: I do hope frosted ezreal gets some blue particles or tpa some red ones
Yeah! We've seen a lot of reworked champions have even their oldest/cheapest skins get some shiny new particles, so it's something I was hoping to see since almost all his skins didn't change them.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
Hello! The skins are looking really great!! I especially love Xayah and Taliyah's, they're really visually just, PRETTY! The theme feels really well executed across the board, and the particles are especially awesome. However I just have a few concerns with Ezreal's model. Ezreal's skin is definitely going in the right direction for the theme but it feels a bit lacking. I feel like a big part is the lack of contrast on his clothing designs, the details kind of blur together where as in the concept art having the darker base colour and brighter blue/silver highlights and brown leather really made the outfit pleasing to look at. His gauntlet isn't too bad but the armour pieces on his outfit and other little details don't feel very well defined and almost get forgotten. I also was going to point out the dark hair, as it does make it hard to read Ezreal as Ezreal. _Hyo Oppa_'s comment really hit all the points on that, and I agree with something like a headband or a hair accessory/second hair colour/crown/something that would just give a bit more clarity if you did decide to stick with the dark hair. Though swapping to pale hair wouldn't be bad either, maybe a silver or light blue so it's not white/blonde like his other skins. I really love the theme but just felt the concept work had a bit more visual readability with the contrasting details and hair colour, and the current model feels a bit flat, especially colour-wise. Sorry for the length here, I just really want to see this skin be more of a stand out for Ez, since he has quite a few old old skins that are just recoloured and this one should be special for the world champs! It should really pop! :D Edit: On a side note, what prompted the choice to use his Star Guardian animation for casting his ultimate rather than the classic? Just unusual to see, not an issue.


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