: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Syndra!
Hello, The skin is pleasant to play - effects, moving... Only the color choice is doubtful. Shes just like classical, but with more "defects". For example, you cant see the ribbon in her hair, cause they are both violet :( One more thing is her recall. It is like by some "Vampire Queen Syndra" for a Halloween, not a Starguardian. If she has to be special, like from old era or so, she shouldnt be special in a bad way. Please make her same cool and pretty as the others {{item:3070}}
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
Hello, Skin is great, feels awesome to play with her. Effects are so smooth <3 Just 2 questions: 1) Will be there a story behind these new skins and personally Ahri? Like the video "Burning Bright" with Lux. 2) What is about a "disadvantage", when enemy sees exactly, that Ahri still has jumps while ulting? But must say, idea is great and looks fucking awesome.
: Yeah, Janna is on my list for a little bit of work. Her animation set is a little odd, but I'm sure I can find better. Not convinced that dance is the only option for Sona (and again, trying to stray away from dances). Morgana... I just don't really have options if you want to see movement. :S
Hello, Hm, I suppose, there's a reason to don't bring Janna's laugh into recall, but ye, idle2 to joke is still better, then just idle2. Maybe taunt -> idle2 ? Yes, it's right, wouldn't be interesting with only a dance. I was looking into Sona's model closely and maybe you would like attack3 ( -> idle3 ?) -> idle2. First she hits her instrument and then shows her care of it. As long as she's not always soft with her harp (just look how she's casting spells), such a recall animation would fit. Morgana's changes are just great, thanks for stopping her whirling around over and over :)
: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
Hey, Janna - Would be nice to see Janna's laugh as her recall, it really fits her there. Sona - Better would be to use her dance, otherwise it's boring. Morgana - maybe make her whirling just for 3 times, can't watch her like that, my head gets dizzy, but maybe it's just me.


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