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: Aurelion Sol is nerfed to much
I agree. Sol was very balanced but he's been nurfed a lot in a short time. I don't understand this at all since it can be seen very easily that these changes have been unwarranted. For the most anticipated champ I have ever seen his play rate is extremely low. Both in live and PBE I have only faced an Aurelion Sol three times.
: Aurelion Sol doesnt like bushes
So since this champ is viewed as being a god he can't use an important tactic of the game?
: Aurelia Sol passive disabled with taunts
Also, I think it should be that only silences disable his passive since that is pretty much his only source of damage. If anything silences and knock ups.
: When his spellcasting ability is disabled, his passive is disabled. Can you cast spells while taunted? No. Working as intended.
It works in {{item:3090}} {{item:3157}}
: Well you can't use your abilities when you're being taunted or you're stunned. Hence the passive gets disabled. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
but it's a running ability. If sej is taunted her w doesn't stop. I see now that any hard cc interrupts it. Knock ups, taunt, whatever.
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: Kindred Passive Bug
I had two stack but when i read under the passive it said 0% and none of my hunts would change this or bring indicated stacks higher.
: Mordekaiser's W needs something else to do when it's only you.
So Mords ult has an extra perk of dragon in summoners rift. What about Twisted Treeline and Aram?
: Morde W, let him self cast.
hate this new w. You even took away the bonus armor and magic resist. now if he's by himself he is an easy target. He can use his E right...once and then longish cooldown. So if he's on the defensive or being chased he is good for minor damage before he dies. Q a little buffed but the only good thing added was a pet dragon...if you can secure a dragon kill. If you can't that little bit is worthless to you and if you do get it you can't ult anyone more some more damage or secure a high priority enemy ghost.
: I have a few concerns with some of the changes made to Mordekaiser.
I didn't know he was in a rough spot but i agree. The W is a huge nurf. Half his damage and shield gain. Mord was OP. Now he will but a targeted sup.
: Riot, we need to talk about the new UI
I really hate this HUD. Harder to play with and I like my game info a lot on the original top right style. Make that look cooler...
: I don't think you need an extra indicator. you can easily tell how far you can do the second dash.
I agree, would be too much to have more indication pre-spell.
: Ekko's review and suggestion for the slight rework/nerf
Ekko is ready for release. No change needed. Can be OP can be terrible. Can be countered well, very well with a little CC, and can make comebacks. Same as many assassins people think are OP ({{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:38}} ) as well as many people with survivability ({{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}} )
: Bugsplat after update??
May be from update for new skins but you do not need one of the new skins in a match for it to crash. Just had a match that anivia, cho and renek were banned and it still crashed (bug splat) exactly the same. {{summoner:1}} PBE so we can have some fun and test some more.


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