: Thanks for your reply, but it doesn't work after 9.14 using new lauch interface. Just try it and you'll find it doesn't work.
The riot may temporarily delete the interface of the newly launched client settings language. Will be added back when stable.
: Any Chinese localization support in PBE?
PBE client supports **Chinese Simplified** and **Chinese Traditional** languages.You need to operate as follows´╝Ü > If you are using a Windows computer and have a PBE shortcut on your desktop, right click on its properties; if it does not exist, find the location of the PBE client file and create a new shortcut for "LeagueClient.exe". Then right click on its properties. * Add any of the following two **" --locale=zh_CN"** or **" --locale = zh_TW"** to the target box (**note the space symbol inside the quotes**) and click the "OK" button. If the prompt is invalid, check if there are quotation marks before and after LeagueClient.exe. **** > If you are using a Macintosh (mac OS) computer and have a PBE client installed, first open the **"Automator"** application in "Launcher". * Click the **"New Document"** button, select **"Applications"**, type "Shell" in the search box, find and click **"Run Shell Script"**. * Type "**Open /Applications/PBE.app --args --locale=zh_CN**" or "**Open /Applications/PBE.app --args --locale=zh_TW**" in the newly opened box and save the file to " Application", **next time you use this file to start the PBE client**. * If you think the above steps are too cumbersome, you can open **"Terminal"** and run "**Open /Applications/PBE.app --args --locale=zh_CN**" or "**Open /Applications/PBE.app --args --locale=zh_TW**"Either of these two commands. **If an error occurs, please check if the commands in the above steps are correct!**{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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