: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!
Does this mean I'll lose everything on my old PBE account when I make the new linked one
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Um, very minor complaint I'm just wondering if you guys could come up with a more creative name for Q? Deadly Spines sounds kind of lame to be honest
: Poppy's Crit Animation.
They made her a tank when she should be more of a fighter/assassin so crit dun even matter anymore
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
I much prefer her old Q to the new one for multiple reasons: 1. New Q is very hard to land when chasing someone (casting time is kind of long for how short the range is) 2. **Old Q had a REALLY NICE SOUND EFFECT** that made the skill feel much more powerful 3. Old Q WAS much more powerful hands down, new Q's damage is very lackluster. I'd rather trade away the ability to farm than to lose a ton of damage. 4. Making everything physical damage and removing all the AP ratios turns her into just another juggernaut. Before she was unique in the sense that you could build so many things on her and still be effective in some way because she had good hybrid ratios. -- Lastly, **POPPY IS NOT A TANK!!!!!!!!!!** This new kit just screams TANK while I think most Poppy players right now would agree that she is fun and unique for her **ASSASSIN PLAYSTYLE** I'm very happy with the visual update but the kit update really needs some rethinking IMO. I'd really like it if AP ratios could be added and her magic damage could be added back as well (also that really nice _CHUNK_ sound effect from her Q). Her ult is fun to use but it seems to clash with her playstyle and seems more like a support/peel ability, and it seriously feels like it was added because someone thought it would be cool and gimmicky and it fit with hammers so "here goes!"
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: Can Ashe's passive swap with her E's passive?


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