: Luden's Echo, while fully stacked, continues to have effect while > 1 unit near tagged target
Correction: You need to have ludens and one of the new placeholder items. By using the placeholder items active (or just it existing, not sure yet) you can have ludens proc **multiple** times and even on its own proc. For some reason, this is super difficult to replicate in practice tool as The placeholder items add 20 to ludens but dont let it proc indefinitely.
: Stormrazer does not work properly on Jhin
The original iteration of stormrazor worked properly. This one doesn't andi wonder if its made that way to prevent abuse since it was incredibly OP on him as he basically had 100% crit all the time, meaning he buys IE and its all he needs.
: Shen e bug?
Just found this bug myself. It doesn't seem to taunt during the dash, but if you start on an enemy or land on an enemy they will be taunted.
: Stormrazor Attack Speed Scaling Version is the Best One
I believe they changed it back because the original crit one was nice, but overpowered. The one with stacking attack speed was okay, but kind forced you to build crit, making it less than ideal. It also seemed like a mash of rageblade and Duskblade. I like the newer one however, as long as they fix the bug on 4th shot of jhin.
: Overgrowth and Cinderhulk increase Pyke's Total Health rather than ad
Grasp seems buggy as well. It gives AD like it should, but every proc also increases his HP by 1.
Rioter Comments
: Why I think Rengar's Q should not be buffed.
The nice thing about rework rengar was his burst was slowed down and somewhat gated. This unfortunately came with the cost of feeling like crap to play.
: It's almost like a level 17 assassin SHOULD kill a level 12 adc without any support near them.
I wonder how rengar got so fed then... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: well having perma 24% extra ap, as ad and that passive would be op
It's really not that much. Remember that those who even build rageblade couple it with bork and other on hit items, so it's main draw is its on hit passive, not it's ad and ap. On top of that 24% ad and ap with most users having barely more than 200 ad and 100 ap just means it gains as much stats as it did before but wit ha smaller base.
: I understand how the kleptomancy items are earned, it would just be nice to see them in my shop inventory instead of having to guess if my item slot is open or not. Look to purchase items from shop and it shows open inventory, can't buy anything. Look at inventory from outside of shop and it's full. If my inventory is full just show it in the shop that's all.
Oh I understand now as well. I usually would recommend re-writing the post for clarity, but since a Rioter has noticed it should be fine as it is.
: Summon Aerie Bug (God I love this little creature)
I noticed this too while using Aerie. Pretty irritating missing some CS.
: Demolish Rune in the Practice Tool
yes, but you cannot destroy them.
: i really do wish dark harvest did a little extra damage to jungle mobs. it was a bit disconcerting that your stacking jungle mob souls but you can only cash in that extra damage by hitting a champion.it gets essentially wasted if you dont attack a champ.
: Kleptomancy items never show in the shop
The items you gain are from using the keystone itself. Cast a spell and auto and you have a **chance** to gain an item immediately. Most of the items you can gain are not for purchase in the shop, barring Health pot and one other i believe.
: Zyra's plants dont count as spell towards electrocute.
It might be due to the fact that they are actual spell cast, contrary to zyra whose plants are her passive.
: Mordekaisers Ghost drops Souls
Illaoi Ghost caused by her E give souls as well, so I wouldn't doubt if it was intended.
: Overheal not interacting with Dr Mundo's kit feels wrong.
From what I understand from all of those, they increase Regen rather than actual healing. There also seems to be a problem with healing built into kits over all as Udyr does not get the shield from his W. | Hopefully they will sort this out.
: Camile will have not any counterplay when players will masterize her.
I posted a vid with a full AD build in bots. 2200 true damage crits but people saying it doesn't count in bots. True damage is constant throughout any of the games, and a 2200 true damage crit will do the same amount of damage regardless of whether it was bots or challenger.
: first off this is a bot game Second you are building full damage Third if I was a level 18 attacking a level 12 I would likely be able to one shot an enemy that far behind. Context matters a lot.
Context was stated. Either way, numbers don't lie. 2200 true damage will one shot an ADC even at 18, maybe even the midlaner.
Rioter Comments
: It's almost like riot wants there to be tradeoffs between junglers. Shyv isn't a good example, fyi. In fact she's terrible. auto+w-q-e and all the little chickens are dead. Well, if your speaking of optimal clears, it's blue-gromp-wolves-chickens-red-krugs-crab. No one should to krugs second, period. If you're speaking of good clears. Ivern should either do the above route or invade cheese the opposite buff, so either the above while smiting the enemy red, or enemy blue-red-krugs (third)-chickens-wolves-your blue-gromp. 35 seconds?! holy shit are you jungling ap garen?! No one? nunu cant smite consume the big one and run away? :O real tho at later levels he doesnt clear nearly as fast, and still has to wait to collect camps. lets say, lee for example, uses e with 2 or 3 ranks in it, instakills chickens, auto-q-auto-q and the main camp is dead. group up. meanwhile ivern has to wait for the grove to mature. No, but he isn't smiting them. Which means under optimal clears he's tops level 3, while the other jungler could be doing that camp at level 4 while ivern is in base. Trade offs.
> It's almost like riot wants there to be tradeoffs between junglers.< You don't say?
: so, 42 seconds per camp, on top of respawn time. ok. Idk what champs you jungle but I've never had that issue. Raptors seem the most troubling, as there are 6 monsters attacking you at once and you can suffer massive damage if you dont have strong aoe.
42 seconds per camp but you can stack them and clear all at the same time-ish. He can also do them as his second camp in a much healthier way compared to most others. I main Lee and just go buff to buff as I prefer my W second for the lifesteal. His E also doesn't do enough damage to warrant doing raptors or krugs. Champs with good AOE can do them a bit better than most, like Hecarim or Evelynn, but most champs, like AD Udyr or fiddlesticks struggle against these camps until their second round of clears. Doing them second also makes them susceptible to invades. Shyvana is an example of someone with healthy clears that somewhat struggles against chickens fyi. No one but Ivern should do Krugs second as it deviates from a good jungle clear and waste time all by itself, as they can take around 35+ seconds to do. Ivern plops his passive and comes back later. No one will invade to fight those things and steal from Ivern. Therefore, Ivern has the easiest time clearing krugs in the early levels. You make it sound like you sit around waiting those 42 seconds lol
: Katarina can ward hop to a ward the Instant it dies.
It's likely she is hopping to the ward's "corpse," that light that falls from it.
: thats shitty. he still has to spend the same hp, and champions like graves have 0 issues clearing it quickly and at no hp loss.
Its the time consumption. Ivern can put his passive and leave and return 40 seconds later. Krugs are also a very time consuming second or third clear, regardless of champion. And for most champions, it can force a back. Not so for Ivern.
: Yasuo Q reset with new Krugs
If yasuo uses his EQ combo while his Q is at .5 or less, it will automatically execute at the end of the dash.
: jhin is pretty op actually if you only checked him for his traps,get him infinity edge and 1-2 ad items and use ult,25 % more damage on crit buff from urf is op
I just wish the 100% atk speed actually effected him in some way.
: Xin should be nerfed in urf mode?
Sounds like a live servers issue. Jokes aside, healing is already reduced, so maybe there needs to be more looked into.
: Ultra Rapid Fire: Champion Review
A note on jhin: He gains no attack speed from the buff, meaning that 100% neither gives him actual attack speed nor AD from his passive, so he misses out on a lot.
: they provide 118% shields with the 10% keystone and 8% mastery - ONLY the armour and mr boost is allies only from the keystone
Windspeaker does not apply to self, so it is basically useless on mordekaiser. Thunderlords is his best bet by far if you go down that branch.
You should read up on what his ultimate actually does, as it chunks for 200 magic damage at rank one, and 400 at rank 3, plus 100% of ap, which is significant if he has rageblade at this time, on top of that, it increases his attack speed by 40%, up to 60%. Also, he is considered a light fighter, akin to Yasuo, but less powerful. He's a powerful duelist with tons of sustain, so it would be no surprise if it was an uphill battle.
: Zed Dance/Laugh: Dance Shadow not (Dis)Appearing
It's been around for a while and can be replicated on live. It's not game breaking and is fairly entertaining, so chances of fix are basically zero.
: Caitlyn gets passive stacks by AA the structures. Is it a bug or intentional?
I've noticed this too, but she doesn't use the stack on the towers. her passive gives double range on snared or netted targets, so I'm sure she will remain oppressive.
: Caitlyn's ability description for her W said her traps immobilized enemies for 90 seconds.
Its a typo, but works as intended. However, I'm unsure as to the "Double her range against trapped or netted" actually means, as autos don't seem to work, and neither does the Q.
: Camera Sluttering
Tell that camera to stop sleeping around. Problem solved.
: NEW Iceborn Nasus Interaction Intentional?
If it gave stacks, then people would care :3
: Mordekaiser Forever Lasting Dragon
I hope riot can look into that, as That is seriously game breaking. I would suggest adding more detail, like if you died after getting dragon, or other conditions that would prompt a despawn or other odd events that may have happened.
: Q Prioritization
I've noticed the prioritization is buggy. It would also be nice for it to count towards a stack of her E as well, granted it targeted them in the first place.
: I'm one of the instalockers
I don't mind someone instalocking a champ, but don't expect to get your roll if someone else calls it. Tired of people saying "well ilockd wit smite, im jg." That doesn't mean anything, call your roll or don't get it at all.


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