: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
I like the Rengar Rework but the sounds are attrocious. Im sorry I just couldnt find any other word to describe them that one fits perfect. IMO just revert the sounds to the live ones. Everyone at /r/rengarmains agrees, just save yourselves trouble and revert the sounds.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
A Fix for Reworked Passive: Got 35 upvotes in an hour in RengarMains :https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/comments/58t5f2/a_fix_for_reworked_passive/~ TLDR:Fixes Ferocity decay problem while still stopping Rengar from ulting with ferocity. Ferocity->No longer loses stacks after 4s. Ult->Loses all ferocity when activated. Reason: Rengar shouldnt be able to ult with ferocity, thats one of the problems with the live version. And thats fine, however him losing ferocity outside of ult means that he cant gank pre 6, he cant go from camp to camp with it, and for toplane, he loses ferocity in the worst times possible. Summary: These changes would keep the ult balancing intact because it would stop rengar from saving ferocity and ulting, while fixing his ferocity decay problems. Tell me what you guys think.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Hello repertoir. This post is from NicolasRage back at Rengarmains. "Many people find that Q giving only one ferocity is too little, especially when you have to wait for a full cooldown to come off in order to max ferocity (IE getting jumped on when there's no bush nearby). But, at the same time, giving 2 ferocity only by pressing one button (without even landing the skill) is complete bullshit. So an idea came to mind, and I think it's a pretty solid one since it also fixes another little issue with ferocity and bolas from the bush (in short, if you cast E then jump, you don't get the ferocity stack from the jump because the moment you press E you already gain 1 ferocity, canceling the passive). I'll explain: If we switch back to the old ferocity gaining system (nerf), meaning that you get a stack only when you LAND an, we can overcome the issue of jumping after throwing a bola from a bush. Not only that, this also opens to my idea: Make Q a double skillshot that gives 2 ferocity in total (similar to Riven's Q). Why/What are you smoking/kek : If Q works like Riven's Q, each Q is "counterable" (meaning that you can cc/dash away from the second one), the ferocity is gained not instantly but after each cast with a little internal cooldown (you cannot Q again unless the first Q animation is finished). Rengar is not getting 2 ferocity stacks by hitting one button anymore, he HAS to land both the first AND the second Q to get his 2 ferocity stacks. What do you guys think? I think it's pretty solid, Rengar will have to land both strikes to get the 2 ferocity he craves so much, and it's open to counterplay of some kind." TLDR: Only gets ferocity when hits enemies with the abilities. Its how its on live and its important because: Rengar throws bola or uses an item and then leaps, and only gets 1 ferocity instead of 2, and this fixes it. The Q part is kinda debatable.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Ok repertoir I have played Rengar now and I got a few things for ya. First of all thanks for the sounds! Now straight to the point, the jump is too small, I was expecting it to be a slightly bigger but it feels smaller than live without 6 stacks, this might be caused by the fact that you dont have the .25s to jump after exiting brush, I have seen you reply to a comment like this and would like to know if you are thinking of implementing it. The jump either needs to be bigger or you need to add the .25s back. Ult jump is fine because you have plenty of movespeed, but toplane jumps are terrible, early game jungle jumps are terrible they need fixing. The other thing is: alot of people have said this but I just want to support their statements: the Ferocity decays too fast. IMO the perfect spot is when rengar jungle can go from camp to camp withou losing it, and when rengar top can just last hit minions and not lose it. So I would suggest you look into the average time it takes for a minion to die top, add one sec to it and maybe its fine? Either way its too fast, esp because it starts decaying right as Rengar uses an ability and not after if finishes casting. Everything else seems to be fine, I dont know if bola is still clunky as I have 200 ping (eu) but other people might help you with that. With this said have a nice day big boy!
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Hello Repertoir I have been a Rengar since S3 and tbh I was expecting the rework to be shit, but I was WRONG, I have to thank you... 1 thing tho that is bugging me and all the rengar mains back at /r/rengarmains is the sound effects. I dont want to disrepect whoever worked on them but they are attrocious. And I would guess its an easy fix, I would suggest to get the live sounds for the passive/w/e and for the Q keep the new sound that plays before he lunges and when he lunges replace that part with the live Q's sound( the flesh thrusting sound). But this is just my suggestion, I am sure most rengar mains agree with me bcuz they are going crazy back there. As of kit balancing I still dont have anything for u has he is disabled, but numbers aside the kit looks really cool. 2 things tho: I have already saw you reply to a comment suggesting to allow him .25s to jump after exiting stealth, this would be amazing else he becomes clunky toplane. The other thing is since we cant 1shot anymore, because we always start with 0 ferocity, then the E mid air shouldnt have a cast time, or atleast reduce it, right now is just clunky. Other than that great Kit Have a nice day you legend.


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