: Sure{{item:3115}} brings benefits but there is not major reasons to pick it since it works better for champs that depends on AA that's the reasons APC like{{champion:145}} or {{champion:10}} buy it and more because the AS an Ap than the CDR, they can keep range and make it funtional but they buy it mostly because tehr isn' another choise. {{champion:268}} need AS and what another item could he get? {{champion:145}} because it helps to make her evolve her E. MP would make{{item:3115}} way better rather tha CDR or maybe an empowered attack like {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3095}} offer.
i doubt theyd put an empowered attack on top of the constant on-hit ratio but itd be interesting to see how that works out lol. Since my crashing ass client actually let me play a couple more games with her yesterday the conclusion i think ill just stick with is that the base dmg/%ap modifer nerf to her lunar rush to make it appropriate for pre 6 play made for more of a nuisance than youd have thought. Even if the cd of Moonfall is relatively low atm, i personally like to keep the goal of being effiecient with her being able to work off the ol 3 hit combo and not have to rely on Moonfall to finish someone that would have easily died to it pre-rw.
: W were used to safely farm and E was great agains mele matchups cause you could force them to fight and with long trades {{champion:131}} passive made you win them and the W mitigation, they say W is buffed but has 5s more at Lv1, now you can jump them much earlier but is worthless since the damage is so low that any champ can outplay you if you decide to start these trades if you use the whole combo for aplying Electrocute and E back to a minion you will not be able to repeat it until 22s .-. and and about bruiser {{champion:131}} will only be good when ap bruiser get some cool items, {{item:3115}} is a bad item in my opinion only working with {{champion:10}} and {{champion:268}} an having my doubts with ap{{champion:102}}
nashor is more my go to item when I get the feeling objective smashing will ease the chances of victory. The atk spd cant be beat and the cd helps on champs that can use it/have abilities that assist in atking towers etc so its definitely a useful item on diana, but its just that shes such a hands on interactive frontline champ that youd be better off grabbing some dueling material instead unless youre so ahead already that youll nuke everything regardless by the time the enemy catchs up, like the guy in the other thread
: Been 5 lv ahead even {{champion:16}} can instakill the whole team, {{champion:55}} E+w+R would have been even faster .-.
ill have to agree with Raak lol. Besides that, their team was simply full of the most "backline dont want to go in champs" that obviously failed to build anything to at least try to mitigate your apparent incoming outleveling dominance. I dont know what items you or everyone else had right then and i dont feel like looking for it, but your fully loaded moonblade gobsmacked an Ekko for 50% of his health and that says quite a few things 27 minutes in lol. He went back to fountain to heal that back and you proceeded to Q him that still roughly did 50% of his health, which I dont think even he expected standing on the edge of the stairs like that, so either he didnt build any MR/health, he _thought_ he had enough MR/health, or you just had one of those sailing away games and there was nothing they could do. But against that comp? Yeah id have a field day with or without Diana rw lol, the revamped moonfall just makes it possible to wax everyone in one go now rather than fancily ripping through 1 at a time.
: Diana feels simply week
playing a few bot games to get re-situated to the switch that was my initial impression too but its a bit hard to explain why lol. I mean with this she now lacks cc that was pretty handy in some niche scenarios until 6, but at the same time the ability to really dig in in an instant on sitting duck champs that like to keep their distance feels great. Its feels like being jax with the cc stripped from his own E in a way.
: Fatal error when trying to play on PBE
i have it atm since yesterday as well. Usually it goes away whenever they push out more updates/maints but dunno if they did anything today. Since his launch ive been getting a bunch of crap inevitably crashing me back to the reconnect screen in a bootloop tbh. RIght before this, at least a day prior, I had the same version of this just without the critical error prompt, just silently sent me back to reconnect.
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: Give us back URF
: Riot needs to fix available skins
Except TL ornn and cyberpop zoe arent available for purchase on pbe lol... cyberpop I know for fact because it would have been one of the first things I bought as I scanned up and down the list when I came to this server.
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