "Can't Killean the Zillean"
: Even if it were reduced to 0.2s 0.5s is just too clunky and feels worthless.
if there was no cd between casts it would look fucking insane.
: the last game mode got a full week why did urf only get four and a half days?
URF has much quicker games and can easily be tested with abilities being spammed to hell. It wouldn't take nearly as much time. Also considering that the PBE got flooded would be a sign that more games were played on URF than Ascension, Poro and Hexa.
: URF bugs & feedback so far
Apparently the Riven one is possible to do in a regular match as well, but not quite as easily since your spells are more manageable.
: equalizing should have different overlay than the surrendering one
Agreed. Many a time playing URF my team wanted to /eq and I didn't realize it was an eq thinkin it was a surrender vote. Definitely need that to be different.
: Zed can auto attack himself in a custom URF game
I remember a friend of mine playing Sion and killing Kindred and for whatever reason got Wolf attacked to his arm. It looked funny.
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
I don't know if anyone has brought it up, but would it be worth checking out if Jhin is actually benefiting from the attk speed buff? Cause when I tried playing him on URF I was able to get about the same AD as I can get on any other mode. Either he's getting part of it but it's really hard to tell or he's not actually getting any benefit from it.
: There is an Icon in your buff/debuff bar that says that "In order to make more just at the eye of our Lord Urf Urf, shields are tuned down to compensate the now spammable spell to which they belong." I think, for Karma and Riven it should show up (for riven it does) and Ekko's will probably be nerfed too, soon.
Okay, thank you for clarifying. I made the thread believing there isn't any debuffs for shields, but again I guess it's hard to tell when everything is being spammed so much you don't noticed it's reduced effect.
: Many shields (Udyr, Karma, Riven and others) have their scaling cut in half.
Someone told me that people with shields get this debuff, yet of the champions that I've played that do (Ekko, Riven and Karma) none of them have any sort of debuff that I could find that indicates they are infact getting a reduced shield. Am I stupid or am I missing something? Not even in the Healing Embargo is it mentioned. Is it just an invisible debuff then?
: shield's are nerfed and so are heals,dont worry
I feel doubtful in that statement, but willing to look further into it. However it doesn't even seem like it is since some times it feels like it's the shield's fulls strength. I guess it could just be due to the shields being spammed so much that it's hard to notice, but even things even with damage to shield strength that if this is the case seems to not happen.
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: Revive by killing xerath (Ascension
I had to happen to me when the game first came out. I believe I was playing Riven and windslashed before dying and go ascended. This is intended so that the buff isn't wasted. It's just really skill and timing based and only works well in certain situations.
: Hey guys, We are looking into this now! Unfortunately this issue just started occurring today :( Thanks for the reports! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (also spoilers: She is really strong when her passive works T_T)
Thanks for looking into this! Nothing is more frustrating when a champion is prevented from using a core part of their kit because of a bug.
: Glad other people found this too
It was very frustrating not being able to contribute with her passive or E Debuff during a game I played it. Hopefully it gets fixed. I really wanna see how she fairs.
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