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: Being honor 3 to join pbe is a bad decision !
to be honest the simple solution is to tell people they're gonna get banned on their main account aswell as the PBE account if they are found to be toxic on either one of them. Just give the toxic people a little warning to scare them off a bit
: That's simply not true. Lethal Tempo is a rune that doesn't work on every ADC, because not all of them can abuse high attackspeed numbers and Fleet Footwork only provides low sustain and some kiting power. Compared to them Press the Attack isn't weak at all and on some champs (Vayne in particular) it is even insane strong. Getting off 3 attacks isn't hard, especially with champs who have an attackspeed steroid by themselfs or who have an AA reset. The burst it provides on the third attack doesn't seem too strong but it's consitant due to it being true damage and 12% more damage from ALL sources is a lot. ALL source means that a tank can be 70-0 by a Syndra ult after Vayne proced this rune with a quick AA-Q-AA and that's definitly not weak. It's the opposite.
wait, is it true damage tho? It says adaptive Damage and I just tried it on Jax and it dealt Physical damage after buying Tiamat
: yes man but like i said COMPARED to others , is the weakest rune
grasp is literally the same with a little lategame scaling. Aftershock has a 20 second cooldown and therefore only seems good on a tankjungler... Guardian has a 45 second cooldown. I am very unimpressed by the tank keystones. In many ways the secondary runes in the tanktree are better than the keystones. Arcane Comet deals almost no damage and is dodgable, not to mention very easily dodgable, all you need is boots of speed and walk without changing directions, the comet will miss you 100% (unless you're unmounted kled). Phase Rush has been nerfed to such a small amount of movement speed that you almost don't feel it until level 7. It's weaker than Stormraiders Surge until level 18. The only difference to stormraiders is that some champions have a really easy way to proc it (eg. Riven just Q-auto-Q) and Assassins might not even proc it if they kill an enemy with less than 3 abilities. I haven't even tested Summon Aery yet but from I read it takes too long for Aery to return to you so it feels weak you have to wait for it to return. Fleet Footwork has stupid scaling (seriously why does it have more AP scaling than AD? What kind of AP champion is gonna take this) and generally feels weaker than Warlords Bloodlust especially because the heal no longer gets stronger with crits. And when you swap a Summoner Spell with Summoner Specialist the Spells stays on cooldown, making cool plays with Summoner Specialist pretty much impossible -.- Just to go over a few other runes which I have tried or looked at. Press the Attack might feel a little weaker than Fervor but overall it is gonna give you roughly the same damage output and a better earlygame in the botlane because your support can deal alot of damage early in the game. It also opens up the possibility of weakening an enemy for a strong burst attack like Syndra Ult. Press the Attack on an ADC is gonna win early against Lethal Tempo in a 2v2 lane and is gonna win late if the ADC is not the only source of damage.
: It feels pretty underwhelming so far, at least for me. {{champion:236}} is lost in space after the rework of that keystone rune. ADC class is about outputting consistent damage, big crits, etc., but this new rune just screams "BUFF YOUR TEAM FOR DEEPS", which ADC isn't really associated with imo. They basically took Fervor of Battle, reworked it to keep it a stacking damage keystone. Then, for some reason, they decided to add a dmg amplification to it and after that thought that it doesn't need the FoB theme, just remove it and leave the dmg amplification. If the infinite stacking seems like a problem to you, riot, make it so that the more stacks you get, the harder it is to get more (like AD/AP reduction per stack, idk). Currently, I don't really like it, seems like {{champion:67}} W with a downtime (albeit you get the dmg amplification, it just feels meh) EDIT: even worse than vayne's W, since it's not true dmg, mb
I don't know why people are complaining, the ADC also gets the 12% damage increase and getting 12% extra damage on your crits is amazing. It's not made to be good against squishies, squishies die against 3 crits before the amp kicks in
: Corki
cool, can someone tell me in what country people don't learn english in schools? Just so I can avoid visiting that country and getting hopelessly lost because nobody understands me
: New press the attack is so weak
12% more damgae is not significant? You seem to have misread... it's 12% damage increase from all sources! That means a tank with the mark dies 12% faster, if not even faster than that because it gives them less time to shield or heal themselves. In a world where tanks take 10-20 seconds to die that is amazing Sure it doesn't seem as cool in practice tool because you can't stack AD and AP infinitely anymore, but that is not what the game is about, you wouldn't get to 1000 AD by stacking the old press the attack in a normal game either way
: Midseason Durability Feedback
still nothing planned for Ninja Tabi's? Maybe changing Randuin's Omen stats a little and putting the Ninja Tabi Passive on Randuin's would be a good idea if Randuin's is already meant to be good against autoattackers. Meanwhile Ninja Tabi's could take a different passive. Maybe something like an autoattack blocker that needs to charge up by moving. Basically a Pantheon Passive on the Statikk Shiv/RFC charging system
: Balance suggestions for Live content should be posted on the [NA]( and [EUW]( boards or [Reddit]( The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
it says "Champions and Gameplay Feedback" and since lethality still makes the game horrible on the PBE it is a legitimate question to ask for the state of balance on the PBE boards
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: Really bad if you know what does 0.5 second untargetable time mean. (Fizz's E is 0.75 second.)
Fizz E doesn't have a casttime tho... And it kinda always feels like 1 second I guess 0.3 seconds is more reasonable then. Enough time to dodge stuff if you're good and not too much to be untargetable all the time like Fizz is.
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: Actually they are building items, but there's a bug currently that prevents us from seeing what they're building. It's especially noticeable when they buy Banshee's Veil.
Really, cuz the ryze was running around with 19 AP at level 11 and with 70 cs... I think he can afford some AP then And Jinx had her base Attack speed EDIT: they seem to invisibly buy boots and a starting item but don't really build much more for pretty long EDIT2: OK, sorry, you were right... they do build items invisibly
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: Agreed, it wouldn't really feel like an achievement to me on Quinn. It would be more of a recognition based satisfaction, as in "Hey we added these new mastery tiers but you're already so high we're just giving it to you GJ". Not as good of a feeling, but still a positive one. However, on every single other champion that I play it would still feel like an achievement to me. When I hit (to use your values) 100k on Vayne, I'll get the awesome achievement feeling from reaching mastery tier 7 on her. But if this suggestion was implimented, then when I reach mastery tier 5 on say Kindred, I get the feeling of "Oh so if I want to get a higher tier I have to go through this chore of either waiting until I randomly get a champion shard for her, or collect 3 champion shards from chests. What a pain in the ass." When I finally unlock it I wouldn't get a feeling of achievement at all, nor would I get a feeling of satisfaction. I would get a negative feeling of "I can finally level Kindred up to tier 6." Most likely I'll already be at that stage, but if I am not my feeling on reaching tier 6 would be "Cool. Man that was a pain in the ass to get." as in every time I hit tier 6 or 7 I would revisit how annoyed I was rather than revisiting how much I've improved and enjoyed the champion. That negative feeling would only increase for champions where I already have enough points for tier 6 or 7. It would give me the "pain in the ass" feeling doubled or tripled for the duration of not having the tier unlocked since my belief is that **I by all rights should already have this mastery tier.** That is what I mean by champion mastery being champion **mastery**, nothing else. The negative feeling I would get will only increase depending on how rare it would be to upgrade to tier 6 or 7. Estimating from Jeremy GC's video, there is currently a 3/10 chance of getting a champion shard. At 4 chests a month we would get 1.2 champion shards per month. That would mean we would get to upgrade a specific champion every 3 months, or 4 a year at minimum. Here I will admit I may be misunderstanding something. >Example: You own Jax. Using a Jax shard, you can raise the Champion Mastery level cap to 6 for Jax. If I have not misunderstood this example, it means we need to upgrade a champion twice to get to level 7. So at minimum if only upgrading we'd be able to upgrade a champion to level 7 twice per year. The mastery system hasn't even been out for a year! Of course that number could be increased a lot due to purchasable chests and individual champion shards, but it should give a perspective on scarcity. We could probably upgrade around 4 champs to level 7 twice a year on average. That rarity is extreme enough that my pain in the ass feeling would be quite extreme. On top of that the rarity would be enough that I would often already have the champion points needed for tier 6 and 7 before I get those tiers, so as stated my negative feeling would increase. Sorry about this massive wall of text but after all of our back and forth I wanted to be as clear as possible so that you can understand my viewpoint on all this. EDIT: Forgot to clarify something. The pain in the ass feeling would spread down the other tiers and cause my association with each mastery tier to be annoyance. So I would no longer feel anything positive from leveling up a tier, but something negative instead. It would cause my feeling of reaching tier 4 on Lucian to be "Great, now I have 1 more tier to go before I have to do that stupid thing with the champion shards again."
ok, understood... then a possible solution would be something like... The more mastery points you have for a champion the higher the chance that you get a champion shard of that champion. rito pls
: >If you don't have the mastery points and unlock the mastery tier you will not have the mastery tier unless you get more mastery points. Again, I never misunderstood that, this was clear to me from the beginning. >If you are dedicated to your champion you will use these to unlock a higher mastery. Yes, and if this system comes to pass I will unlock tiers 6 and 7 for my favourites. But I will not enjoy doing so. Given the choice, I would choose staying with tier 5 and not getting any additional benefits from tiers 6 and 7 at all over getting them in this fashion. >And the proposal shown still has the mastery points and the mastery tiers completely interlinked No, it doesn't. My meaning is that they are perfectly connected, whenever someone hits 21600 they are tier 5. Adding hextech as a variable means that you could hit tier 6 at 33000, or at 80000, or at 126000. >It still gives you a feeling of having achieved something Again, it does not. It may for you but it won't for me. Different people, different viewpoints, as already said. I'd like to request that you stop assuming everyone works the way you do at this point (and while I'm at it stop assuming that I've misunderstood something, or that others in this thread are just out for free stuff) If you want a "What am I trying to say", I am saying that the addition of tiers 6 and 7 in this fashion would devalue all mastery tiers for me. A significant loss to my enjoyment of the game.
I just have 1 question. What difference would it make for you if Riot just unlocked Mastery tiers 6 and 7 on all champions for everyone? You would instantly have Mastery 7 on Quinn, which, according to what you said earlier, wouldn't feel like an achievement to you because you just instantly get it without doing anything for it. You would not have it on Vayne or Nami (if Mastery 6 required 100k mastery points), so it would stay exactly as it is just that now you have the chance to see your improvement on these champions without investing in unlocking the mastery tiers. I really don't see how this implementation devalues the Mastery tiers. The only way that implementing Mastery tiers 6 and 7 DON'T devalue the tiers is if you'd have to get an ADDITIONAL number of Mastery points to your current ones to get them.
: I think what he is trying to say is that in the scenario where person A has 200k mastery points but hasn't unlocked tier 6&7 will seem to have less prestige when flashing a level 5 mastery icon than person B who only has 100k mastery points but has unlocked the higher tiers of mastery thereby being able to flash a level 7 icon in game (I'm assuming there is one as I'm not to into the whole general topic and just trying to more clearly explain his perspective)
But that means then that he hasn't spent the time to invest into unlocking mastery 6 or 7 for his champion, which either means that he values unlocking champions with champion shards over unlocking his mastery tiers or that he values a different champions Mastery tier 6 and 7 over this champions tier 6 or 7. This system prevents a guy who plays alot of different champions to have the highest mastery on all his champions and instead forces him to decide which champion he likes more and is therefore an actual measurement of liking the champion.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
People in here only complain about grinding and not enough free stuff... It's ridiculous to react to a system that gives out free stuff as a reward for grinding with complaints and even more greed. You guys seem like spoiled children on christmas to me.
: Unlocking new mastery levels sounds like a pain in the butt. I would honestly prefer if champion shards unlocked the champ portrait as a summoner icon or something. Unlocking mastery levels isn't very interesting and probably isn't something I would bother working towards. I would only be interesting in working towards things that are worth working towards. Champs, skins, icons, etc. Mastery level is one of the least interesting things possible for a system like this. More stuff for IP is always great, love to see it and would love to see some IP options for the crafting system. So great work on that one. EDIT: I also don't like how this system makes people that actually care about mastery level choose between unlocking champs and unlocking mastery levels. EDIT2: After further thought I feel like this system is worse than nothing. Like, I have every champ. So initially I was a little bugged by not being able to use champ shards in crafting. But as I further thought of it I settled at, "Well I guess I don't have to bother with that part of it then, np." With this mastery system I would be forced to use the champion portion of the crafting system in order to unlock something incredibly uninteresting. For the first time I would much prefer you do the Riot standard, "Release with an incomplete system and flesh it out over time."
so what you're saying is... instead of giving out boring stuff like unlocking mastery tiers with champ shards, riot should just give us more free stuff? Nice try m8, but you can bitch about that all day long and nothing would change. Riot wants some money, too, yknow.
: I read the whole post and did not misunderstand one bit, I stand by what I said. We have 2 things, champion mastery points and champion mastery tiers. Right now these are completely interlinked with one another. The proposal shown causes a disconnect between the two. And of the two, champion mastery tiers are far more visible than champion mastery points, so when looking at champion mastery people look at the tier first. Getting enough champion mastery points to unlock the next tier makes me feel that I am getting better at the champ, they're like benchmarks where I look back and think "I'm playing Kindred much better now than I was at tier 2." The proposal ruins that for me for tiers 6 and 7. On top of that, the disconnect shown will make me not trust the tiers anymore, I won't view them as anything at all. The disconnect will devalue the lower tiers to me as well.
WHAT?!? You can't trust the difference between tier 5,6 and 7 anymore... is that what you're trying to say? Well then I'd have to call bullshit, because if you have all champions or don't care about the ones you don't have and you really like the champion you want to have mastery 6 or 7 on you will get it... guaranteed, because you get chests and keys and with that you automatically get champion shards. If you are dedicated to your champion you will use these to unlock a higher mastery. If you are not dedicated you don't. If you're not dedicated you wouldn't be playing the champion as much in the first place, tho. Mastery 6 and 7 shows your dedication toward the mastered champion just as much as all the other masteries because you spent time on unlocking the masteries and reaching them. EDIT: It still gives you a feeling of having achieved something because when you unlock your mastery 6 or 7 and you instantly get it because you played your champion that much you'll have that reassured by your new mastery tier. And the proposal shown still has the mastery points and the mastery tiers completely interlinked... You did misunderstand something. If you don't have the mastery points and unlock the mastery tier you will not have the mastery tier unless you get more mastery points. EDIT2: If we take yourself as an example now... if you unlock mastery 6 and 7 for Quinn, Nami and Vayne you will be Mastery 7 as Quinn, but not as Vayne or Nami because you need 100k Mastery points (the number is an assumption, a guess) to get Mastery 7 on them, no matter whether you unlocked it or not.
: I -REALLY- don't like this idea. I really don't like it. Champion mastery to me is champion mastery. Emphasis on mastery. It shows how much I've played a champion, how well I know it. I have over 250k on Quinn and I feel that I know her in's and out's extremely well. I have 80k on Vayne and Nami and I feel I know them pretty well. I like the idea of champion mastery and champion mastery points. But this just leaves a sour taste in my mouth just reading about it. I don't care about the rewards that champion mastery may have to offer, I care about it from an achievement point of view and a progression point of view. Unlocking additional mastery levels with hextech will never give me any sort of a sense of achievement, nor will it give me a sense of progression - my overall skill with the champion has not magically doubled because I decided to unlock this mastery level. Any special rewards you have planned for champion mastery, just stick them into hextech. Give it a champion mastery requirement to unlock and it's the exact same thing in the end, just without the terrible feeling that I would get. Finally reaching level 7 mastery so that I can unlock the champion icon with the shard I've saved up for it would feel a lot better than piecing together shards so that I get level 7. Champion mastery is an addition that I thought was really cool, but if this comes to pass I don't think I'll enjoy it anywhere near as much. **The time where individual champion mastery tiers no longer reflect skill and dedication to a champion is the time where I can no longer view it as champion "mastery".**
I don't see where your problem is... The mastery system still measures how much you played a champion. You really misunderstood something or didn'read the full post before writing your wall of text. If you're mastery 5 with 250k mastery points all it means is that you didn't get a shard for your champion yet or didn't want to use 3 random shards. A 250k mastery points mastery 7 guy has played a champion just as much as a 250k pointa mastery 5 guy. And a guy who just got mastery 5 wont get mastery 6 unless he plays alot more, it doesn't matter how many champion shards he uses. Not to mention that if you have all champions champion shards are gonna be completely useless, so why not use them to get the ability to get some extra rewards for the champions you have played the most?
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: It's not the item, it's you. The new jungle items and masteries basically help you clear through jungle camps farther then it was in season 5. 20 extra damage on hit? (All attack speed runes) 5 extra damage to jungle camp on hit? (Masteries) 10 extra hp per camp? (Keystone mastery) As a reksai player, I buy cinderhulk over warrior, since warrior doesn't really help me clear that much faster and cinderhulk synergies with the only jungle keystone mastery in game. (Extra 300 hp one). Fully stacked 15:00 (Rek sai Q ad scaling got nerfed several times so I build tank)
You give a single champion as an example, a champion who can basically build any jungleitem and still be strong. I don't see why, if I want to play an autoattacking Jungler, who, in fact, also gets free attack speed, I would want to go for "Strength of the Ages" instead of just going "Fervor of Battle" and only 12 points into the defensive tree. I would've been alot nicer if you didn't start your response with a passive-aggressive stance, although I can see that tankjunglers who rush Armor are top tier in the AD meta that preseason has become, even though they finish their Cinderhulk after their first armoritem because of how much it costs for the combatstats it gives.
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: AP Marksman
looks like I stepped on a nerve there... I'm not the one who should stop being an "anal prick", you should just calm down and assess the situation... You can play every champion in a variety of ways and one way will always be the strongest for different stages in the game or even overall strongest. If an {{champion:61}} player comes along and builds full AP as the normal Orianna Mage does and then says: "hey, with this new Item I can get even more DPS for both my abilities and my autoattacks with even more multi-target damage. how neat" ... and completely broken, because Orianna is already balanced around the damage her abilities do. If she had the possibility to go for an Item that gives her more possibilities to deal damage she will spiral out of control. I can only guess what you are, but my best guess is that you are a butthurt {{champion:10}} main who doesn't see the benefit your champion gets from all the preseason changes. {{champion:10}} , {{champion:61}} and {{champion:17}} are perfectly balanced and don't need any more damage from some situational Item than they already have from their kit and the available Items. PS: THERE ARE NO "AP MARKSMEN" APART FROM TEEMO AND KAYLE (and Azir, but your Item doesn't work for his soldiers). Every other champion that could "become" an "AP Marksman" is a MAGE and is balanced around his/her Abilities. EDIT: Since you insist on mages not wanting to buy this and only your precious "AP Marksmen" buying this... which champions do you consider "AP Marksmen"?
: AP Version of Hurricane would be cool to have
So you think giving AP Mages another possibility to deal more AoE damage is healthy for the game? Right now the champs who I think would/could buy this are mages. Those already have tons of ranged AoE or burst damage (or both). I can't imagine any way that this item gets into the game without {{champion:10}} , {{champion:103}} , {{champion:117}} , {{champion:99}} , {{champion:61}}, maybe {{champion:50}}, maybe {{champion:115}} and {{champion:17}} possibly going out of control. All these would need compensation nerfs, just because people would start building this item on them. (HEHEHE, 200 extra physical damage against 3 targets for {{champion:45}} lategame... as if the oneshot burst wasn't enough)
: PBE Client making noises?
Same here, seems to be recall sound and some sounds that sound like they're from Kindred
The thing actually is, that if these champions are designed to do well in a certain stage of the game there is nothing wrong about that. I admit LeBlanc and Akali are really annoying because they stick onto you and definitely kill you in a 1v1 scenario even if you're 11/1 and they are 1/5. LeBlanc just has too high base damages and her "falling off lategame" is a myth that keeps coming from high elo where people say Banshee's counters LeBlanc because it messes up her combos... (too bad her combos have almost no cooldowns) while Akali really falls off lategame because, as long as she's not completely fed, her jumping into 3 or more people means her instant death because she has no way of getting out again (like LeBlanc has). Some Champions are made for 1v1s and can't be countered by sheer skill because their counterplay sinks to almost 0 when they're in a favorable position. This is where Teamplay comes into play. Most Assassins are countered pretty well by teamplay. Those Assassin's include Akali, Kassadin, Katarina, Kha'Zix, Master Yi, Nocturne Malzahar, Pantheon, Rengar, Talon, Tryndamere, Vi, Xin Zhao and Zed (since the delay on the jumpback on his R was added). These are champions whose counterplay sinks to basically 0 when in a 1v1 scenario, but they have to all in you and take a great risk to be able to kill you, so if your team is standing by to jump on them when they think they can all in you, you're already in a great spot. Katarina is special in a sense that the low HP teammates have to back off with their team so they don't become a potential target for a Katarina reset and cleanup, same applies to Master Yi. You'll notice that these champions all have something in common. If you see those in Soloqueue, they are usually being built really squishy, and that is your advantage, none of those can onecombo you unless they're really fed (exclude Rengar and Vi here, who could kill you really fast even if they're not really fed, that's really a balanceproblem) The "problematic" Assassins are LeBlanc, Fizz, Ahri and Riven (if you count her as an Assassin) because those champions have both engage aswell as disengage after using their engage, which makes them ridiculously safe when Assassinating a target and usually requires strong reflexes from the target to not be assassinated by them, which often leads to the target being "outplayed" (god I hate this word). You can also put Vayne in here and definitely Zed pre-R-nerf. These champions counterplay is to dodge/outplay them while they're using their window of opportunity to kill you. The big problem I see here is that these champions windows of opportunity appear too often, especially on LeBlanc and Fizz, whose cooldowns are ridiculously low for kits in which basic abilities can oneshot a target and still leaves a disengage open for the Assassin. I'm a dedicated Kassadin and Kha'Zix player, also used to play Katarina for that freelo in Silver, but now in Plat 2 it doesn't work that well anymore because people start to know how to play around her... the point in me even mentioning this is that I've come to realize the weakpoints of the Assassin's I play, for example, Kassadin has pretty obvious weakpoints, as his whole midgame long he is nothing but a minion if he didn't manage to snowball in some manner with his level 6 powerspike. If that is the case any champion can just come over and kill Kassadin over and over because he has basically no basedamages on his abilities and as long as he can't afford alot of Ability Power he can't fight anyone. Kha'Zix can be shut down by good teamplay and wardclearing. If Kha can't see you wandering alone he can't kill you. If your team is fully grouped up and nobody is isolated Kha doesn't even have enough damage to assassinate anyone and if he's stupid enough to still jump in he usually gets squashed like the bug he is. EDIT: just to put this out there. I respect your opinion and think alike for some champions, but if you start playing some of these champions you'll notice their weaknesses over time, because there are always a few smart people in soloqueue that eventually cross your path who exploit your champions weakness.
: [RIOT Skin Feedback] Thank you for Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
> Heck, even without balance changes Kinda says it all about what state Kassadin is in, although people in platinum still regularly call me out for playing a "noobchamp" when I get a good game on him... yep, plat is just like silver
: @Riot With the release of Cosmic Reaver Kassadin will there be any Kassadin changes?
The only reason why Kassadin is not a viable pick at the moment (determined by his winrate in high elo soloqueue, which never exceeds 46%) is because his base damages on his basic abilities have been nerfed into oblivion. This way Riot ensured that Kassadin is a high risk - high reward champion. Compared to all the other champions that are supposed to be high risk - high reward (looking at LeBlanc and Fizz here) they have actually done quite a good job with Kassadin. Your primary objective with Kassadin is to not die and stay as equal in lane as possible with a severe handicap, namely his comparably nonexistant basedamages after level 3, before this they are actually on par with other mages or assassin's. But from levels 4 to 18 his base damages are complete garbage and his scalings also only start to actually matter at 4+ Items. All Kassadin needs to be a viable pick again are acceptable base damages on his E and Q on higher ranks. Gaining 100 damage from rank 1 to 5 is ridiculous. If necessary, nerf his early Q damage again for higher damage on later ranks so people actually stop dying at level 3 to my Kassadin causing him to snowball completely out of control. Before anyone complains who would die to a Kassadin at level 3. I'm plat 2 and people regularly die to my Kassadin at level 3. If this happens I usually end with scores like 21/5 at 30 minutes. If it doesn't happen the game either ends with a loss after 30 minutes because I'm utterly useless on Kassadin or, if my team carries me, the game goes into 50 minutes and I start to dominate over the enemy team with 1k damage ults on a 1.2 second cooldown.
: Bug with amount of runes
you fked up... but I think pretty much everyone did. The runebundle doesn't care if you already have some of those runes, it just adds them to it and fixing it is useless, too because honestly on the PBE nobody really cares about being able to have too many runes because it doesn't have an impact on game balance.
: Gangkplank E nerf.
Gangplank E is ridiculously strong. With this Nerf Riot wants to find out how far they'd have to go to actually have an impact on the currently completely imbalanced state in which Gangplank is. If it doesn't end up making a difference because the barrels do 1.2k damage either way they're just gonna leave it that way and I think it's gonna stay that way.
: Wukong 'E' Bug
Same with Master Yi's Alpha Strike "Q". Not sure if it's a bug though, it just only does damage to targets that are visible. I think it would also not jump onto an invisible Teemo if you used the Ability on someone standing next to one.
: runes? mastires?
there are no %-pen runes and only 1 mastery that gives 6% Armor and Magic Pen, but since he doesn't have the 6% Magic Pen, he can't have the mastery... I'm guessing that something bugged out the Armor Pen from Darius E
: Ideas for making Kassadin more balanced and focused on his primary and secondary roles.
Although I like them Riot probably wont consider these changes, because they nerfed (my beloved) Kassadin in order to take him out of the meta because tons of people were complaining about him being OP. Now everyone has calmed down a bit and they are doing the first step toward balancing him again with the AP ratio on his ult and in my opinion the change that is currently on the PBE is both much needed aswell as quite healthy for his kit, because it makes his escape also his main damage tool. This promotes Athene's Unholy Grail on Kassadin to a must-buy, so I'd recommed Riot to put it on his Recommended Essential Items because imho Luden's Echo is not good on him anymore since the nerf to the charge generation and the AP-ratio on it's Passive.
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: I do love Kingdom Hearts. One of my favorite games of all time ^_^ SHARE THE LURVE!
The difference between Kingdom Hearts and League of Legends is that in Kingdom Hearts you could dash to dodge attacks to get yourself time to move behind the enemy while in League of Legends autoattacks will hit you unless you block them with an ability that has a very high cooldown. Therefore trying to move in position is a waste of time in LoL unless the reward you get is worth the 1-2 autoattacks you'll be missing out on. You have my upvotes for the Kingdom Hearts love, but the Fiora mechanic feels quite weak tbh.
: About the hate that players give the new Fiora rework
Although I like the gameplay update and the new mechanics introduced with it, when I proc her passive I feel like I just activated Irelia's W... for 1 attack. And Irelia doesn't even have to move to proc her true damage and heal for the next few attacks and usually doesn't get minionblocked 20 times just to proc it. I feel like Fiora's new passive is still a little weak as it's scaling with AD is not strong enough to promote AD Fiora. Building Fiora like Irelia ({{item:3078}} + Tank) is more beneficial and I usually don't imagine my fragile-looking duelists with 300 Armor, 250 Magic Resistance and 3500 HP. To sum up what I want to say: Passive is too high risk/too mechanically intense for the reward it gives and doesn't promote a "Fragile Duelists" build. Also her walking animation feels really weird. I feel like I'm in a 1950 Mickey Mouse cartoon when I play her.
: I think the new 'Weak Spot' mechanic needs a weak spot (Kappa). I've got a great idea that doesn't chance the mechanic but instead gives a counter play for tanks against the true damage. I don't think tanks like Rammus and Malphite should be affected by this mechanic since they are tanks. But even though they are tanks they can not counter this mechanic since it's true damage. So I though that after reaching a certain amount of armor on a champion, the 'Weak Spot' mechanic doesn't affect that champion. It would make a lot of sense since tanks tend to have few weak spots. I really hope you consider this since it would give a nice counter play for tanks. Let me know what you think!
It has a weak spot... minionblock fucks her up real hard and standing next to a wall makes it impossible for her to finish her ultimate...
: Fiora Feedback Thread
The tooltip of her E says: "The second attack is guarenteed to critically strike..." I get the pun, but it's still basically a mistake nice job on the gameplay update, though, feels really smooth to play her, all those autoattack resets make her really nice to play mechanically, but I feel like she is probably the champion that is punished most by minionblock. I can only add that her walking animation looks weird, she's kinda jumping all the time
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: Since you're talking about Gunblade, what about another hybrid item? What are you current thoughts/plans in regards to Rageblade? it kind of sits in a wierd AP/Attack Speed place but then has a pickaxe no AP wants. I fooled around with it some on Azir during URF and it felt like a fit but I'm not sure where you would push it to differentiate it from Nashor's.
I'd actually say the only thing Rageblade needs to be good on champions like Jax, Fizz and Kayle is a cost increase to 3000 g and the removal of the cooldown on the passive, so you always have the passive when you are below 50% HP and maybe some movement speed on the passive, although it might get OP for those champions then.
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