: [TFT} Some things I'm figuring out
About {{champion:114}} we can def. agree,even after the buff shes completely garbage,in early shes only there for noble buff.. {{item:3094}} ,its the only item that can achieve it,its good that there is a way to answer,since otherwise yordle does counter a lot of ranger based builds.. The lootboy is kinda meh,not rly neccessary i guess but in the early atleast you notice what you got (i think they shouldnt give exp tho) I also think knights need some love for the 6th bonus its feels underwhelming,especially since a lot of the knights are kinda underwhelming by themselves in lategame (poppy and morde both being real bad and garen/darius arent all that great later too) Glacials im unsure about,not that many go Full glacial anyway https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamfightTactics/comments/cbvae0/tenacity_item_to_counter_glacials/ theres a nice duscussion tho
yea i feel you there.i hardly get any pairs too after getting exp 2 times in a row and compared to getting items it sucks anyway.. dont try fixing rng with more rng
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