: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Aatrox
What's crazy is that since Aatrox doesn't naturally have a completely skin-tight model in any of his skins, they actually had to invest the effort into modeling a smooth full-body morph suit style model for him. At no point should ballerina body aatrox been allowed to happen.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Aatrox
After seeing the video of the skin on Surrender@20, I'd have to say the armor and effects looks pretty good. People might not like the style, but it appears to be a relatively finished project. Where I would really like to input my criticism is how unfinished the body looks. From many angles, the torso and legs just look completely unfinished. Going from old aatrox's paneled bone armor, even to new Aatrox, the smooth, ballet dancer style leggings are completely out of character for the model. Honestly, the entire body from the head down looks like Galio: The musical. I'd really like to highlight this reddit thread with some adjustments. Personally, I appreciate the texture work used to fix the legs if the wireframe doesn't get adjusted. I would like to see some of the asymmetrical chest lapel used, but add more detail so it doesn't look like a nursing blanket. (https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/dmy9z5/i_did_some_tweaks_for_victorious_aatrox/)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Hecarim
His tail needs to be lengthened and thickened up. Right now he looks like a cropped donkey ):
: Full metal Pantheon isn't gritty or dark anymore, can we make him more "dark"?
I think his cape might look interesting with a rusty dark orange color, rather than red. Kinda similar to his old skin. Also, The helmet crest thing is a cool idea, but just looks awkward on the model. I don't know how they could fix it, maybe make it look more similar to base hecarim's helmet horn dealy, but over-exhaggerated with a neon core running through it.
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: Really not a big fan of the eye, it feels like it's adding a comical detail where it's not needed nor wanted. As someone that loves Jhin as a character and as a champion to play, I might speak for a lot of people that want this skin to really fit the dark thematic through and through. The bright white eyeball popping out of his head in his model and noticeably more in his splash needs to be toned down. May I suggest a more edgy approach by making it a red glow from the black of the eyehole in his mask? Anything but a bright white eyeball. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Also, after watching the interactions video, I can't help but feel his cape is lacklustre compared to the likes of Ashe, Xayah and Rakan's cosmic skins, with Ashe's cape and Xayah and Rakan's wings.
I agree that replacing the white of the eye and adding a more pronounced twilight effect on the tail of his cape would help make him pop. I think a pink pupil in a black eye slot would look best, similar to summoner icon.
: Apparently the Skin Spotlight was slightly bugged during his ult. For some reason his model is glitched and he only uses one arm. Trying it out on PBE, you can see he uses all of them. I recorded a little video to showcase it so that you can understand: https://youtu.be/h6TmNummw3Y Hope this will help!
Thanks for sharing this. Looks better than just one arm. Still feels underwhelming, but I think it's because I'm the type of person who really liked the vibrant and oversized look of project jhin ult. Maybe some more blue/purple neon effects or dark star summoning of his two high arms or something would finish it for me, but I really don't know at this point. I liked the blue mysterio orb in his upper chest in sur@20's video, which your video seems to be lacking (EDIT: It seems to be replaced with his shoulder orb during the ult, making it purple and gold) Looks more like he has a Sonc the Hedgehog ring in his chest with black in the center. Kind of odd, but I guess we'll never really appreciate those details when we zoom out to ult so it's irrelevant. I actually really like the blue mysterio orb style headpiece, and think it would look really cool with the shoulder piece and orb sitting up against it, rather than the cowl..
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: I worry his ultimate is unintentionally benefited due to the high-contrast backdrop making it easier to see units. His Q, while visually and thematically appealing, sounds underwhelming. And like most people, I find the eye to be offputting on both the in-game model and the skin portrait when compared to the icon which is astonishing by comparison. I've tinkered with him for a little bit on the PBE, and as a Jhin one trick pony, I really like the aesthetic that this skin brings to the table. I see some complaints about the ultimate not being very Jhin like, but that's honestly a feature about this skin that I feel makes it unique. Every other skin of Jhin's has some sort of super-gun for his ultimate - this breaks away from that in a unique way. I like the suggestion of utilizing all four arms, but since that happens on the fourth shot, I feel it's fine as is. I have reservations about the backdrop of the ultimate from a gameplay perspective, however. Units contrast against it ridiculously well compared to the ground of summoner's rift. It seems unintentionally beneficial. The only way I think I'd be able to adjust it would be to tone down the darker shades of the dark star, for a more cosmic thematic, in lieu of increasing the opacity. I feel the mix of the dark star model, with the cosmic backdrop, and maybe a dark star would better meld the dark cosmic theme. Though this is certainly delivered on the outside perspective. His pauldron appears to be modeled after an astrolabe, but the abrupt point of the pauldron pulls away from that a bit too much and is distracting while walking to the right. Smoothing that out to look more like Garen's pauldron on his base model, may look cleaner. Otherwise - I LOVE everything else. Whisper sounds amazing (especially on the fourth shot). I love the transition to a Dark Star theme on the fourth shot (though I wish it didn't time out when holding for too long or was a toggleable state post 16). I love his joke, dance, taunt 0 they're all fantastic. The voice lines are great, as are the effects layered on it.
I think if he used all of his hands to sling held dark star orbs, the armored hand being his fourth 'throw/shot' during his ult, it would maybe look less awkward and low budget in absence of his weapon. I agree that the 'no super gun' is a big change for the skin, making it very different, so I think they really need to put the extra work for taking the crux of Jhin's ult, the super cannon, out of him. Project Jhin's ultimate made the whole skin amazing, with the oversized weapon, music, sound effects really compensating for the zoom out feature, where you can't really make out how cool your own guy looks at that distance.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
The bottom of the dark purple cape on his backside should have that cool starry sky transparency effect like cosmic yi and cosmic kassadin, but with the purple space colors. :D Sort of like the cloth is fading into space fabric. It MIGHT have this effect, it's hard to tell.
: Few people seem to be bothered by the eye. Honestly, I find it brilliant! A minor detail that adds a lot of depth to the character. Just what kind of monstrosity hides behind that mask? How would you feel knowing that horifying eye is staring right at you? I love it!!!!! Really captures the skin theme!!! My only complaints are 2: Is there a chance that the skin borders could be more dark star and less cosmic? I find the blue doesnt really fit with the splashart during the loading screen and Is there a chance his E could be darker, less opaque? Not completely, obviously, just a bit less, to bring him closer to his other skins! That's all, hope you will take my comment in consideration!!
Darker, darkstar colored black hole effects on his E would be great. The only components of the cosmic line I really want to see in this skin are the constellations and the weird transparent space cloth they use. Other than that, it should be total dark star black and neon colors.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
Some basic variations/suggestions for tweaking the splash art eye: (https://www.reddit.com/r/JhinMains/comments/bukzdc/whipped_up_some_basic_variations_on_jhins_weird/)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
I think it's worth mentioning that Jhin strikes and holds a lot of variable poses when he's moving / shooting / casting spells, and most of those seem to be absent from this skin, seemingly due to floating run animations or his non-physical interactions with his gun(s). His crazy eye looks great when he's rearranging the stars in his emote, otherwise it feels really weird, especially in his splash art. Maybe if would look better if it was focused on the planet in his hand, rather than just sort of wondering if he left his cosmic oven on, back at home.
: I like it except for one thing. His shoulder piece seems too large and obtrusive compared to his other skins. It's not very elegant.
Visually, I like his pauldron, I just wish it mechanically served a purpose. It doesn't interact with any part of him, other than spawning his grenade, which doesn't make much sense. It's not a launcher or anything. It's not part of Jhin's ultimate weapon housing, so.. It's just visual I guess.
: the skin is amazing and honesty the biggest change i would want is a price change lol. one thing with the ult. its kinda lackluster to see jihn only use one hand shoot the ult shots. It would seem in character to use either all the hands or at least the two bottom hands. Also to the 4th shot on the ult maybe more effects, similar to how the bullet looks different than the other three, maybe a bit of change on his animation. Idk the workings and i dont want to sound like im demanding change is just imput.
I'm not a huge supporter of Jhin not having a gun for his ultimate, but if they were going to use the arms only, it would be cool if the arms not in use held floating giant dark star planets, which as he shot, he throws/fires each of them. Or maybe the arms could be doing some kind of summoning animations while dark star / space particles gather, like he's absorbing what's around him to weaponize and fire it.
: His walking animation should feel more....Jhin
Losing a lot of walking/running animations, plus his lack of interaction between himself and his weapons (being that they're floating, non-rendered on his body, or non-existent, like in his ultimate) does leave a lot of the choreography and ritual of Jhin out of the picture. A lot of his expression was through his physical movement and involvement in what he did. Some of his emotes, back animation, REALLY captures this, but the skin in USE feels like it's lacking these elements.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
In order to evaluate this skin, I think I have to come at it from the angle that it's really trying to put an emphasis on Jhin's humanoid model to tell a story. This gives me some room for developmental consideration, however I do feel like a large part of Jhin's personality is lost in translation when removing a focus on his gun/w/weapon shoulder/complete lack of these components forming together for his ultimate shoulder cannon and physical interactions with each part. The W gun looks visually unimpressive in the few frames you ever really get to see it. When you do see or notice it, it looks unfinished, almost like a plastic walking cane. As an asset which is usually stored on his body, it's disappointing that this element isn't either A.) entirely space effects, which could be summoned (as he currently does in this skin from under his robes), or B, not properly rendered in model form or in storage on Jhin's person. His Q bombs and E traps have a lot of gold and metal in them. Stands out to me, they look big, bulbous and kind of dull. The effects are alright. I would like to see E's trap detonate and swirl inward, like a black hole spinning the constellations and consuming them toward the middle before explosion. Maybe this is what was attempted, but I don't see it as visually completing this. The Back animation, star aligning emote, and dance are great. Love that. The weapon effects don't sound like they bring anything new to the table. Base, High noon, and Project had some pretty great sound effects. In this skin his gun and grenades still just kinda sound squishy. Feels really noticable when he's popping the planets in his emote. It's kind of like a 'piff' sound. Almost can't tell the difference between it and pool party AA's. Hovering homeguards animation isn't anything special. The gun just floating with him is also disconnected. Taking away Jhin's pose striking from his AA attacks and use of weapons makes him feel very flat. I wonder if the star on his head would have been better suited to being his mask eye. That eyeball is creepy and really detracts from him as a cosmic being, looking so humanoid and crazy. Obviously Jhin's not crazy, he's sociopathic and calculating. I assume the weird eyeball was 'part of his costume', since when he ults, he looks like Mysterio. Would have liked to see some more of that Mysterio / four arms / star forehead action throughout his whole skin, since the Jhin player will never really get to appreciate their Ultimate on a visual level unless details are suuuper pronounced, like they are in Project skin, where the gun is oversized and lasers. I'm sad Jhin's W gun is non-important, and he doesn't have any of the ritualistic animations for interacting with his pistol, and no ultimate gun whatsoever. The idea of him shooting his ult from his hand is interesting, but doesn't really reflect anything impressive in-game, aside from his physical model looking cooler than regular. Particles on his death passive flower, marking an enemy, casting his ult, or anything with one of the void orbs (his shoulder, center of trap) All look cool, and I love that glowing black hole aesthetic. Would love to see his 'Void eye' (From his back animation) show up when he's got his fourth shot ready. Really visually impress that "I'm bringing my focus down on you" feeling. Are the various black circles on his model supposed to have particles? (His talisman on the back of his cape, hanging off his pauldron, necklace, and knee guards - Kneeguards look the most unfinished comparatively)
: Love the skin! But that eye feels... kinda weird?
The eye is super weird. I'd like to see it reflect more of the summoner icon particle, rather than weird popping out of your head eyeball. I THINK it's supposed to look weird because it's part of his mask and not his actual eye, but even so it sort of detracts from him being a cosmic being, looking so human and "crazy" at that. Jhin's sociopath, not a nutter.
: Considering we already have Championship skin line to celebrate Worlds, As well as Conqueror and Team skins I dont think we need any more eSports-tied skins. The skins are rare in the sense that they are not easily obtainable, thus being exclusive. not rare as in we do not know when we will see another one. I personally don't mind them occurring so frequently as there are some Prestige skins I personally don't want (Akali, Aatrox) so I can sit the grind out. I'm sure a considerable amount of the player-base isn't going to want every Prestige Skin that drops, but I do think there should be a set standard of what is "Prestige" because right now its just an expensive gold chroma.
After released details today about how prestige aatrox will be a year-long available, for 'prestige tokens' which only come from loot box purchases, I definitely feel like they just tried to come at gemstone skins another way in an attempt to make the random loot system a necessity for players who want to access certain content. It's not a rare skin just because it requires 150 dollars to purchase shit you don't want in order to get the skin you're interested in. Bad business model. I wasn't a fan of the gemstone deal, but at least skins were few and far between, and I didn't mind them being predominantly 'hextech' styled. I'm not going to say 'prestige skin', because these are not prestige skins. They're golden chroma deluxe skins. BUT, I like the idea that you can earn stuff towards them longer than a single event. I like that you use a homogenized currency earned for them, I get tired of trying to figure out what hoops I have to jump through to get a new skin. But being tied entirely to loot boxes feels like it shoots this progress in the foot. I guess the only way it really could have been worse if they were "opening loot boxes" exclusive.. Not that I want to give any 'great' ideas here. /s
: > [{quoted}](name=2514,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ZwxTAljR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-09T03:03:36.078+0000) > > Remember when we got promised Presitge skins would have at least some different detail model wise? ^ Having unique and noticeable changes to models was the biggest selling point about these Prestige skins for me. I wasn't a fan of normal KDA Kai'Sa and I thought the Prestige one was a good alternative, I definitely wouldn't have grinded for it if it was just a recolor. We already have golden Chromas so I am not sure why Prestige skins are being reduced to such now :c Hextech skins feel more exclusive and special at this point if this is how Prestige skins are going to be moving forward :c
I was hoping prestige stuff would be tied to esports and non-league realm stuff (hence KDA skins or such), but now it's the SUPER RARE AND "EXCLUSIVE" gold skin of each new release wave. Honestly I'm surprised how fast the quality and delivery of them fell short.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox!
I think it would be nice if the original model also had glowing eyes like the Prestige edition. The waist sash and wings look really weird from some angles, but I don't imagine anything can be done about that. I haven't seen the ultimate wings actually work, but I've heard some people say they need to be larger. Overall, prestige feels more like a fancy chroma than a full blown prestige skin. The particles on it are good, but overall I think it lacks the depth and variation other prestige skins have gotten. The color palette of original SFX is great. While I LIKE the original model colors, it feels like there's three conflicting color combinations going on. You have a sort of candy red in the arm, a very blood red/gold in his sword, and then the muted pinkish red purple in his body and wings. I do like them, but it causes a lot of visual inconsistency. I find his skull pauldron and his waist/thigh armor to look kind of rounded and unfinished. Looks more like playdough than sharp armor. Think it would have been cool to have small burning auras around both skins' feet. A black type aura for prestige, red for base. The aura being one small circle to each foot, so it looks like it's where he steps.
: Hi hi! Thanks for popping in to leave feedback! We don't plan on giving Blood Moon Aatrox a mask for this skin - it was an intentional design choice to omit it this time around.
What's the reason behind intentionally omitting the mask, might I ask?
: The big Oni-like Arm on the Splashart is his left one while in game its the right one. Please fix!
the main issue isn't so much that it's mirrored, but that it's mirrored and his sword is in the wrong hand. I think this is a 'new aatrox' issue though, because didn't the same thing happen with his base skin? Can't remember.
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Lancer Paragon/Renegade Blitz, you've done this to us. Please don't do 'buy all chromas for a unique chroma' for skins you make variants of.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Fiddlesticks
I think it would look better visually if when Fiddlesticks uses his back animation, the laser lock on causes a beam which explodes the bird in a sooty poof, rather than the robot tongue snatching it and pulling it into Fiddlesticks' mouth. This change would be more 'search and destroy' robotic, rather than weird robot lizard frog chameleon.
: Press [shift] over your tooltip for more information!
shift doesn't include this information on pbe.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Akali's passive movespeed proc (gained when procced and circle is crossed) should be mentioned in her passive notes. Couldn't find anything explaining the HUGE movespeed generated, other than mousing over the very short term buff you get.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
Would be cool if in the head hunter akali skins, the passive AA/circle, and particles matched the weapon color. Right now the magenta color looks a bit off on lava colored blades of ruby chroma. Would be cool to see a cyan blue spell effect for ruby, to match the neon lighting on her back. Any reason for no white stripe tanzanite hair, and a pink stripe for pearl? Examples: ( https://i.redd.it/0sb5ft6liua11.png )
: Chromas with an actual pineapple shirt don't get pineapple barrels? please consider! Pearl chroma with pineapple barrels!
Pearl and rosequartz should definitely get a pineapple along with ruby, if they implement the pineapple barrel.
: Pool Party Gangplank
Comprehensive suggestions/critiques of skin and chromas (Posted on reddit): ( https://i.redd.it/48tia0dh8sa11.png )
: Pool Party Gangplank
A reddit suggestion was for the three legged, UFO shaped charcoal grilles for his barrels, and when they arm, the lid pops open and shows steaks or kebabs or whatever. Think this would be maximum awesomeness for the Dad steaks, grillin' motif.
: could use a straw hat or a 'dad hat' which is basically a baseball cap
I like his hatless design, personally. Always wished his new base skin had a hat toggle option.
: Needs to have a hary chest like Graves.
some chest hair would be awesome.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
PP Taric hair should stay real colors, not grey/blue. Give him some black hair, brown hair, etc.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Blood moon akali's colors need to be adjusted. Too vibrant and cartoony currently. (Also a shame to lose some of the red/white contrast she originally had, but maybe this was to make visual room for nurse/all star?) Sashimi Akali should have orange spell effects. Would be cool to see a noodley/wave inspired design in her passive circle. Nurse Akali could use red spell effects. Stinger: Golden/mustard yellow effects Silverfang, reflective/highlighter yellow spell effects. Akali should have toggle-able face mask in all skins.
: Pool Party Gangplank
Cool, skin. Main issues: Lei looks very one dimensional / floats awkwardly above his model at some angles. His squirt gun color scheme is very lowkey, given we look at the bottom of it fairly often. Main suggestion (and in a few chromas) would be to make sure the under-barrel pump is a different color to contrast the weapon, rather than same color / darker same color. Looks unfinished. The oranges on his shirt around his lapel are kind of stretched, which makes them look like pizza slices. Graphical / spell effects around his watermelon barrels look unfinished. Would like to see either some more variation models (coconut, pineapple, watermelon, etc.) or see tiki style punch kegs, or summer style drinks.
: [Visuals] Blood Moon Akali
A color scheme closer to Elise would be better than the hyper vibrant blood moon evelynn color scheme they're trying to push now.
: maybe its a fictional fruit only found in runeterra but pineapples dont have pumpkin stem like that (its normal on his other shirts though) also some more fruits that could be used in the other chromas are dragonfruits, coconuts, durians and maybe papayas
More fruits would be awesome. Watermelon, pineapple, coconut, even a giant orange would be fun.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
Thank god for PP GP chromas, his base coloring on gun left a lot to be desired. Some Critiques or suggestions: Would really like to see some more neon colors on his gun, like other pool party guns. Pink would be a cool addition to match the green, and synergize with his watermelons. The guns just don't stand out very well in the chromaswhere the gun matches the shirt. Purple and yellow being big offenders. The pattern on the ruby GP chroma shirt is a bit nondescript, making it hard to tell what it is. What actually is it? twinkies and coffee beans? On base GP, the oranges are stretched around his lapel which make them look like pizza slices to me. Would absolutely love to see more unique fruits added for his barrels, even a 'giant orange' for his base skin. Hopefully the white and pink chromas use the pineapple barrel given they have pineapples on the shirt. In some skins, I think a better contrasting color for the under-barrel pump of the gun would help make the gun stand out. Some of the chromas address this, but in the base, purple, and ruby skins the contrast is minimal, and makes the gun not look dull, given you stare at the bottom of it most of the time. The lei around his neck looks a bit floaty/one dimensional from some angles and animations. Splash art shows some variation in coloring in the lei, but the regular skin one is just yellow. I can't tell what the tattoos are on his chest, but maybe some tribal variations between chromas?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
To address the face alone, So far, we've seen the log in screen, the summoner icon, loading screen border, splash art, and the in-game jhin hologram face, which honestly looks very poor in comparison to it's concepts. https://i.imgur.com/lRp5h1H.jpg While the summoner icon obviously is a higher resolution to more intricately display the features they intended, it just doesn't work on the in-game model, leaving Jhin looking like he has a pink emoji heart on his forehead. I really like the minimal look of the log-in jhin face, both in the properly emphasized three fangs (middle one actually being longer) and the U shaped bow of the forehead/brow line, compared to the more V shaped forehead, which poorly implements the V shape symbol.

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