: Mystery Skin gift Cheater/scammer_"SebRgz"
Who cares about mystery skins on the PBE?
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: Gold value of the new keystone masteries
Why do you riot nerf Strength of Ages? Masteries Strength of the Ages (Tier 6, Resolve) - Large monster & siege minion health grant reduced to 20 from 25 Its literally the least desirable Tier 3 Mastery.
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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Is it intentional that he bypasses his reload animation with abilites(QW and R)? I mean he effectively has no timespan were he isnt doing some kind of damage because of this. I mean graves is just to strong toplane against anything that is melee, because he is to dangerous to go up into his face and he can poke you down with his autos.
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: The new mastery trees are underwhelming for support players
Uhm support annie/brand/velkoz like both the movement speed one and the thunderlord. Tank supports go get bond of stone anyway. Not to mention thunderlord decree is meant for Kayle and "hybrids".
: Could Graves just 'slap' someone with his gun while out of ammo?
: New Warding System (PresSeason 6)
The new smite upgrade grants 2 greenwards. It is probably the best smite upgrade now.
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: I honestly dont understand why you would make him a support nothing in his kit makes him seem like a support i played a bot game with him with a friend and his q is amazing i live the amount of damage it can do and with the new scaling on his e the base damage nerfs may seem bad to start but mid game when you start getting items its not all that bad to me but gutting his w in that way makes no sense he is just as strong a solo laner and i think is a much better solo laner then a duo laner. honestly the new w is the big thorn in my side about the rework and the damage nerf to his E overall i kind of like the new rework except for the issues i mentioned.{{champion:82}}
They dont want him as a support, but as a replacement to ADC. I guess 2 melee champs with targons + mordes shield can sustain from some of the poke, but I belive any decent ADC will shut this down this lane. Unless you get 3 striked from Morde
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Why only corrupt dragon? Why not make corrupting apart of his kit and make him able to rise the following. Using the ultimate on a champion sacrifices his current minion. Corrupt cannon minions = he can sololane Corrupt major buff = he can Jungle The W passive is decent for taxing from laners.
: Would be nice if Tahm's passive worked on Monsters
Atleast on buffs that he cant swallow if we need to compromise
: Tahm Kench - Give him a visual range when he eats a minion/monster (W)
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: [Suggestion] Solution to the RNG nature of crits, but make it similar to what we have now
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: Each team do not have better control of each side, since in this meta, it is duo bot vs duo bot. If a side lost their lane, they could call their jungler or even mid to gank bot, and maybe take the dragon. If there are two dragons, if won't be competitive anymore as each team can take their own dragon. There shouldn't have too much random things imo, and it is actually not hard to figure out which place baron spawned- at least before one team has taken baron. P.s. this would bring a harsh to support players. Some top players are just too dumb that they never want to buy a ward. Therefore supports might need to ward both dragon spawns for their team.
Uhm, I did mention that if 1 dragon is taken the other one becomes "immortal" until another dragon spawns. That way you can only have 1 team take dragon at a time. Not 1 dragon for each team. We don't want a situation where 1 team can actually take both dragons simultaneously. And this would not be random at all and if its like you said that duos will always go bot then taking the top dragon will be hard cuz mid/top will be gone for considerable time.
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