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: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
Look, I hated the idea of him losing his W as it was a unique ability that no one else really had. Played him.. My God was I wrong. I love him. He is actually now better in his lore. You can clear an entire minion wave with 1 ability... Who does that!? An arcane cannon. He lacks in mobility but makes up for it in amazing range. It's still a one of a kind champion. TBH, I'm VERY afraid of playing against him after he is released... That much long range power.. scary.
: If this keeps persisting please post here again. The PBE can see some weird stability because of the updates so it may just be temporary. If not, we'll look into it!
Still seeing the issue. Can you reply to my earlier request so I know what file I can delete?
: caused by entering profile before going to store. restart client and never go to profile.
That is not true. I am getting the black screen and just tested your theory. Still not working.
: i actually just kinda looked into everything and ya i have norton and i put it on the exception list or what ever and it seems to be doing fine now all i have is the store black screen bug -_-
Ok, so now you have the exact same bug I have.
: i have the same exact problem even if i go into a character i own through the profile it says champion not available and gives me the ?? for prices and skin prices dont show up. Also everytime my pbe patches it crahes and gives me the unspecified update error i have literally done everything i can think of and can find on the internet and still nothing it just fails update everytime so i cant even use my pbe
Side note, Gnardog.. I have found that issue can sometimes be caused by antivirus programs. Do you have Norton or Mcafee?
: [BUG] Can't see shop
What file is the store and I will try to delete it so it will re-download.
: [BUG] Can't see shop
Still not showing today. Attached a screenshot of what I see.
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: i was playing a game and bought everything i needed to get
If you buy all the components, it is 3 gold to upgrade.
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Any update on this? I thought he was supposed to be released before the end of Season 3.


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