: Sivir W does too much damage
just so people can see https://youtu.be/b4m-ffPqX-k
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: Vel'Koz glitch
just finished a game with a velkoz with the same glitch. i think it happened after a recall
: Dunno if anyone think it's a good thing to make but I'd find very useful a cooldown indicator for the passive of this great champion, so you know how much time left before next disc...
There is a cooldown indicator on the passive icon (small icon, far left beside Q) when you use the passive to create a tower.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I've noticed that when you right click an enemy, azir and the soldiers will attack one unit. I'd be nice if you can make it so azir can attack one unit and both soldiers attack another via alt+right click, +1 playability for skilled farmers.
: Problems with connecting to the chat
yeah i cant reconnect to chat either. but i can still play the game fine.
: Missing icons of summoner spells
yeah i have the same problem, on the regular client i dont have this problem though. also sometimes a get a blue square artifact that flashes over my character while playing.
: PvP.net client gets stuck with horizontal resize cursor
I've noticed this happens only on the PBE client. But it doesn't happen on the regular client. Also the left-right scroll bar for when browsing the store has a small contact point for the mouse to be able to click and drag it. The same goes for the regular client.
: Vel'Koz Lifeform Disinigration Ray Targetting Issues
I have tried recreating this many times. So I: - faced the enemy with vel'koz - placed my cursor behind vel'koz - ulted - quickly moved my cursor to the enemy - the laser moved slowly towards the cursor - but damage was NOT dealt This bug has not worked for me, So I think it really was a lag issue.
: Vel'Koz Ability 'W' icon disappears.
I've yet to see his W icon in-game, I can only see it during champion select.


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