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: [RESOLVED ISSUE?] Mac players unable to get into game, experiencing white screen
I was able to get into PBE custom games, but whenever it gets to the ~15 min mark, the "Attempting to Reconnect" bar keeps appearing and when I close my game I get the white screen again (no directx message) and can't get back to the game. This happened yesterday as well, and my internet is perfectly fine. Please help! Network Logs: Client Logs:
: Always the Mac user must suffer from these .. its so annoying .. I don't know how riot games couldn't solve the problem yet .. they're are many players out there who wants to help them with finding bugs and feedback .. many Mac users .. seems like they don't need it .. They shall take more time to ''fix'' this problem .. :) One day isn't enough maybe some weeks haha
Mac wasn't really designed for gaming, plus fixing bugs/server problems isn't easy.
: [Suggestion] Better Position for Rune Stats Display
Omg, this is really good. Riot must see this post, this is great :D
: Disconnecting in game on PBE? Look here!
1. HolyJellyMate 2. Was gonna play Demonblade Yasuo in Co-Op v. Ai, but didn't get to the game.


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