: Riot. AD Assassins need more compensation than this.
I like where you are going with this, and Riot will more than likely increase on hit damage, like Kha'zix's passive, Rengar's Q, Quinn's Passive, and etc. etc. Either way, the Duskblade's nerf has been a long time coming. The damage from this item is just too damn abusable, and you constantly see it on champs it wasn't even intended for. At the same time though, assassins (AD assassins in particular) are not in a very good spot as is. With that said, I hope that Riot gives them buffs that will be enough to at least keep them in the meta.
: LeBlanc Ult tooltip / scaling bug
Bruh, I had a Leblanc do 12,962 magic damage with just her mimicked chain. Totally not bugged btw :^]
: They're buffing him because his winrate is shit, my dude.
Yeah, I get that. Honestly though his biggest issue is his combo feels really wonky. Either way I'm glad that Riot decided to not buff his empowered Q like they had originally planned. Now they're only buffing his regular Q ever so slightly. Over all the buffs he's getting are small, and for the most part he's just getting bug fixed. So I guess you can say the current version of Rengar is Kayn on release 2.0 in the sense that he's a solid champ with some bugs that make him lack-luster.
: Why I think Rengar's Q should not be buffed.
I know that there are a lot of people out there who believe Rengar doesn't have counter play, but believe me. Contrary to popular belief, **he does**. I can't pick this guy into every team comp I'm up against. If they have something like a Jax, Panth, Tahm, Tristana, Teemo, Alistar, Leona, Lulu, Janna, Taric, and etc. etc., 9/10 I'm going to have a bad time. So basically if the enemy team has a lot of tanks, peel, anti-assassins, escapes, and saves exhaust just for me, well, there really isn't much I can do. So, if you've ever been shat on by Rengo, chances are you were over-extending while being alone and/or low on health, playing a squishy champ with low mobility, or just so happened to be unlucky enough to go up against a fed Rengar because someone else was doing to same thing. Either way, I can guarantee you that you were doing something wrong. With that said, if you really hate this champion I would simply suggest playing him. Even if you never plan on playing this scumbag of a champion, it does not matter. Play him anyway. Then you will see that not only is he in fact not "braindead" but also get a better understanding on how to play against him. But if you don't have him or don't want to invest the time to learn the old fashioned way, here's a link to one of Dong Huap's videos. In this one he talks about Rengar and how to play against him, and he'll probably do a better job at explaining it than I can. And yes, he used to be a Rengar main. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb4ligeRlAk
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: You cant lane vs him top lane. He just sits in the bush leaping on you if you get in range of the minions. He needs to NOT be able to leap if the bush is warded for one thing. But his Q damage is stupid at level 1. He WILL kill you if you try and fight him. He just zones you from your minions then goes after your jungler once the lane is pushed or takes scuddle then back to the top bush waiting for you to fight him and die.
Okay, first off, if he can't jump in a warded bush you're basically gutting him. Also, if you're losing to a top lane Rengar, you were either playing a ranged champ, or you were playing a melee champion with your feet.
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