: Did they lower the damage on his Q? I didnt have a problem in lane when the rework first came out but yesterday I was having problems keeping the lane clear and not getting pushed.
They lowered it back to the .3 AP/sec ratio (.3 is the live value, .4 was the value when Q was first reworked). Theoretically, the added second to Beatrice's uptime could be a buff to damage, except the fact that this comes at the cost of a very small tether range means anyone with the sense to back off when Swain tries to go in for a trade will be able to escape his snare, meaning they won't take more than 2 ticks at best. Edit: Sorry, I singled out the wrong issue. You could run AWAY from Swain just as easily before. The issue with new Q is that it doesn't punish people who try to turn on him (or dodge side-to-side) once he uses it.
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: End of Game Victory/Defeat Banner Bug
I was getting the same thing in Co-op Vs. AI.
: [Archangel's Staff] - stacks always zero
I got this as well when playing Ziggs in a Co-op vs. AI game. Bonus mana was locked at 0, and the Insight passive gave me 0 AP.

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