: Total Skin Limit?
I found this kind of strange, as i was able to obtain all champions via Hextech Crafting.
: Hextech Crafting - Disproportion betwenn skins and champions
Well, considering the vast amount of skins compared to champions; The ratio is probably accurate
: Guys, seriously, why down vote without any explanation? If you disagree with me then explain your thoughts, not just step by to down vote...
I down voted you because I got this vision of you asking for a birthday present from every company you have ever spent 20 euros or more at.
: I did consider what riot said too. And I don't find the traedeoff worth it. Mages themselves usually do very little damage to towers during seiges. And the problem isn't that they can't get near the towers, it's that they have weak AAs. True the range on Azir's w is small, but I don't think its small enough. If a team were to get their tank to walk up to the tower and act as a front line, azir can easily step in, w the tower twice, do 900+ damage, and back off. In that two second timeframe, if anyone even tries to stop him, 1.the tank will peel for Azir 2. Azir can just press R and walk away So I just don't think the risk is high enough to balance out that huge amount of damage he can do to towers in such a short time. I also read that riot wants Azir to be able to splitpush like "the crazy bird he is". So does that mean riot intents to make Azir a splitpush champ?
I feel he will most likely be a top lane ap bruiser. His kit can go damage or tanky. With the dash and shield it gives him options kind of like {{champion:79}} No mage can get that close in a team fight and not be dived upon considering he has to be in turret range to w (aside standing behind {{champion:157}} wall). The tradeoff is he will be a a bad team diver considering his soldiers duration is so short under turret.
: I don't understand why they gave him the ability to damage towers with his W. No other champion can damage towers with a spell -- not auto-attack buffs, but actual spells. Every other mage has to deal with taking towers with just auto attacks, why doesn't he? He even gets a Nashor's Tooth that will help him take towers more easily.
New champion platforms are the force that drives this game forward. I am happy to see something new. I am sure someone complained about the first champion that could dash/stun/root/stealth "OMG no other champion can do that, soo unfair." I hope you read the riot post about this champion; It clearly states that the range is small, so this mage is taking a risk by being close to the tower to even cast his W. It's a tradeoff riot is going to play with and balance through testing.
: What was the goal when designing Azir's e?
You may see him as a squishy mage and that's fine. I see him as more of a "I'm in your back line diving your carries or split pushing your turrets." (AP Bruiser) I see him as part {{champion:131}} , part {{champion:75}} (W on turret), with a play style that embodies {{champion:61}} . With that being said; with the play style I enjoy with this new champion I agree that the E ability should be looked at. I would like the ability to not be stopped by champion collision as well as landing on the far side of the soldier rather than the near side/mid point (can't remember which). Anyways, good topic
: Hey Alexkond, Thanks for the report!
This is from purchasing red elixir.
: About the Lucian nerfs, from a Lucian main.
Forgive me, I am new to the PBE; I cannot seem to find the riot post on the changes for this champion. I see the Sona changes but cannot find anything on the Lucian changes.


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