: It's neat to see all the ideas about the meta of this mode :3 I'm excited to see the results after we go live! When we were testing, marksmen felt okay but only a few felt really really good (Tristana, Jinx, and Sivir namely). Caitlyn felt okay, everyone else kind of felt garbo l0l Supports are always a kind of rough spot for these modes unfortunately :( We did make some changes to supports like Bard, who rely heavily on roaming/spawning chimes; but we typically don't make a ton of champion specific balance changes for modes (outside of URF). I think some of the supports, like Soraka, will be in an okay spot but others might be tough :( I've found that this mode, like a lot of others, are bruuuuuuiser city. Bruisers scale so well with gold!
The more I do play the more I realize that specifically mobile bruisers are excellent in this game mode. {{champion:64}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:59}} So I do take back what I said about bruisers.
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: Bard in Nexus Siege ( my opinion )
: Urgot nerf?
I'm also confused. He REALLY doesn't need any nerfs, he just need buffs. I feel like if they are gonna remove the AP scaling from his W they should increase the shield/ give it small AD scaling. The passive nerf... I don't understand.. Some champions have 2 passives and Urgot is going to have none.
: Kindred Passive Bug
Can confirm it's very difficult to use the champ with this bug
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: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
So far the experience with new Viktor have been fantastic, everything with him has reinvigorated my interest in him. Nothing felt out of line, and the power spikes were the E augment which gave an immediate boost in strength. I love this rework Riot, my only gripes are the E augmented particles (Which is barely noticeable) and the Q's augment is extremely unattractive, however not exactly useless. The only problem I feel is Hex Core taking up a slot still feels gross to Viktor, but being a powerhouse item that is native to Viktor is it's not a big deal, it's just mandatory which is (albeit only slightly) boring.
: Soraka Rework thoughts (Since no discussion thread)
What people have been saying is my same feelings, but I have a few inquiries to add. Grievous counters new Soraka a little too hard. If I play against Tristana or Miss Fortune who have it naturally, it ends my character on both the Q and W spectrum. Perhaps to mitigate this the W could remove Grievous Wounds from my lane partner, for it would allow for a bit of actual counterplay on the issue. Other shortcomings particularly revolve around her "new" spells. Not only is the Q so tremendously slow that Taric could farm an entire minion wave, but it is also short on range. When I'm already killing myself on my W, I don't want to be ending my life when attempting to Q. The slow is also completely irrelevant. Shorten mana cost (Slightly), speed up casting time ridiculously, get rid of the slow and add more heal. For the most part, the Raka doesn't care about CCing, she wants sustain. The E was useful at many times, It wasn't the worst thing in the world. Considering how good silence is as an effect, it did alter the outcome of many battles. Beyond the standstill fighting opponent however, it falls short. The root I wasn't even aware of until I came on here. My opponents usually take half a second to cross the circle then another half back. While it wasn't wise to step through it, my biggest issue was the range of the AOE. I want to be able to effect my opponents en mass. Leveling up this ability should give it slightly greater range to scale with the later game of bundled team fights to come. I want to be able to have a substantial meaning late game when I am Soraka. The rework is moving her in the right direction, but it's not quite right. I like it Riot, she's playable but not currently preferable for what's she's supposed to be doing (Nami is still doing it better) Keep at it Riot.


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