: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
This has to be an early april fools joke. Don't make this a trend this is just lazy and a scam with the current pricing. It reflects on the company very poorly.. I get these skins probably looked fun and cuddly on the drawing board, but releasing these and actually expecting us to pay for reskins of skins that aren't even chromas for a chroma price is ridiculous. This entire concept is going to strictly relate to favorism and thats already an issue. I remember riot destroying my hopes for chromas for older skins unless they revisit the lines (rip program camille and battlecast skarner chromas i guess), instead we're doing this shit for whatever reasoning I still don't understand...I'd rather you guys just revisit skin lines and make appropriately priced chromas for them instead of leaving everything with potential in the dark just to make the exact same thing again. I'm going to be foaming at the mouth if super galaxy gets this treatment instead of chromas..
: Dunno if you can answers this but are golden chroma for championship skin only unlockable this year? I would understand 2018 world emote and icon to be this year exclusive but for chroma, i feel like bringing them back each year wouldn't be a problem (except for ashe who was advertise as exclusive to 2017)
They said the gold chromas are limited. Just like how golden ashe didn't reappear.
: Is there a possibility to do the opposite for skin like king rammus? Would love playing with that phantasy while keeping the original one exclusive to poeple who were there during that time
I would gladly take a bronze color pallet chroma of victorious Elise if they went this route. Maybe someday, but its hard to balance for limited skins like king rammus due to what they represent. I still believe there should be a border/chroma system and the skin models themselves should be available for players that just want their character in clothing more expressive to them. Maybe even put numbers on backs/chest representing the original ones in their respective seasons with the modern ones having less color (navy blue gems instead of teal) and no border/number.
: We haven't decided on this yet, but if is successful I believe at least one per event. Would you like to see them more often?
One per event no. Never pls. Borders are enough and they're being overdone. One or two yearly, a maybe. Assuming the price and grind time gets sliced in half at least. This is going to go downhill very fast with "why x champ instead of x" / "why this skin over this" / "I'm already burnt out grinding form the last prestiges project skin, why do I have to grind for star guardian 2 weeks later now?" etc. I think you've guys have been overdoing it with the borders lately too, I wouldn't want to see this be the case with prestige. I know you guys want these skins to be rare, but make them rare to be made, rather then just hard to obtain and only rare because few players probably bothered to get them in grinding. I'm not going to be anymore or less impressed to see a prestige kai'sa over K/DA if I'm being real, its not like victorious where you can go "oh wow, this guy jungled since season 3, I should respect him" or borders "oh this guy was around at the time of the star guardian event, maybe now that its 2023 I should be careful about this guy!". Its literally just a grind, and since if I'm not incorrect it isn't limited to this event then its still doesn't hold much value (and if it is limited thats just sad and I'd definitely never want to see more limited prestiges again. I'm still sad from limited skins I never got the chance to get because time machines weren't invented.) EDIT: ok its a hextech crafting skin, but that begs the question of why's it even worth grinding at all for then when there's actual limited content like the gold chromas and borders? Isn't the fact its still possible in hextech a complete devalue and makes the grind completely irrelevant since anybody who says they spent an entire month grinding 5 wins day for it can be completely shoveled in the dirt by somebody who just says "i randomly got it lol"
: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
I think it would've been fair to do this with 1500 or 1000 tokens.. but 2500 tokens is actually ridiculous and honestly pressures the players to the point of anxiety trying to grind in time. For instance, I'd like other content like the gold shy chroma and border, I got my kha ones, and on top of all these I'd like to use my RP for the many (overpriced) chromas of kha as well as other store content. Instead I'm estentially pressured to only get the kai'sa skin, and hope with 50 dollars dumped on 500 tokens I can get more stuff after it if I even do get enough tokens after getting the skin to manage anything more. The fact I feel forced to play league of legends instead of at my own will because of how long and hard of a grind this is doesn't make me enjoy the game and I'm feeling burnt out tryharding for S ranks in norms. I'm not even motivated to play champs I wanna learn or experience because its more guaranteed to just bring out the best every game for the quickest grind. There is too much limited content (borders, chromas, etc) for this world's event. I could understand if stuff was cheap like 150 tokens per border, 300 per chromas, but it actually feels impossible and maddening to try and get everything or even half of the world's content available, even with the lengthy timespan, notice how I said worlds content and not including halloween and K/DA which for some reason ties into worlds and eats tokens budget. _____________ Also I've said this in the other feedback thread, but prestige kai'sa void attachments just look absolutely awful in comparison to original K/DA's. The side attachments are missing, and the gem is missing, overall it looks extremely stripped down of detail and animation that it actually feels like the original is a 1350 RP skin and the prestige is a 975. Its just the attachments, everything else about the skin is absolutely fine IMO, but its kai'sa's character's main showpiece on her model, so it should be the more visually impressive thing there and its not, for the original absolutely, prestige far from it.
: Currently we are only focusing on Chromas for new skins.
Have you considered taking periods in which you revisit old skins? Feel like there's huge money opportunity to give chromas for death blossom and super galaxy skins, DB with flower combinations, galaxy could feature several options for players that might not enjoy their current pallets. For examples. Would be sad if only new skins result in chromas.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
IMHO I love the skin visually with SFX and splash. (IMO the hair is a lot better then regular K/DA kai'sa too) But I have to agree on her void attachments being very subpar compaired to regular K/DA, like actually lazy if I'm to be broad. My main issues revolve on how they don't look altered for the sake of uniqueness visually, they just look straight up stripped down. The side panels which open with her Q animation are gone which I don't really understand the decision behind doing that, and the gem just isn't there for some reason.. with these two pieces missing, she looks much smaller in comparison, not as wide due to those side pieces missing, and the attachments don't look very bulky because there's no gem. You might've as well just put two irelia blades there instead to be blunt. I get you wanted uniqueness, but I'd much much more preference just the original's void attachments put on, even slightly recolored over these ones. Otherwise this is a really nice skin but I don't know if I'll actually grind for it if the void attachments don't change, they look too off. I would easily say if they had the original's void attachments this would be one of the best skins this year, its that massive of a difference with those attachments alone but as they are I ain't interested enough for the work to get it considering its the showpiece of her character model I like about the most. Please consider making the attachments more like KDA in shape and animation, they don't even have to be the same color, you can make the color more victoriousy if you wanted, I think adding a bit of blue, pink, or purple would make this Kpop themed skin pop. Right now the only thing it has going for it over the original is IMO the removal of hair buns, and its general prestige status for rarity value if i'm being honest, it looks visually good with the color differences though but that's an opinion of whether you like yellow or purple. I really apologize if I came off as rude. Its still early in the cycle so I'm hoping a change like this can be fit in.
: Championship Kha'Zix
Looks amazing! Only two points that bother me **W** It sounds alright shooting, but it feels like there's an audio file missing for when it hits a target. Whether thats a bug or there wasn't a sound there to begin with for this skin, there really should be one. **Face animation** This alongside mecha doesn't seem to have an animated mouth? Kha's taunts and Q in other skins do open his mouth, mecha doesn't which makes sense, but why not this one? ____ and just a concern: **Chromas** Curious to know if the chromas would be normally priced/have a bundle. 48 chromas = 13,920 RP which is over 100 dollars + the skin itself + probably extra for the border and gold chroma i imagine? Whats the availability length of the chromas? Will the chromas be available in the future or are they limited like the gold chroma?
: New versions of Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro arrive on PBE
There's a lot of problems with this change. I think the direction is solid, but this still needs work. **Zombie** I like that zombie plays around killing wards, and then getting bonuses for doing it, but I feel like in zombie ward's case, its too overloaded. You get free bonus damage + free wards with sweeping lens/extended ward durations on your yellow trinket. I'd honestly scrap either the free vision aspect (elo differences and solo q vs. proplay power, basically tracker's knife balancing), or leave it as it is on live, but stacking both in seems a bit much. Not to mention it'll make some junglers just better (or should I say, duskblade users will have another free advantage over everything else) while others that are struggling will probably struggle more. I'd try something like you did with ghost poro: While a zombie ward is up, gain an adaptive bonus of X or deal +1% bonus true damage from abilities, or make it more farm oriented, like the side the trinket is on you deal bonus damage to monsters on that side. It might not seem like a lot but the rune isn't meant to be picked for damage, hence the eyeball dominance in lower ratings while zombie is/was always the go to in higher ratings, in the same nature of tracker's knife vs. other smites. **Ghost** This is a good idea but I don't like the trinket effect. IMO I'd pref the auto-placement to the trinket version because there are situations where you're in a bush but need to ward over the wall to land a skill shot for a pick. This could really mess with somebody. I think this reason alone i'd never pick it because while yea, early game you can deep poro the enemy jg and have a faster clear, it could ruin a play. Not saying the previous iteration is better, but there has to be a different method to replacing your trinket. **Eyeball** Eyeball collection is still up there though on it being better, because while sure you get 5-20 adaptive damage, you get 1-20 + 10 (in AP's case) 30 damage, and eyeball you'll likely complete before 18, so ghost poro is kinda weak on the damage scale when you really think about it. While yea, its vision oriented, its not that good at its job since you only have one at a time, and because of the bonuses you'd want to place this thing in the hardest to find spot (aka the place nobody will go to and remove it) just for free stats.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
I think it could be a really good skin but it has some major issues that turn me off about it.. a couple things to point out though: - 975 RP? I mean ya, that sounds like a good price just asking cause on pbe its listed as an epic skin for 1350 RP. Should be 975 since even BM Elise has more differences. - Ultimate texture/model is bugged it seems. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/228029489538531329/435925935771090946/unknown.png - The lashes are a really big turn off for me tbh... I thought I'd get use to them but when Evelynn uses her empowered E it looks really weird since the E on other skins jabs in at the tips, but in this skin it doesn't jab at the tips, or even the inner part of the blade, but the outer rim like where the spiral is. Its just really awkward. Q looks great, unempowered E seems fine because of the angle it goes, empowered looks awful because its supposed to be a jab with tilted blades. R i can't see yet. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/228029489538531329/435936474039582730/unknown.png Seriously, are you going to ship THAT?^ that is like.. what makes me probably never going to play this skin. - Demon Shade looks interesting, I think some of the hair should be transparent and that there should be some glow effect like the horns glowing more blue like how her other skins have horns, mask, flowers, etc that glow. - I don't like the missed opportunity on the W either.. could've been like a moon turning into eclipse or just a red moon with some horns of some kind that fills up red and blue. - Her feet bother me a little. The way they are looks like she only has two toes with the footwear support being right in the middle of the foot instead of more to the side. I legitmately thought she had hooves like for a bit but realized her feet are too far out to be hooves. Also if there's a summoner icon.. pleeeeease be of Evelynn NOT in her demonshade form... I just have a bad feeling it would look too much like Eternum cassiopeia's icon if you did. And if you do, please consider giving Elise and Thresh BM icons, they're the only two without one atm.
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: Kai'Sa Bug PBE Bug Thread
I noticed a delay when using ctrl+5. I press it once, helmet goes on, press it twice, then its like it queues up 5 seconds later and comes off (no movement or spell commands used) It doesn't feel consistently toggled.
: Bug with Skill lvl Up
Happened to me once. Was playing Elise top, level Q at 1, then leveled up and W didn't register, but at level 3 W registered and I got my E as well.
: Bug with mystery score
Doesn't seem to be working. Additionally if you get an S grade it doesn't seem to tell you in post game lobby chat (or announce if your allies got an S).
: loading screen Xayah and Rakan new skin's
They said they'll flip the entire splash art later, so it'll look more consistent.
: hextech skins exclusive to loot
It kinda sucks, I'm personally just not going to purchase or even attempt to go for hextech skins. Especially koggy, considering his VO and SFX are very similar to battlecast.
: Evelynn ultimate doesn't give dark harvest stack
That's because they work like thresh souls, you have to pick them up and eve's ult blinks you away.
: Skar...Skar...Skarneerrrrr
Are we even allowed these threads on the PBE boards? If we have discussion on Skarner I'd believe it'd belong in the concepts and Creations and/or Gameplay forums of the live boards. Pentakills would probably be shared there also (congratz btw).
: Change your PBE Game Video Settings to Match Live might help FPS drop
My FPS settings are the same as live There is infact still a 50-100 FPS difference. I run maximum on live with uncapped FPS, same for PBE. Live FPS Range: 160-230 PBE FPS Range: 130-200 I assumed this was due to HP bars being graphically different that they tinker with the FPS a little?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Chromas!
I love the chromas a lot, they all look fantastic. The kha'zix ones look especially really good but there's a huge major flaw, and that's when you evolve R he goes back to his normal R color (black) which is very disappointing. IMO you guys should give him chromas on his R as well. I think I understand that the issue was "hard to keep track of R evos" since, if he's using a chroma and you never noticed he could catch you off guard, but there should be at least some shading differences, even if they're all different shades of grey. Also I probably speak for some when I say, aatrox feels a little left out with only 3 while the others have 6.
: Everyone is hating the base skin's purple cape So, I thought you might like [A more redish cape.](https://imgur.com/a/2I7AJ) https://imgur.com/a/2I7AJ hope you like it
looks a little too close to regular graves tbh http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cb1xn8QjfI8/VBNdOOX_hrI/AAAAAAAAYaw/ay53z_vSynU/s1600/newgravesbase.jpg Only difference really is the shade of red and the gun he's holding.
: Victorious Graves splash art.
Its not finished yet, when new skins hit the PBE they usually don't have art ready so it uses another skin's art.
: I can't connect to the loading screen
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