: I just found a way to skip login queue. Rito: Delete this thread after you see instead of bother fix
I will check if i can log-in again when PBE gets up. I just remembered about one more thing that i done in the past and you didn't had it done and maybe that's the solution. But before I will say more "bullsh1t" I'll make sure if It's really work for me or It was just some random server "brainfart".
: still no success, he either is doing a giant prank here or just got lucky
Idk, maybe some rito bug. Legit after editing got placed first into queue. And Im still playing TFT on PBE. Tried once and it logged me in again. Now im too scared to even try after all of you telling it's not working. Will try it again after next mainteaince then. Maybe rito servers got brainfart and it let me in? Idk It just seemed like this "edit" config file let me in xD
: https://imgur.com/a/DNN9j5O didn't work for me[](https://imgur.com/a/DNN9j5O)
Still same queue length as without changing anything? So I have no idea wtf happened then. Saw 22h queue. Edited this config file and when I logged in twice i was first in position to log in. Well, still my "Sunday TFT" is rescued but then I have no idea wtf rito xD
: I just found a way to skip login queue. Rito: Delete this thread after you see instead of bother fix
Someone try this setting and tell me if It worked for him: That's why i didn't upload picture: If you're brainless and try change randomly in settings instead of think a little and wonder: "what does client would need in order to log in?" then ofc it don't work! Idk wtf is going on but i even risked, tried to reconnect my client and still logged as "1" less than 1 minute remaining xD https://i.imgur.com/ioPPlYN.png Set up everything "that is needed" like mine config and tell me if It worked for someone. Seriously tho... If it doesn't work then why I'm playing TFT right now instead of being in 20+ hour queue? I feel like i discovered something big that can change life of all half milion players in queue and make PBE vietnam nuke server overload with only one reddit post xD But I'm a "good" guy so for Rito and My sake will be quiet. Even will delete this thread (if i can) but first I want to hear someone who say "wtf dude, it's actually works xDDD"
: What should I do?
Well TFT seems fine, just finished a game and everything is woking properly. I thing "relog" is your only option now :( But check out my thread before it disappears: It can be your solution ;)
: I just found a way to skip login queue. Rito: Delete this thread after you see instead of bother fix
I changed also couple of "false" to "true" and "1" to "0" so Im not sure if it's only need to edit this what i was thinking about but after 1min "twerking" config file Im now always log in as first person depending to join Server in queue. So, GoodLuck Everyone!
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: Over 5 hours of login queue waiting time on the PBE client....
They should just make people quit from client when afk and problem would be solved. Everyone just alt+tab client and noone can't log in when so many people is afk and have just open client...


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