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: Hi TR Write, Where are you playing from? The PBE server is located in North America and players outside of this location will likely experience lag.
I'm playing IN NA and I get constant 900+ ping on the pbe. on live I never spike above 40
: Got champion mastery points for an AFK game?
: Taliyah Support is NOT a thing.
I could understand Taliyah sup, start spelltheifs, rak up tons of gold with q procing it then build ap, tons of utility and lots of damage. Best of both worlds
: Is this for any game or just custom for you?
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: I build {{item:3748}} , {{item:3083}} as my first 2 items. Gives decent dmg,hp and regen. Most of my other choices will depend on the matchup and team comp. for AD I would build {{item:3742}} or {{item:3075}} or{{item:3143}}or {{item:3068}} for ap i would build {{item:3065}} or{{item:3102}} or {{item:3190}}. And the boots {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} I don't usually build much dmg as I focus more on being tanky and pushing waves. Yes, I know this build isn't great. I'm half asleep.
orb of winter... you play aram?
: Too many Runes..
riot will probably reset your runes, I made the same mistake last year. I had to send an Email but they got back to me quite quickly :)
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: not a bug; please do research before posting~
rioters DID say they weren't removing legacy content tho
: Allistar bug on hextech
it looks more like skt t1 zed to me, there is no alistar skin there at all
: I like it. What makes you feel that he isnt old shen? the E and R are the same
As a shen player seince early s2 I can agree, shen is STILL shen. he felt bland before and this might actually bring shen back into play, the only sujjestion I have for it is to change his w, maybe make it like a blocking field?
: No. Such a feature will never hit live and you don't need all the skins anyway.
he dosent care if it goes live or not, he just wants everything cause he dosent want to test the crates
: can we please get a freaken buy all button
just buy 1 and use that one, you don't need ALL of them
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: Give more rps for all the people who haven't, like me please
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
I've had my account for about 1-2 years now, so basically your saying, I'm losing EVERYTHING to test this... id be okay with that, but I used up my RP (With buying the champion and the new skins and what-not) and I used all my IP buying runes... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} (Also I lost king ramus :c ). All I'm asking is Could we get a Refill on RP or Ip. so once The crafting testing is over i can re-buy my shizznit? . Pwease :c
: Any Master Yi compensation buffs?
yi dosent really need them tbh, just remember the old days when yi would get a ton of crit and ad instead of On hit? that has been brought back
: Try to repair your client. It works just fine. :]
didnt solve it, just gave me more time to select a champ
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: I want a "Get in my belly" hotkey
wow... THAT'S GENUIS{{champion:74}}
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: Low Priority Queue
i was afk for 5 minutes, And even came back to play the game, its not my fault my internet Crashed
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