: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
As an Ivern main and game dev myself, here is how is my take on this skin, including how it hit the mark, and ways to fix it: MODEL: - The model of Dunkmaster Ivern is just as high-quality as his base and Candy King skins, and his mouth is just as readable since the leaf afro windows it nicely. - Daisy's model is still very good, although she looks very similar to base Daisy, just in a basketball jersey. There are differences, especially in the head and forearms, but in general her look is very similar to the base skin. PARTICLES: - Passive particles are court-lines instead, with a large flower in the middle, Triggerseed is a firey basketball, and Rootcaller is, also, a basketball. The rooting particle for Rootcaller is the enemy being entrapped in an upside-down basketball net, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but honestly I'm having trouble thinking of a good replacement myself. - Current issue with the particles is that the foam fingers that are included in the brush from Brushmaker don't rise up with the grass, they simply spawn in after the brush is fully grown. It's very jarring and is an easy fix. - Daisy's knockup counter is an objective improvement since her old flower and cupcake based knockup counters had 4 frames of animation, this one has an actual interpolated one that features a basketball surrounded by spinning flames. Actual knockup particles are basketballs that extend in a rising line. I actually love this, no notes. SFX: - Whistles, buzzers, crowd cheering, and sneaker squeaks feature in a lot of the sound design. Again, I love this, no notes. However there is room to further improve the skin by utilizing these SFX elsewhere, more on that below. - Current glitch is that Ivern still uses his base recall lines while recalling, and his base recall is an interactive line with a squirrel in a bush, so it does not fit. Should be disabled like they are for Candy King. **HOW TO IMPROVE:** Although this skin is not what many wanted from Ivern's first skin (many were wanting a more serious or mystical skin like Elderwood, or Void), it's not unsalveagable, and I also really love it.' - Remove the branch/creaking effects on his vocals and replace them with a general court/stadium echo. This is a bit of a workload, since he has many lines and they'd need to do it in all languages, but they did it for Dark Star Cho'Gath at the end of the PBE cycle and for Praetorian skins. About half of the voicelines recorded for a champion do not make it in, and they add them in special skin releases (PROJECT: Ekko, Lancer Rogue/Paragon Blitzcrank, and PROJECT: Fiora all have lines they're base versions don't have and were released long after the champion themselves). Perhaps adding a few shelved lines would make the skin pop more. - Add unique SFX for shielding sports-skinned allies (Striker Ezreal, Dunkmaster Darius, Goalkeeper Maokai etc). Make is so the crowd gasps and cheers in excitement/shock when he saves a fellow sports-themed ally. - Conversely, give him different SFX when he kills an sports-themed enemy (the crowd uproariously cheering, for example). - Lastly for the SFX, give him unique SFX for kills and assists (again, crowd cheering), with the intensity culminating in the audience bursting into applause when an Ace or Pentakill is scored for his team. - Potentially change the name to Point Guard Ivern, since that's the role he actually plays on his team. - The chromas should change the color of the foam fingers in Brushmaker's brush and the flower in the center of his passive. All in all, I actually love this skin and will be buying it, although I was really hoping for Void or Infernal, or something a little less meme-y. Thank you for reading!
: Hey everyone, We wanted to give you an update on how this topic has progressed internally in the last few days. First of all, while we still believe the anti-cheat security measures currently on PBE are essential for continued competitive integrity in League of Legends, the SkinSpotlights Creator Suite was a critical tool that we overlooked in our compatibility testing for the broader community of League content creators. The bottom line is that we have a lot of work ahead of us to make both the new security measures and anything like Creator Suite coexist, but we’re committed to giving video and gameplay capture tools a solid foundation and future with League of Legends. We’ve already begun exploration on sustainable solutions for gameplay capture tools. We don’t have details about shipping anything specific, other than our goal to support the current users of Creator Suite with the means to keep making awesome League of Legends content. To make sure we’re serving the needs of Creator Suite’s current users, we’ll be working with its developer (SkinSpotlights) directly to determine the scope and feature set required to support a thriving ecosystem of League video content. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months.
Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means for content creators (both montage makers and custom content)! THIS is why Riot is my favorite gaming company
: Game client security changes now live on PBE
We just figured out how to edit voice and skin data through your WAD format and now you're adding another stupid check that won't do anything to actually get rid of real cheaters? What are you doing? You keep saying how you support custom content encourage fan creativity but you're_ constantly_ trying to kill it! Tell me, what actually does this system do other than interfere with Wooxy, Creator Suite (**which Riot yourself uses**), Discord, OBS, and other stuff? You have to understand that most people don't have just League installed on their comps, stop trying to monopolize our time and resources with stupid redundant cheat checks **_that don't even work._**
: Audio Engine Update Thread (Expect a large patch size and possibly some bugs)
I was poking around in the files and I have some questions. I make voicepacks on YT (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3Gd8tBEkdb_kXdyrISE3Q) and it looks like there are duplicates of every League voice (aside from newer champions like Zoe or Ornn) and that the lines in their files are no longer ordered by line type. They used to be organized by Attack, Movement, etc, but now they're just all in numerical hashcode order. Also, some voices are split between multiple files (like Jinx) whereas before they were all in one organized file. Was the point of this update solely to clean up the audio engine and boost performance, or was it to prevent/disable voicepack moddingas well? Not accusing or anything, just wondering.

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