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: I Charm first then ult+w in tbh. I rather the lower W delay than a longer one. Just my preference.
It's a tenth of a second that gives you more reward for being closer to your target... what this essentially allows is for you to cast your w and e simultaneously but land the w damage just after the e so you get the amplfied damage. This is how it was when they balanced her kit around the damage amp in season 4. It was a legit mechanic that's being overlooked right now. .5 seconds is cripples everyone, whereas .6 only cripples people who don't understand how animation lockouts and cast times work.
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: Ahri Feedback
I'm an Ahri only player on my main account, so these changes are extremely relevant to my enjoyment of this game. Between the two options, i prefer the damage amplification on E. (i'd rather not have any changes, but yesterday's changes i could definitely get on board with). It had a great level of satisfaction associated with the damage output. The balance of that power met with ahri's reduced safety in lane really felt like I had some strengths and weakness to pay attention to and i feel like i could get ahead and carry a game. Also, the W delay feels right if you know how to use it with her combo (I've mained ahri since season 3, so i'm well aware of how she used to play) As for today's iteration, it feels absolutely terrible. her early game lane dominance and roam potential has been gutted in exchange for an mediocre skill in the late game. With this iteration on it's own, she lacks any satisfaction of getting to that point in the game without being a hindrance to her team and not to mention, she just doesn't have any satisfying power throughout what should be her strongest points in game. I felt bored the entire duration. To more more emphasis, I really dislike today's changes. I spent the whole game feeling like i was waiting for some super awesome moment, and then when it (level 16) came, it was just like, "oh, that's it? ok....". at least yesterday i felt compelled to go back more and more to play, but today I don't even care, that one game was incredibly dull. Also, i'd like to offer input that the cooldown reduction being added to her ultimate bolts doesn't add any level of satisfaction or skill to the champ. While playing, i consciously did my best to get the reduction, and although i was rewarded with what i sought, it didn't feel impactful enough to make a difference. The sustained fights where i have to rely on her ult and W's targeted aspects I feel are completely adverse to what the community of ahri mains and players really want from this champ. We want W and R to be impactful, but not be ahri's primary source of success and that seems to be what today's iteration was pointing towards.
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: No More Ahri Updates
I couldn't care less about the image as a whole because after the load in screen, I'll never have to see it again. However, being as I pretty much play Ahri exclusively on my main, i'd be stuck seeing that face for 40 minutes at a time every single game no matter what skin i use, and i'm not looking forward to that. Give me foxfire or popstar Ahri's face instead :D.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
Ahri has become pretty much the only champ i play. I love the new skin, however, as others have mentioned, the hair doesn't really suit her (it should be longer). [The short pony tail seems to be lost in her back when she moves]( Other than that, i love the colors, particles and style of this skin!
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: Hi, Any kind of leave buster can't predict if you crashed, lost internet connection or etc. It's just impossible. The fact that you left game already puts your team into disadvantage and that shouldn't happen again. We need to punish AFK players even if some had real problems. First you get a warning, take some time, don't rush to play another match, check in custom game if everything is working fine. Just remember, if you lose internet connection, game crashes and you can't reconnect because of some kind of other problem, it's not those 9 other players fault, it's yours. You don't have stable internet connection? - Find a solution to make it stable; Game crashed? - Use repair option to fix your client! PBE is not that "harsh" for AFK players, because it's PBE ;) , crashes are taken into consideration. Riot previews reports and don't punish those players who seem to have crashed or had other issues with the client. So far this LeaveBuster is much better than the last one we had.
To play off of what you say, i believe the whole leave buster warning should come with a secondary reminder message either linking to or explaining what to check in case their leave was unintentional before they rush into another game. Also, just an idea, but the current contractual message instantly implies that the user intentionally set up their team to lose and can be read in a rather condescending tone. I understand making you sign a contract agreeing not to leave makes people more likely to see there are consequences to their actions, however, if the leave is a result of a crash or internet issues, forcing them to sign a contract agreeing to not leave in the future does not seem appropriate. Instead i propose Riot makes the message focus more on understanding rather than agreement. for instance, typing: "I understand"- leaving too frequently will result in punishment. Rather than, "I agree"-to never ever ever leave again, I pinkie promise. The same point is made, however, the focus isn't pointing blame as harshly, while promoting the idea to the user that they need to ensure their equipment/services are working properly prior to entering a new game.


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