: It also adds what looks like half an HTML tag at the end of the chat when you buy an item. *see OP's pic
I can second this, there are random tag-endings for the font-tag appearing, always at the end of a line and different types (Somethimes only </f sometimes </fon, etc).
: Well, one of the things that I'm concerned about is the fact that I, and my friend, both received PBE invites today. If I recall correctly, the PBE has disabled all queues at the moment except ranked queues...my friend and I don't really play PvP (mainly due to the highly volatile environment). I'm in the tutorial now, since I haven't viewed it in a while. So if they specifically targeted people with very little PvP experience for ranked, it's going to go downhill VERY fast. Esp. considering the Rioters are going on holiday break (which is why there will be no PBE content updates until early Jan). I would understand it if they wanted us for bots testing...like the fact that bots don't know to destroy wards if they have sight of them.
At the moment their focus lies with the ranked matches, statistics, etc, so I understand they only enable these queues at this time. The fact people flame me for playing badly in a game annoys me, like, the PBE is meant to remove bugs from the game before it's released to public, it's not meant to be played "seriously" in a manner where you get angry when you "lose". There is no "winning" or "losing" in PBE, it's purpose is to remove bugs. I understand that comes with a certain degree of fun too, but it's stupid to get angry if you "lose".
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: PBE accounts (kinda General Discussion) not site feedback.
At the end of the cycle, all accounts will be deactivated. It's possible to get an invite for the new testing cycle, but it's decided per cycle.
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