: That's the difference, ulti is no longer just a throwaway skill to just ensure resets. Now it's the most reliable damage output source in your kit, and if you can land a good ulti you should always do it because the QWE combo is now way more unreliable than before. You need to change your mindset in order to make this work. Forget what you knew about Kata.
It's still too easy to walk out of and has the same problems with being overly easy to counter, not to mention that the damage of each dagger is down even though the total damage is up, so getting CC'd fast means that the overall damage will feel nerfed. I wouldn't call it any more reliable now than it was before. Not to mention that getting a good ult off is easier said than done - it's easy now because everyone is spamming these CC free Assassins, but on live servers you'll have things like Rek'sai which will never allow you a window to do anything. Moreover, resetting dagger drops is still gonna be a much better way to do burst damage rather than her ulti. Let's also just mention that her R is the most boring spell in her entire arsenal. It's no longer the slowest, but it's largely un-interactive.
: Riot Whale has already stated (on Reddit) that he is closely monitoring her Dagger drop speed and is likely to buff it as people learn how to dodge them more effectively. He is also nerfing her ulti scaling from 330% to 285% (live is 250%) because he said he "overbuffed".
I don't really care about ulti scaling since that's just a skill to ensure resets, I wouldn't mind if they nerfed it into submission if it meant a tradeoff of making her best damaging spell feel better in lane. I don't follow Reddit, so thank you for informing me!
: 1. Her E is still a blink and can still put you behind a target. It now targets a small circle on the ground and will teleport you to an enemy relative to where you put the circle. If you press e behind an enemy, it teleports you behind them. 2. It was completely intended that her dagger pickups are the main damage, now instead of point and click "not braindead" damage you have to actually set up a kill with the "braindead" delayed dagger drops.
Relying 100% on her daggers makes her far too 1-note for me. Also, I'm not sure where the notion "more counterplay = more skilled" comes from exactly. Didn't we learn from good ol' Rengar a few seasons back that it just means you're just a lot weaker and need to build 4+ Doran's Blades :p {{item:1055}} {{item:1055}}{{item:1055}} {{champion:107}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1055}}
: Basically what you are saying is "I am trying to completely ignore her new mechanics and play her like old Kata and I'm doing bad, so rework must be bad". This is **UNEDUCATED FEEDBACK**. Let me make a few points: 1. Her E is *NOT* a dash. The red streak is a purely visual effect to keep better track of her in fights, the functionality is *exactly the same*. 2. _"E no longer puts her behind targets"_? This alone shows you didn't even bother to actually read her damn abilities. Her new E can place her **ANYWHERE AROUND THE TARGET** (including behind, in front or anything you want) - just offset your mouse towards the direction you want to go. Want to go behind the target? Simply aim E slightly behind them. Afraid that Ahri will aim her Charm behind her? Just aim to her right. 3. The same applies to her Daggers - you can blink *anywhere* within the Dagger circle. 4. Q and E damage are almost untouched. Q just doesn't apply the mark anymore. E always has had 0.25 AP scaling. 5. The Daggers are the main way for her to do damage now, and only a fool would try to ignore them. They reset Shunpo and they scale with 100%AP - WHY WOULD YOU NOT USE THEM? 6. I know they are slow. The very damn purpose of this rework is to make Kata's damage slower. Her previous kit was toxic cause she could just QEW you and there was *nothing* you could do to avoid it. So they give her damage a slight delay, and absurd rewards if you can manage to pull it off. It just takes skill instead of just pressing all of your buttons on the enemy carry and typing "#skill" in all chat. 7. But it sounds to me like that's exactly what you want since you complain about the lack of Flash-Shunpo plays. That combo had 0 skill included. Press flash, press E, press everything else. *#skill.* 8. Her AP damage output is completely insane right now, you just have to set up your daggers correctly and you can literally 1v5. Building her tanky only shows that you want free damage and free kills without risk. Why build her tanky if you can get AP, and use her daggers to destroy the entire enemy team? Oh, I forgot. That's not as easy as clicking Q E W on the enemy so better ignore it.
Thank you for the comment! I thought her E was now a dash because of her tooltip "Katarina dashes in the blink of an eye" comboed with the VFX. That's my bad. I also didn't see the info on the new functionality of her E. Not a fan of it since I have shaky hands, but it's interesting. I don't quite remember perfectly on this, but I do think the first proc of her Q was slightly touched by maybe .05? I remember her old Q having a combined scaling of .6, but both procs not having the same ratios, but idk. I know how her daggers work with E and how they scale, but I don't like the mechanic as it is quite unreliable and slow. Avoiding her Q daggers in lane is really easy and even if she goes for an E>W trade, then it's still easy to leave the pickup radius before it drops. Outtrading her and smashing her in lane is too easy as a result of this (No one has let me pick her in PvP, but I've laned against her a bit). And it's hard to really place daggers in an interesting way since they decay faster than her cooldowns, the free throw has no range, and they're too easy to read. I've only noticed people die to Kat when they have no idea how her daggers work - basically only having strength through opponent's ignorance. And I do use her Daggers, at the end of the day, they're a fun mechanic to use, but by the fact of needing to use it to do any damage indeed is what made me call her a 1-note champion. With no more things like ward dodges or hopping either, it just feels kind of lame and at the more interesting trading patterns she'd gotten are more or less just simplified ward hopping with less innate options. Maybe I'm just biased against all reworks against champions I like that change their general flow ever since the Nidalee rework.
: i dont like the new katarinas wave clear. riot wanted to improve katarinas laning phase but why do they make her wave clear like that maybe they should make a new way to wave clear. katarina new sound effects are annoying too i like the old sounds better and i dont like the new death lotus animation the old one was way cooler the new death lotus is familiar to the death lotus of katarina from 5 years ago {{champion:55}}
They never said they were gonna improve her lane, they just said they were gonna make her laning more "dynamic" (trash) ;) Also, she waveclears just fine, but it ain't all too safe anymore, which is mighty annoying. This should probably be posted on the Kat page that Rito hosted, though. I realized too late that they had it, and it's great for making sure Riot themselves see your thoughts.
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/6lj1O40j-assassins-katarina-feedback-thread) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
I noticed that after I posted this, lol. I gave 'em the footnotes. Thanks for trying to help, though.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
I didn't know about this thing when I made my post on Katarina, aw. Anyways! Big things I didn't like about the new Kat above all else: I liked Shunpo'ing behind targets, it was great for chasing and dodging skillshots, can Q not fall as far from the final target, and can you PLEASE if nothing else revert her R SFX. It was the best sound in the game by far.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Oh! Um, well. Is Akali's damaging half of her passive using a placeholder SFX and animation right now? It's like the exact same thing as her Q proc and it really confused me when using it.
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: [This](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/frequently-asked-questions-about-chromas-packs) might be useful to you.
Doesn't answer everything, but its hella useful. I feel dumb for not knowing of its existence, thank ya.
: [Ryze Rework] Q channeling
It always had a bit of a cast time, but if it really feels too slow to too many people then it'll certainly get fixed up. For the time being, try to spam him in customs or something to get used to it.
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: It is a buff. For most of the game the skill is going to be level one which gives 16 bonus movespeed at max stacks. 16 movespeed is almost nothing. This change allows her to fight someone with the knowledge that if things get crusty she can just run back out since the cooldown is lower. I would have rather they reduced the cooldown aswell as doing this but you take what you get.
16 movespeed is decent for ganking immobile champs before they buy boots (only 9 speed off boots 1), which would be early game. Though, yeah you're definitely right that it's a buff later in the game. I guess putting it like that makes it just a shift in power away from early but stronger mid and late, probs.
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: My main gripe is with just the base damage nerf. Along with the increase in base health with the preseason stat changes, the damage of a full combo is considerably reduced. She already has no lane dominance potential against many mid picks. I'm not sure how the lack of compensation will affect her in the future if these changes go through. Or maybe these changes are taking into account the 8% AD/AP bonus from the first dragon taken?
I don't think they'd balance around dragons because there is a possibility that your team may not a get a single one. I did forget about he roundabout stats buffs this season. Her damage is gonna be hurt considerably since anything above 45 mr is 3tanky5her, guess RIP NA's Dfg > Zhonyas build, hello Korean Zhonyas > Void Staff build cuz she's gonna need that magic pen when teamfights come.
: As a Katarina main, getting to level 6 without dying is a victory of its own. So i hope they return these values to live. No need to touch Katarina.
Surviving with Kat is soooo easy, but winning lane alone is next to impossible. I don't really understand the ult nerfs myself because you aren't gonna get more than maybe, what? 2 or 3 daggers of her ult off, that's not even half the damage. Her Q W E combo will be doing more damage in lane unless your opponent is an idiot that facetanks the whole channel. Even if you DO manage to kill the enemy laner it's because they messed up, they'll still have their escape or cc up for next time, snowballing off the enemy laner requires your jungler to camp that's basically the only time it will happen. So she loses her already iffy lane pressure with this nerf as well as being unable to snowball early in roams now. That's kinda the point of assassins tho, snowballing aaaaaaand she lost a lot of ability to do so....I don't even see her as the strongest early snowballer anyway, Akali, Zed, Talon, Fizz BASICALLY EVERYONE is better at it. She's always been the high-risk high reward champ that brought only damage to her team, she was balanced. With that in mind, I'm not as upset about her ult nerfs but taking a balanced champ and nerfing her outright with no compensation elsewhere is stupid. PBE is tentative so there's a hope it won't go to live, I hope Riot notices the mistake they've made
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
Her new-old passive was really nice. Made up for the fact that her heals were basically nothing early, but I guess that fact that W is spammable now makes up for it kinda. New Q is bad, like there is no other way to put it. The slow is absolutely pathetic for how hard it is to pull off. Increase the slow amount or scrap that Q, too much mana, too little dmg and too dang unreliable for the small reward of using it well. New W is good for sustain, but bad for trades since it no longer gives armor, which is like Soraka's whole dealio. The good thing about her E is the aoe silence, it's still not the best support tool since it doesn't prevent or weaken aa's so bad peel is still a big issue. R is good, barely changed. Needs so much work, weak as hell at the moment to me. She's basically just a glorified health pot instead of the goddess of trades or the bff of lane bullies.
: Sound Bugs
Is there anything special you were doing to make the sfx go missing? I played a {{champion:15}} game and spammed the heck outta her taunt and noticed the boomerang wouldn't make it's sound sometimes. Turns out if you cancel the animation as her taunt ends then cancel the beginning of the next taunt then quickly taunt again: She'll say her line but there won't be an accompanying boomerang sfx. Were you like constantly animation cancelling or making erratic clicks?
If I remember right Riven's level 1 damage was only decreased by about 30. That's not even 1/10th of a top laner's usual hp so the difference is not as crazy as you're explaining. You can still dodge auto attacks and towers shot with your shield if your timing is good, it's kinda like with Sivir's shield change. You're used to it being longer and it'll get hard to adapt. Also I don't remember her ult range getting nerfed. Can you tell me where I can see what it was originally? And the doge is not nerfable, tanky with infinate possible damage. The best counter to him is getting banned.
: I'm a Morgana player. Her Q is not easy to hit, and if she miss her Q, there is a long time that she have to play passive. Even her Q hit, it is impossible for her to basic attack you, because she will take much more damage when basic attacking you. And it's a snare not stun. The real power of Morgana is her lv2 W can 1 shot caster minion.
Last time I checked it was level 3...Did the changes to her W make that possible? Then again I never really tried to kill the wave with rank 2 W because I got used to her during the time when her animation for attacks were awful and you could get punished leaving several minions low. :P

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