: Plant Spawn Full System Design
Blast plants are going to be so annoying and unfun to play against.
: Certainly something we considered: we didn't think IP was a really engaging incentive for ranked players and with LP we couldn't give you a meaningful amount without causing negative side effects. There's also the meta side effect of giving people extrinsic rewards for doing something can make it feel less intrinsically rewarding. What are your thoughts on this?
Increased key fragment drops by a certain percentage then as a short term solution, or even lower the cooldown when you can receive your next chest. Then it comes down to having a small reward in place of playing a role you prefer. Long term creating more hextech crafting accessories or items that you can earn by being a team player is a worthwhile incentive in the long run. It needs to have more impact than the Ranked solo/team/emblems though.
: Our goal is to be able to get everyone their primary more often, with the compromise that sometimes you will play a role that is not a preference. We don't have specific projections on what that distribution is going to be, but will know a lot more once we have gathered data on our live test.
Honestly if your data becomes skewed, most likely more towards the support role just do things to give incentive playing it more instead of making it a chore. Hey you don't main support or even want it as an alternative role? Have +1lp in a ranked game for it or an additional 50 ip in norms if you win the game. It's small but will make people actually try instead of just throwing the role out the window as a chore.
: Syndra Nerfed damage wise?
Honestly her fluidity and damage seem really subpar. This isn't fixing her issues. She feels like an awkward ult bot.


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